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Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday: April 17, 2011

The week prior to Easter is known as Holy Week, for it is filled with a number of holy milestones leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. The start of Holy Week is Palm Sunday, the sixth and final Sunday of Lent before Easter Sunday. Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, celebrates the triumphant entry of Jesus as the Messianic King in Jerusalem.

Just one week before his crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus is believed to have entered Jerusalem, riding on the back of a donkey. He was greeted by enthusiastic crowds, waving palm branches. An historical symbol of triumph and victory, palm branches were used to mark times of great rejoicing, such as the welcoming of a new king.

Also known as Branch Sunday, Palm Sunday is celebrated in many churches by distributing palm leaves tied to crosses to the parishioners. Many churches also feature a processional, in which children play an active role. Since palm branches are not readily available in all climates, some churches substitute boughs of native trees, such as the willow.

In Catholic and Orthodox Churches, the day is typically referred to as Passion Sunday, in anticipation of the impending death (and resurrection) of Jesus. Similar to the religious themes of Good Friday, which commemorates the death of Christ just two days before Easter, Passion Sunday is focused on the suffering and death of Jesus. The mournful reflection can be seen as a symbolic balance to the jubilation of Easter.

When is Palm Sunday?

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Travis from South Carolina, US
19:05 04/15/2011
Why doesn't the "teachers" talk about what else happened on Palm Sunday? Remember Jesus went into the temple and ran out the money changers?That's a major part of the tradition also.
Sveta from Belarus
08:25 03/27/2011
Thanks for the informatoin,because i can explain this one for my presentation in English ...))
rosa from Virginia, US
22:59 03/10/2011
god bless the usa have a woulderful day enjoy your week
jason from Nebraska, US
16:29 04/01/2010
i used this for a school project and it saved me alot of time instead of me using a book i had to make in history class.....thanks to whoever thought of making this site jason bravard
Tionna from Arkansas, US
19:40 03/29/2010
easter part 2
Nick from North Dakota, US
14:55 03/28/2010
Wrong question in my opinion. Love how you show your thoughts by putting church ahead of the first rule in capitalization. Anyway I believe Jesus is with me, and I choose to walk with him. That's all that matters. Too many people go to church only out of routine.
Suzanne from New Jersey, US
12:30 03/27/2010
do you go to Church?
JIM from New York, US
16:47 04/27/2009
Palm Sunday

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