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Stepmothers Day

Give an extra hug to your stepmother on this national celebration of step-moms who care.

Observed: Annually, May 1st.

Source: Holidaypedia

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DéM-MiN from Cambodia
09:03 05/09/2010
Wish all mummy over the world have good everything that she wanna get it luck, enjoy, in family !!!!!!!! and I want to say that " I LOVE MY MUM SO SO"
Rachel from Virginia, US
07:59 05/06/2010
Did you know there is a nationally recognized holiday called Stepmother's Day in the U.S.? It actually falls on the Sunday after Mother's Day (not May 1st). It was petitioned by a little 9 year old stepdaughter and approved in the Senate back in 2000. Please let all stepmoms know about this wonderful national holiday so they get more appreciation for all they do!
maura viel from Ireland
13:59 05/02/2010
i to am a stepmother i did'nt realise that stepmothers had a special day of their own, i am quite chuffed :::::::::::::
kamya from Florida, US
08:36 05/08/2009
Deanna McKinney from Illinois, US
20:58 05/07/2009
As a stepmother, I appreciate the nod to stepmoms everywhere. I could not have ordered a better stepdaughter than the one I have - love you, Amanda!!

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