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Favorite Celeb Dads

We know your dad is the leading man in your family's life, but in Hollywood, Nashville and points in between, there is a growing crop of real super star dads. From musicians to athletes to actors, this list has five of the hottest celebrity pops in the business. And we've even got a genuine super hero dad.

Favorite Crooner Dad: Tim McGraw

Country music star Tim McGraw says he used to be selfish and cared only about his career. Then he met wife Faith Hill, become a dad to three daughters, Gracie, Maggie and Audrey, and gained a whole new perspective on life.

"You go through all those motions of being successful," Tim told Oprah Winfrey. "Then you meet somebody to fall in love [with] and then you have children. The way you relate to everything-the way that your country's going, the way that your world's going, how your kids are being educated, what your kids are thinking, what influences they have on them, what you think about your God-all that stuff changes."

Raising well-grounded kids is so important to Tim and Faith that they only tour during the summer: "With three kids, and school, and Girl Scouts, gymnastics and softball and basketball, that's why we only tour in summer. The rest of the year we're just taxi drivers with a credit card," Tim quipped to the Charleston Daily Mail.

The country crooner says his career will always come second to his family, a sentiment he echoed during his Oprah appearance: "No matter which direction the world's going, I know they're going to get their focus at home. And that's the best focus they can have."

Tim McGraw's last nine albums have all debuted at No. 1; twenty-six of his singles have hit No. 1 on the Country charts. To boot, Nashville's favorite dad has won 3 Grammy's and 21 Country Music Awards.

Favorite Athlete Dad: David Beckham

He's got athletic prowess, international celebrity, and an even more famous wife. Not to mention three gorgeous boys, who are growing into little men in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight. No, he's not a movie star or a TV mogul. He's the midfielder for the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, David Beckham (currently injured, but on-loan to the Italian team AC Milan).

With all his winning goals and millions in endorsements, it's easy to imagine that a superstar like Beckham would be rather self-absorbed. And he was, he says, until having children. Now that he's a father, things are different. Beckham and wife -- former Spice Girl Victoria nee-Adams -- have three sons: Brooklyn (born 4 months before Posh and Beckham's July 1999 wedding), Romeo (born September, 2002) and Cruz (born February 2005).

"I was selfish before," said Beckham recently about the time before Brooklyn's birth, but goes on to acknowledges that he was hardly unique in that respect. "...Everyone is," he continued: "Until you have children you don't realize how much it changes your life and how they become your main priority in terms of making sure they are OK, making sure they are happy. Me and Victoria are busy in our jobs and what we do as individuals. But there is nothing that compares to being a father. They are the most special boys in our lives and we would do anything for them."

With Beckham's youngest child already 5, the famous fielder isn't content to close the baby chapter in his life just yet. Both David and wife Victoria are reportedly desperate to have another baby -- a sister for their three boys. "I really want more kids and I hope it happens soon. I want a little girl. That would be amazing," he is quoted as saying.

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