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Did You Know?
Facts, Figures, &
Folklore About the
Season of Winter

Brrr! Get out your mittens, snow boots and stocking caps! It's time for sledding, building snowmen and sipping hot chocolate. Time to deck the halls, light the Chanukkah menorah, and toast the New Year. That's right -- it's winter! The coldest, but brightest lit season of the year. If you'd rather bury your head in the Florida sand than have a snowball fight, come get yourself in the arctic mood with some fun, Holidays-on-the-Net winter trivia.

Did you know that December 22nd is the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter for all us folks in the Northern Hemisphere?

Down under, however, summer is just kicking off with extra long, extra warm days of sunshine. Anyone want to book a trip to Australia or Brazil?

Did you know that the coldest place on Earth is Antarctica?

Home to penguins and intrepid explorers, Antarctica set the world record for coldest temperature with a shocking -129 F. In North America, the coldest record was set by Canada's Yukon Territory at a balmy -81.4 F back in 1947.

Did you know that snowflakes are really ice crystals with six sides?

Ice crystals form in a cloud, where they develop their six sides. As they fall, they join with other crystals, forming snowflakes. The largest snowfall ever happened in 1913 in Georgetown Colorado, where 5 feet, 3 inches of snow fell in a 24-hour period!

Did you know that Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are all celebrated during winter?

These holidays -- all of which include traditions around lighting candles -- illuminate the darkest days of winter. Other winter holidays include New Years, Groundhog Days, Martin Luther King's Day, and of course, Valentines Day.

Did you know that the Winter Olympics, which are held every four years, will be hosted this winter in Vancover, British Colombia from February 12 - 28, 2010?

The first Winter Games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Until 1994, both Summer and Winter Olympics were held every four years; since then, they have alternated every two years.

Did you know that retail sales for the winter holiday season, which typically kick off the day after Thanksgiving, account for as much as 40% of retailers' annual sales?

No wonder Black Friday is called that! It puts retail balance sheets "in the black." In addition to the lure of holiday spending, experts have posited that retail therapy is a way for some to cope with the Winter Blues.

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