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Sunni and Shiite Muslims
What Is the Difference?

There are two branches within Islam: Sunni and Shiite. Like the Catholic/Protestant split, the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims is theological in nature, although both branches uphold the same basic tenets of faith.

The primary difference between the two branches is their divergent belief in religious succession. The Sunni branch believes that legitimate religious leaders are those appointed by consensus. They believe that the heirs of those leaders are connected to Muhammad's first four successors, his caliphs.

Shiites, on the other hand, believe that religious leaders must descend directly from Muhammad's bloodline. His forth caliph was Ali, the husband of Muhammad's daughter Fatima. Shiite Muslims believe that Ali is the true source of Islam and all religious leaders should descend from him.

The Sunni branch comprises the vast majority of the Muslim population today -- up to 90 percent. The Shiite minority is concentrated in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

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ali from Afghanistan
14:26 09/10/2011
Thanks a lot brother for the explanation, one thing that should be mentioned wisely and in reality is that Shiites are not only 10 percent of the whole Muslim population, and Shiites are not only in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon as you mentioned. If you look through around the world, you will see majority of Shias as well. such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bahrain, Syria, Egypt and many more. I hope you bring some changes in that article.
irfan H abbasi from New York, US
21:39 09/04/2011
AOA are u muslim. what u tell the people, did u know the meaning of legitimate religious , how can u say that, u think that ur Good Muslim, if u muslim add me in the face book , ok
Zainab Taduman from Philippines
22:34 08/26/2011
Allahu Akbar! My confusions and questions regarding Shiite and Sunni are now clarified and enlightened, especially so that I am converted Muslim. Shokran!
Ali Johar from Pakistan
05:16 08/19/2011
Thanks for explaining the difference between shiite and Sunnis. One little thing to add that Shiites are not only in Iran Iraq Behrain Lebanon or Saudi Arabia, They are more innumber in Pakistan and India as well
Ally mtambo from Tanzania
05:45 08/13/2011
Thanks for your explanation about this!this was a question i asked my self several time,am i a shiiat or sunni?.alhamdulilah i hav got an answer,,by the way the reason cant make me judge my islamic any more..we al muslims as we ar the follower of our muhammad,so we ar the same...may allah upgread our iiman inshalah,.amen,ramadan kareem
surur from Ethiopia
04:13 08/12/2011
You know what- i do not agree by who peoples coll themself sunni,shati,selefi,wahabi.....,i am just muslim.i blive by one Allah and prophet mohammed(pbuh) the messenger of allah,and prophet mohammed (pbuh) did't know and tech abaut sunni,shite..... If all of you realy love prophet mohammed (pbuh) just keep waiting u r self calling only muslim like him.
Ibrahim Lateef from Nigeria
05:16 08/07/2011
Oh ALLAH,on this day,place me among those who seek forgivenes,place me among your righteous and obedient servants and place me among your close friends,by your kindness,oh the most MERCIFULL.(AMEEN).
Mohd Pervez Alam
16:05 08/06/2011
Assalamualaikum warahmatulla Happy Ramadan to everyone
Rufai Rabiu from Nigeria
13:25 08/05/2011
Salam "Invitation card into the paradise"As for those who have faith (in Allah )and do good works,they shall dwell in the garden (They will have accommodation) of paradise.There they shall dwell for ever desiring not,to be removed to any other place.Qur'an chapter(18) verse (107-109)
Adil Rehman from India
01:32 08/02/2011
Bismillah-i-Rahmani Raheem {Qul hu walahu ahad,Alahu samad,laamyeled walamyaqulhu qufvan Ahad} Adil Rehman from srinagar jammu and kashmir,india

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