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Top 10 Celebrity Moms

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Marcia Cross

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross was desperate to get pregnant after her 2006 marriage to stockbroker Tom Mahoney. But already in her early 40s, Marcia felt like time was running out. The fiery red head spoke openly about her struggles to get pregnant, which made her announcement that she was expecting fraternal twins all the more exciting. Born on February 20, 2007, Savannah and Eden are now two busy little girls with a doting mom who loves to take them to the park. Way to go Marcia: desperate no more!

Brooke Shields

Former child star, model, comedian, author and actress, Brooke Shields also proudly wears the title of mom. The A-lister is also mommy to Rowan Francis, born May 2003 and Grier Hammon, born April 2006. After her first daughter was born, Shields battled a debilitating case of post-partum depression. Having recovered through therapy and anti-depressants, Brooke used her platform to spread the word about post-partum depression. Her book Down Came the Rain documents her struggle and triumph over PPD, which afflicts as many as one in five post-partum moms.

When Tom Cruise, came out against Brooke's use of medication to treat depression (a position associated with his belief in Scientology), Shields fought back with a staunch Op-Ed piece in the New York Times about women and depression.

A former Princeton University ungrad, Brooke is bright and passionate - but she also values her friends, so she made up with Tom and even attended his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes. Brooke makes the perfect role model to her girls - beauty, brains and compassion!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Star of the hit TV show and movies, Sex in the City and Sex in the City II, design entrepreneur, political activists and wife to Broadway actor Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker seemingly does it all. Of course, the most important title she holds is that of mom to son James Wilke, born October, 2002, and twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, born on June 22, 2009 via surrogate after years of infertility.

In a May 2010 interview with Vogue magazine, Parker reflected on the day her girls came home: "Meeting your children rather than giving birth to them, it's as if, um, it's -- suspended animation. The gestational experience is gone. It's as if everything else disappears for a moment, and the world goes silent and -- I can't explain it except to say that nothing else existed," the 45-year old actress said. Despite playing spoiled diva Carrie Bradshaw on Sex, Parker says she is very hands-on when it comes to her family -- in everything from making her children's food to putting together their high chairs. (Source: Vogue magazine)

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Photo Credits: Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, Katie Holmes Cruise

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ABDUL from Saudi Arabia
07:20 05/06/2011
"Happy Mothers Day" to ALL the MOTHER's in the World, especially to my MA, Thank You so much for EVERYTHING & SORRY for the things that Ivé than WRONG, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, MUCH, I missssssssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu MA!
11:19 05/05/2011
this is DUMB!!!!!!!!
melissa from Ohio, US
13:41 02/24/2011
love ya mom hope you sooo much people are crazy for not knowing you hope the best mother day so....y peeps staring at this peace mama love ya!
Andrea Boucher from Indiana, US
14:08 01/03/2011
i think the top mom of thee world is holly hunter !!!
kirsty stevenson from United Kingdom (Great Britain)
17:36 10/30/2010
i think the top two mums are elisabeth sladen and amanda mealing
bahaa obeed from Iraq
15:33 05/02/2010
good day and every days be good each mom and any mom be well mom day must be every day
pvd from Canada
13:38 02/09/2010
i dont tina knowles is the only wonderful mother in the World,fantasia mum is also a good mom
Rehan m s from Nauru
06:39 02/06/2010
I lake nauru . My from is Indonesia
Emily M from Pennsylvania, US
07:57 05/11/2009
Yikes, what were you all smoking when you came up with THIS list?! If portraying or being known as a quintessential slut, along with not marrying your child's father is the criteria for being a good mother, then I guess you nailed this one.
sharon from Florida, US
17:28 04/29/2009
to all u moms, happy mothers day, and God Bless

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