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Beads, Doubloons, Cups, and Trinkets

If you go to a Mardi Gras parade, you are surely to go home with some of the famous catches. You can easily obtain any of the following by shouting the famous phrase, "Throw me something, mister!".

Beads are plastic necklaces that come in all different colors, shapes and sizes. They resemble jewels that royalty would wear.

Doubloons are metal coins that are about the size of a silver dollar. They come in different colors and are stamped with the krewes emblem and their theme for the year.

Similar to doubloons, cups bear the krewes emblem and theme for the year. They are plastic drinking cups and hold about 8 - 10oz.

Trinkets are known as everything else thrown from a float. This can include candy, stuffed animals, Frisbees, spears, roses, balls, whistles, etc.

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Ashton Lett from Mississippi, US
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Went hard for the project i had to do
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18:48 03/27/2011
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10:47 03/18/2011
It Was Ok...I Guess
ann northrup from Canada
01:55 03/09/2011
Visited New Orleans last October for my birthday, had a great time and enjoyed all there but did not get any beads which was thrown from the balconies. Hope to get there again when the parades are on.
16:23 03/07/2011
hey wussup maa homies!!!!! :)
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really interesting
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Cheyenne Fornea from Louisiana, US
12:29 02/17/2011
i love this website, we are doing a project in class and this site really helped my out.
tjl from Ohio, US
12:39 03/12/2010
what exactly is a krewe

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