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Did You Know?
Facts, Figures, & Folklore About the Month of June

Did you know that the month of June is named for the Latin word Junius, meaning "of Juno"?

Juno was the principle Roman goddess of marriage and sister/wife of the god Jupiter. In Greek culture, Juno was known as Hera.

Did you know that the birthstone for the month of June is the pearl?
The pearl is the only organic birthstone, formed by a living organism. The gleaming white or pinkish-toned pearl begins as a piece of grit, which irritates a marine or freshwater mollusk. Overtime, the mollusk's defense mechanisms act against the irritant, coating it in a substance called nacre. Eventually the layers of nacre form the pearl. Throughout history, the pearl has been associated with values ranging from courage to modesty to power.

Did you know that Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June?

Set by Presidential proclamation in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson, the idea of a national celebration of American fathers was first supported by President Calvin Coolidge in 1924. Before then, local Father's Day commemorations were held in cities and towns around America, including the first ever Father's Day in Spokane Washington in June, 1910.

Did you know that those of you with birthdays during June share your special month with Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe (June 1st)?

Also actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie (June 4th), comedian Jackie Mason (June 9th), business mogul Donald Trump (June 14th), Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (June 23rd), and Spiderman star Tobey Maguire (June 27th), among other famous June babies?

Did you know that on June 3, 1965, astronaut Edward White became the first American to walk in space?

Also in June, baseball great Babe Ruth played his last game (1935); Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated (1968); Thurgood Marshall became the first black Supreme Court Justice (1967); Watergate was broken in to (1972); and slavery was outlawed in the United States (1862).

Did you know that June is the first month of the summer season?

The summer solstice, which officially kicks off the hot days of summer, falls on June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, June 21st is the start of the winter solstice. The solstices are reversed on December 21st.

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