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When is Purim? (2011-2016)

When is Purim 2011?
Purim is celebrated March 19, 2011
(begins at sundown)
When is Purim 2012?
Purim is celebrated March 07, 2012
(begins at sundown)
When is Purim 2013?
Purim is celebrated February 23, 2013
(begins at sundown)
When is Purim 2014?
Purim is celebrated March 15, 2014
(begins at sundown)
When is Purim 2015?
Purim is celebrated March 04, 2015
(begins at sundown)
When is Purim 2016?
Purim is celebrated March 23, 2016
(begins at sundown)

*Because the Jewish day begins and ends at sundown, most holidays begin at sundown.

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Kraig Belz from Oregon, US
14:15 09/23/2010
i am starting nex wed i will be goving a class on 6thr book of Easter. as i read this article. no the jewish feastivel on Purim. all you have on this Oage is a little about it, but alot of advertiment on other things. witch bad! i would like to know more on the feastivel of purim

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