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When Does Ramadan Begin?

That's a good question! More than 1 billion Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, but they do not share a consensus about when the holiday officially begins.

The debate over the start of Ramadan began back in the 7th century, when the prophet Muhammad instructed his followers to begin their fast the morning after visibly sighting the thin crescent moon that marks the beginning of a new month.

Wanting to follow the prophet's instructions literally, religious leaders decided not to rely on astronomical calculations to accurately predict the appearance of the new moon. Rather, they waited until they could see the new moon with their naked eye.

However, differences in geography and even weather conditions meant that not everyone saw the moon at the same time -- which, therefore, meant that Muslims in different parts of the world began the fast on different days.

There have been movements throughout Islamic history pushing for the use of astronomical calculations -- most recently in 2006 by a group of Muslim legal scholars known as the Fiqh Council of North America.

The Fiqh Council succeeded in setting a date for the start of Ramadan in North America, although traditionalists have rebuked that move. And in many parts of the world, Ramadan still does not begin until religious leaders declare that they have personally seen the new moon.

When is Ramadan? Check our Islamic Calendar for dates.

Prayer Times For 6 Million Cities Worldwide

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Cai Hen ST
00:26 08/24/2011
Marhabban ya ramadan
09:17 08/03/2011
may ALLAH subhanahu wata ala see us through this month of ramadan, month of mercy and forgiveness may ALLAH forgive our short coming and unite the muslim ummah all over the world.ameen RAMADAN KAREEM
otubu lateefat from Nigeria
22:54 08/01/2011
thank b 2 ALMIGHTY ALLAH 4 HIS MARCY UPON EVERY. 2 ALL MY BROTHER nd SISTER IN ISLAM I SAYS HAPPY RAMADAN--******#********#********#******#**********#****#*** MUBARAK
Aicha from Canada
14:07 08/01/2011
dose anyone know when Ramadan starts in morocco was it the 1 or is it the 2 of august and Ramadan Mubark to all
Zaib from Kenya
07:00 08/01/2011
May Allah guide us throughout the holy month.RAMADHAN KAREEM!
ali from Netherlands
09:21 07/31/2011
I say thanks to GOD all prayze goes to HIM the keeper of our life
kasim from Vanuatu
06:51 07/31/2011
i dont knw when will ramadan start could u please tell me when 2 start my fasting
MALIKCAINES from Georgia, US
06:15 07/31/2011
asif from Virginia, US
12:53 07/30/2011
I wish muslim could celeberate all events in a same day, but I'm sorry to say we are so far. Every muslim leader just trying to trade his personal business in the name of Islam and there is no concern about muslim unity , faith and ittehadul ummaa.
jimoh nureni from Nigeria
10:26 07/30/2011
the month of ramadan,mercy of almighty ALLAH are surrounded with all believers. RAMADAN KEREEM!

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