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Celebrating Mother's Day

One the best way to celebrate Mother's Day is to give your mom the day off. Let her take it easy and relax while the rest of the family does the work.

Many families begin Mother's Day with breakfast in bed. Usually Dad and the Kids will let mom sleep late as they go into the kitchen and prepare her favorite meal. A Mother's Day breakfast can consist of anything your mom likes.

After the food is cooked arrange everything nicely on a tray. Don't forget the vase with a single flower. With spring here, the children can pick a tulip or daffodil from the garden outside. When everything is ready carefully carry the tray and mom's favorite sections from the newspaper up to her bedroom. Cards and small presents from the children can be placed on the tray before it is presented to mom in bed.

Many Families make a special Mother's Day dinner or take mom out to her favorite restaurant for a meal. It is a good day to let your mom relax and let her see what a wonderful family she has.

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daren from Philippines
12:33 05/06/2011
the most important person in my life since i became a mom myself is my mother! so sad can't celebrate Mothers' Day with my mom now..a phone call away alleviates the sorrow..I love you with all of my heart Mama Lyn! waaaaaa....
kate from Kansas, US
16:35 04/30/2011
what should me and my 2 sisters do for are mother to make it specail
ahmed from Palestine
04:15 03/12/2011
nice....very nice....i love it
Ngoc Thao from Viet Nam
08:37 03/22/2010
I didn't know how important Mother's Day is.Now I have already known.Thanks.
shimaa from Egypt
17:06 03/12/2010
i love u mother and happy mothers day
Haydee Baltao from Philippines
21:07 10/12/2009
Is there a Mother's Day SALE in the shopping centers in the US? Is the sale as big as the Thanskgiving SALE wherein discounts are as high as 80% off the sale price?
alejandro from Florida, US
16:32 05/14/2009
como puedo buscar la selebracion del dia de las madres en honduras por favor
jade from United States
17:33 04/20/2009
oh my gosh i love this website i wouldnt know what to do for mom if it wasnt for this website thanks now i know wat to do this really and truly helped me thanks again my mom will have the perfect mothers day
Harace Minniefield from Illinois, US
13:53 04/19/2009
I was looking for some certificates or poems for Mothers day
18:09 03/22/2009
very nice thank's

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