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The Story of Mothering Sunday in the UK

Mothering Sunday 2011: Sunday, April 03

Mothering Sunday is celebrated in the United Kingdom on the fourth Sunday of the Lenten Season. Although it is often called Mothers' Day, it is not the same holiday-nor does it share the same origins-as the American Mother's Day.

In England, Mothering Sunday has a church-based origin. Most English churchgoers attend the nearest parish to their home, which is colloquially referred to as their "daughter church". Historically, it was considered important for people to return to their "mother church"-either the church they grew up in or the main Cathedral in their area-at least once during the year. It became customary, therefore, that people would make this return visit on the forth Sunday of Lent.

As a result, mother-church day reunited families that had been separated when children that had left home to work as house servants were able to return for a visit. Centuries ago, it was commonplace for children, especially girls, as young as ten years old to leave home for work.

Thus the half-way point in Lent became not only a time for church-going but also for children to reconnect with their parents. Eventually, the two events became culturally linked and Mothering Sunday took on a less church-based expression.

Historically, children would give their mothers small gifts on Mothering Sunday-usually wild flowers they picked on the way to church. Today, much like in the American version of Mother's Day, children give presents, flowers by post, and cards to their mums.

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Fauster Claassen from Namibia
06:42 05/03/2010
We must continue celebrating Mother day, it is the day remembers for all mother, I love to be loved
mrsa.winnie Gitonga
14:50 03/19/2009
am from kenya and i was looking forward to read more on Mary the mother of Jesus about the mothering sunday.please send me some information on what i can tell mothers in the rural about mary and mothering sunday and they feel blessed. am a pastor in the making i mean ,am in a theological college in mombasa ,kenya. God bless you.please let me have the notes at least tomorrow.
07:28 05/11/2008
this a mom day go you i the a me the a and you i the you i the ayou i the a you i and for you i the a you i the a me !!!
Margaret Fletcher
02:26 05/11/2008
I was born and brought up in England. It was traditional to give you Mum a bunch of fresh Violets to wear on her coat wnen all the family went to Church on that very Special Sunday.
19:56 04/27/2008
hola quisiera q me embien poemas en español ami correo para aci poder a learlos para ver q tales son ps gracias

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