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Lord Who Created the Universe

In Hinduism, Lord Brahma is said to be the creator of this universe. Brahma is also regarded as the father of Dharma as the oldest and holiest of Hindu scriptures, the Vedas are attributed to Brahma.

Brahma is generally found in scriptures and not so much in homes and temples. There are not many temples which are dedicated to Lord Brahma. In Pushkar, Rajasthan there is one temple which is dedicated to Lord Brahma.

In fact, Hindu cosmology says the three fundamental forces are symbolized by three gods- Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the sustainer and Shiva as the destroyer.

The Puranas (a group of important Hindu religious texts) mention Brahma as the son of God and is also referred to as Prajapati. According to one legend, Brahma was born out of a lotus flower which grew from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Another legend says that Brahma was born out of Supreme Being Brahman and female energy Maya. Brahma, in order to help him create the universe, is said to have given birth to 11 forefathers of human race known as "Prajapati" and also the seven great sages known as "Saptarishi". These children of Brahma were known as "Manasputras" as they were born out of the mind of Brahma and not out of his body.

According to a Hindu mythology, Brahma originally had five heads, one of which was cut down by Shiva in rage. Now Brahma is represented as having four heads known as "Chatur mukh Brahma".

These four heads are said to represent the four Vedas (the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism), the four yugas (an era within a cycle of four ages) and the four varnas (social classes).

Brahma also has four arms and red skin on his body. The posture of Brahma carries no weapon in his hand but a water pot, spoon, a prayer book and a rosary or a lotus.

The abode of Lord Brahma is known as "Brahmalok" that covers the entire world and the splendors of earth. Brahma rides on a white swan or a goose which has all the divine abilities. Goddess Saraswati, the consort of Brahma is the goddess of wisdom and also the inventor of the Devanagri script.

Although, Brahma is one of the three major Gods of Hinduism he is not worshipped much by the Hindus. There are various stories in Hindu mythology which point out the curses inflicted on Him due to which He is not worshipped.

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