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Patriotic Desserts for Your
July 4th Festivities

If you're in charge of bringing dessert to your Independence Day barbeque - or if you just want a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth on the 4th of July, then you'll love our patriotic desserts selections. Quick and easy to make, these desserts are all independently delicious!

Patriotic Pretzel Sparklers

Here's a fun snack idea for your 4th of July barbeque - or the perfect treat to pack in a cooler for that trip to the beach. Kids of all ages (and some grownups, too) will enjoy these edible sparklers.


Long rod pretzels
White chocolate, melted
Sprinkles in red, white and blue


Break white chocolate into a deep bowl or tall coffee mug. Melt chocolate in the microwave. Holding one end of the pretzel rod, dip the other end into white chocolate about 2/3rds of the way down. Sprinkle red, white and blue sprinkles over the wet chocolate. Invert to harden in a wax paper-lined cup. Keep pretzels cool in the fridge until ready to serve.

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18:46 06/29/2009
i need a recipe for the 4th of july. im going to a fancy party. Need Help!!!!!!!! QUICK!!!!!
09:12 06/28/2008
Hi Elaine, I thought that you would enjoy looking at these recipes and information for the 4th of July. Rosemary
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loved thisweb site thanks I kept it in my favorite places! Happy 4th to all.

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