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Mother's Day Gift Guide

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For the Eco-Conscious Mommy

Your mom may be green, but that doesn't mean she can't love brown - chocolate, that is! Equita, a division of Oxfam, sells the perfect guilt-free chocolate. It's Certified Fair Trade, bought directly from local cocoa co-operatives for a fair price, and comes in a range of mouth-watering flavors. Our favorite: Belgian dark chocolate with organic Earl Gray tea nibs. Equita also sells fair-tree coffee, tea, rice and more. Gift baskets with chocolate and other free-trade products are available.

When the eco-mama in your life runs out to the store, she probably brings along her own cloth grocery bags. Now she can shed those boring off-white canvas bags in favor of something a bit more eye-catching b. happybags. These ultra-hip, retro-patterned bags are made in the USA. Each bag holds as much as a standard paper grocery bag, with handles long enough to fit comfortably over mom's shoulder. We especially love the brown and light dottie pattern. Cute and conscientious - now that's a winning combination! $19.95/each.

For the Book-Worm Mommy

If the mom in your life is a voracious reader, then she's probably already read everything written on the subject of parenting. However, these two new(ish) releases aren't your run of the mill parenting books. No angst-filled mea culpas about child-rearing short-comings here - just (shockingly) funny, beautifully crafted and even a little bit poignant. Great beach reading, bathroom reading or anytime-of-the-day reading:

You're Not the Boss of Me: Adventures of a Modern Mom, by Ericka Schickel According to the Las Angeles Times, "Erika Schickel, the author of "You're Not the Boss of Me," is the girlfriend we had in high school and college who was soda-through-the-nose hilarious." While no one might have pegged Schickel as the natural mama type, her book shows that she's the real deal. $10.36 at, with free super saver shipping.

Haiku Mama (Because 17 syllables is all you have time to read), by Kari Anne Roy. This is the book that's inspiring blog entries, magazine articles and water cooler chatter all over the country. With over 100 irreverent haikus about the fun and foibles of motherhood, Haiku Mama will definitely keep you laughing out loud. Also $10.36 at Amazon.

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zaina from Saudi Arabia
13:03 03/20/2011
i love u mom u r the one most beautiful and the best mom in this whole world
05:14 05/08/2010
I Love y0u
nora from Malaysia
05:57 05/05/2010
mom.....i luv u wif all of my heart n nothin could replace u.thanks for being such a loving mom for me
Murayah from California, US
15:59 05/03/2010
I lv mother's day coz its the special day to appreciate mums
rose lanclos from Louisiana, US
22:18 04/17/2010
i like when is mother;s day
cherie from California, US
19:16 04/15/2010
Here's another site with good Mother's Day gift ideas under $10
BAIFERN from Thailand
09:55 08/11/2009
MOM I will always love you more everyday
chequita bell from Illinois, US
12:17 04/30/2009
have a wonderful mothers day
09:00 10/03/2008
I love my mum and miss her i wish she would be here so i can spend the day with her but even though she is gone she still means the world to me xXx
Donna lewis
16:28 08/09/2008
i hope you have a nice mothears day love caitlin.

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