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All About Islam

Islam is a monotheistic world religion practiced by 1 billion people around the globe, of which less than 1/5th are Arab. Islam, which in Arabic means peace or submission to God, began in the 7th century CE when Allah (God, in Arabic) revealed the holy book of the Qur'an to the Muslim prophet, Muhammad.

While less than one-fifth of Muslims are Arab, the language of Islamic practice is Arabic, since that is the language used by Allah to reveal the Qur'an to Muhammad. There are Five Pillars, or essential tenets, of the Islamic faith, including the belief in God (Allah), five-times daily ritual prayer, alms-giving, fasting during Ramadan, pilgrimage to Mecca.

Islam is the third of the three major monotheistic religions, including Judaism and Christianity. Muslims believe that Allah revealed the Qur'an to his prophet Muhammad as the final holy book. The faith also accepts the prophecy of the Jewish Bible and the Christian scriptures.

Muhammad's prophecy is viewed as the succession of a revelation that began with Adam and Noah, and continued through Abraham and Jesus. Of particular significance is Abraham, who quite literally fathered both Judaism (through his son Isaac) and Islam (through his son Ishmael).

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Ibrahim olusegun musa from Nigeria
01:49 08/20/2011
I need d all islamic document from ur profile thanks
09:08 08/05/2011
very nic
abdulbasith from India
04:20 08/03/2011
Bello musa from Nigeria
20:34 07/31/2011
Bello musa,am whiching all my muslim brother/sister globaly ramadan-kareem.
Naweed Maloky from Afghanistan
04:21 07/31/2011
Hi I am Naweed Maloky from afghanistan i love ur beauthy site tnx alot
saber from Iran
18:32 07/30/2011
salam,happy Ramadan.I wish you all the best in this month.we should fast and dont eat and drink.but it is not all of ramadan!our ear,our eyes and ... should be fasted in this month! in this month we should make ourselves strong and powerful for all of our year!to control ourselves against temptations of eblis!
Tonya Bryant from Ohio, US
21:52 05/24/2011
I love Allah with all that I am or to be!
madelyn from Florida, US
18:29 12/30/2010
this does not give me information i need to know the beliefs costums and more.
20:20 12/16/2010
i think i like this religion
Me from United States
21:25 10/20/2010
This doesnt give me any information at all. I keep seeing this over and over.

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