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Did You Know?
Facts, Figures, & Folklore About the Season of Summer

Summertime! Maybe it's hot and dry by you, or perhaps you get the humid and muggy air. But whatever the dew point in your part of the world, summertime definitely means taking fun-filled trips to the beach or pool, enjoying family picnics and fun outings together, and, of course, lathering up with sunscreen. With your gardens filling up with tomatoes and your bellies filling up with barbeque, summer is the perfect season for rest, relaxation and family fun. Learn more about the summer season with a week's worth of interesting facts (and factoids) about the hottest months of the year.

Did you know that summer officially lasts for three months, but in areas of the planet that are closer to the equator, the hot summer-like weather can last as long as 6 or even 8 months out of the year?

Of course, that must seem like nothing on Uranus, where summer lasts for 21 years. Of course, so does winter.

Did you know that summer begins on June 21st and ends on September 20th in the Northern Hemisphere?

In the Southern Hemisphere, however, mid June is the start of winter weather. For Aussies, South Africans and South Americans, the summer actually falls in December, January and February.

Did you know that summer is wet season in tropical and sub-tropical states, with cyclones, monsoons and hurricanes?

Even in land-locked regions, thunderstorms, hail storms and even flash foods are common in the summer. The good news is that rainfall means crops and trees will reach their maturity and produce an abundance of fresh produce.

Did you know that the fast-paced, pretty little hummingbirds that you see fluttering around your flowering trees this time of year are actually helping to manage summertime bugs?

They are insectivores and use the protein from bugs to build their muscle and replace their feathers.

Did you know that you can use up to 3,000 gallons of water each day to water your lawn and garden?

Watering for summertime landscape uses as much as 40-50% of a city's water supplies, depending on temperature and rainfall.

Did you know that summer is a great time to pack up the family and go on vacation?

Whether it's a weekend away or a few weeks on the road, summertime is the perfect time to explore the world around you.

Did you know that summer vacations aren't just for you and me; even presidents of the United States like to vacate during these "dog days"?

While most modern-day presidents don't take more than a few days or a week at a time, former President James Madison took a four-month vacation, from June 1816 until October, to recoup from the War of 1812. Even when not coming off a war, Madison would still take three month long vacations. Must've been nice!

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