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From Gadgets to Gear:
A Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about the perfect way to show your dad just how much he means to you. If you're planning on buying a gift for Father's Day - and retailers tell us that 87% of you will - don't leave it to the last minute, or you'll probably end up with yet another boring coffee mug or banal pinstripe tie. Whether the dad in your life is into high-tech gadgets, grilling, or sporting gear (or all three), you'll find the perfect gift for him on our Suggestions for Father's Day Gifts.

Gear for the Daddy to Be

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag, $54

For new dads and daddies to be, a diaper bag is a practical gift. The key to making it a perfect gift, though, is finding a bag specifically designed for men - and hip men at that. In other words, no hot pink vinyl or happy little farm animals! The Diaper Dude Diaper Bag more than meets the bill! This sporty little messenger style sack features padded adjustable straps for extra comfort. Inside, the bag has a large open compartment and a zip-closed pouch for diapers. Outside, there are three zip-closed pockets for Dad's wallet, baby's wipes and anything else he'll need easy access to, plus an elasticized bottle pocket and a cool removable cell phone pouch. The Diaper Dude comes in tons of cool color schemes, including the ever-popular Camo with orange piping. You can find the Diaper Dude on sale right now for $54 with free shipping at

Bag-Less Diaper Bag: Dad Gear Diaper Vest, $82

If the Dad in your life is just too cool to carry a bag (and you know who wer're talking about), then Dad Gear has the perfect solution: The Dad Gear Diaper Vest. With this wearable diaper bag, no one will ever know that your super hip Dad is toting diapers, wipes and a pacifier or two. The best hand-free fatherhood product on the market features two large interior front pockets, two side bottle pockets, a quick access wipe pocket, and even a super slim changing pad hidden in a lower back pocket. And don't worry: The Dad Gear Diaper Vest didn't forget about Dad's iPod, cell phone, wallet and keys - there are plenty of hidden pockets for these things, too. The vest comes in ultra-thin fleece and your choice of black, charcoal grey, navy blue or orange.

Gadgets, Gadgets, & More Gadgets

Apple iPhone, starting @ $199

Okay, okay, no more diaper bags (or even super cool diaper vests). Now it's time for some hard-core gadgets for your hard-core gadget-loving Dad. Looking for the best of the best? The iPhone is, hands down, the single best gadget. This completely revolutionary phone-cum-PDA-cum-audio player has generated more water-cooler interest and enterprise excitement than any other device in recent years. As the Apple website touts, the iPhone allows you (or Dad) to make phone calls, check your email, browse the web and use your iPod, all with the touch of your finger. And rest assured, despite the nauseating (over)hype, usability experts agree that the iPhone delivers everything it promises - and then some. Of course, at around $200+ plus a monthly service contract, the iPhone isn't for everyone. Read: If dear old Dad doesn't even check his voice mail and can't figure out how to use his old phone's camera, then an iPhone might not be your best investment. (On the other hand, with its fool-proof usability, the iPhone just might be right for him afterall!)

EDGE Digital Picture Frame, $29.95 (after rebate)

For Dads that love to show off their family, but also like a neat and tidy desk, the EDGE Digital Picture Frame is perfect. The 7-inch frame has the sharpest image display on the market (480x234), automatic slide show function, multiple transition effects and display times to choose from, a remote control, and a built-in MP3 player with integrated speakers. The frame also comes with a one-year warranty and free technical support. The EDGE is on sale now for $29.95 (after the $30 mail-in rebate). But order it soon - you don't have much time 'til Father's Day!

18 Holes or Bust: Gone Golfing? Do It Greener.

Greener Golfing Gear, $4 - $8,000

If you Dad lives for his 8 a.m. tee time, then golfing gear is definitely in order for Father's Day. But how do you find the right gift for the golfer who already has everything, including a full set of Titanium drivers, irons, woods and putters? How about some golf tees?? Stifle your groans because these aren't just any golf tees, these are Eco Tees. Made from corn, Eco Tees save trees - in fact, manufacturers estimate that switching over to Eco Tees will save 50,000 US trees a year. Plus, Eco Tees last longer than conventional wood tees. $4 for a package of 15 multi-colored tees. Of course, you'll want to pick up some Eco Golf Balls for Dad to hit off his new tees. These patented balls literally dissolve in water after just 24 hours. They're 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and water-soluble. Dad can safely hit (err, lose) these balls in salt or fresh water, glaciers, mountains or anywhere else. Or for the biggest splurge of all, you can buy Dad his very own solar-powered golf cart - like the Sun Ray Cart from Cruise Car, which comes in your choice of seven colors (Fire Engine Red or Military Camo are their biggest sellers). Eco-carts run $6,000- $8,000, but do come with an added incentive: A one-time tax credit of up to $900.

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hirut from Ethiopia
01:31 06/21/2010
I agree
Kenny from California, US
18:02 06/14/2010
I wish I could afford to get my dad the new I-Phone, I would for sure be his favorite son. But since I'm not rolling in money, I took a cheaper alternative. I got him this sake bomb kit! It has everything you need for sake bombs including a bottle of TY KU sake. It's more of a trendy kind and I really think he will love it!!!
CharityChoice from Wisconsin, US
03:09 02/20/2009
If you want to show your dad that you've learned more from him than how to play catch, use your Father's Day Gift idea to do just that. A gift card for your dad's favorite charity will show him how much you have truly learned from him!

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