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Pan American Aviation Day

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December Solstice

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December 24th, 2014
Last day of Chanukah

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Christmas Day

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104 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Kentucky Early Ky Family For Sale

104 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Kentucky Early Ky Family

The Ultimate

History and Genealogy Collection



104 - Books on DVD !

An essential resource for Genealogists

Actual images of every page, in Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF format. Works with any computer, and is easy to use and read. Some scans are imperfect.

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A Biographical sketch of Col. Richard M. Johnson of Kentucky by Asahel Langworthy - (1843) – 46 pages

A Genealogy of the Pope Family of Kentucky by Nathaniel Field - (1879) – 15 pages

A Guide Manual to the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, by Charles W. Wright - (1870, c1860) – 61 pages

A History of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and itsS by Samuel Haycraft - (1921) – 188 pages

A History of Jessamine County, Kentucky, from its earliest settlement to 1898 by Bennett H. Young - (1898) – 288 pages

A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians; the leaders and representative men in commerce, industry and modern activities by E. Polk Johnson - (1912) – 1,734 pages

A History of Kentucky by Elizabeth Shelby Kinkead - (1896) – 288 pages

A History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by Mann Butler - (1834) – 396 pages

A History of the First Presbyterian Church, Frankfort, Kentucky, together with the churches in Franklin County, in connection with the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America by William H Averill - (1901) – 278 pages

A Kentucky Chronicle by John Thompson Gray - (1906) – 590 pages

A Short History of Franklin County, Kentucky, prepared in compliance with the suggestion of the resolution of Congress in regard to the celebration of the centennial anniversary, and read at ... Lake Park, near Frankfort, Kentucky, on the Fourth of July, 1876 by C.E. James - (1881) – 248 pages

A Wooden Image From Kentucky by George Hubbard Pepper - (1921) – 82 pages

Authentic biography of Colonel Richard M. Johnson, of Kentucky by William B Emmons - (1833) – 106 pages

Biographical Sketch of Gen. William O. Butler, of Kentucky by Frank P. Blair - (1848) – 16 pages

Blue-grass and Rhododendron; outdoors in old Kentucky by John Fox - (1901) – 294 page

Boyle Genealogy. John Boyle of Virginia and Kentucky. Notes on lines of descent with some collateral references by John Boyle - (1909) - 174 pages

Cemetaries of Campbell County, Kentucky by Campbell County Fiscal Court - (n.d.)

Chronicles of a Kentucky Settlement by William Courtney Watts - (1897) – 486 pages

Coals of Middle Fork of Kentucky River in Leslie and Harlan counties by James Michael Hodge - (1918) – 166 pages

Collins Historical Sketches of Kentucky, History of Kentucky, Volumes 1 & 2 by Lewis Collins - (1874) – 1,440 pages

Covington Kentucky, Seen Through the Camera by Industrial Club of Covington, KY - (1910) – 18 pages

Daniel Boone, and the Hunters of Kentucky by William Henry Bogart - (1859) – 468 pages

Daniel Boone, Pioneer of Kentucky by John Stevens Cabot Abbott - (1898) – 332 pages

Drafts in Kentucky During Civil War by U.S. Adjutant-General’s Office - (1909) – 14 pages

Eastern Kentucky papers; the founding of Harman's Station, with an account of the Indian captivity of Mrs. Jennie Wiley and the exploration and settlement of the Big Sandy Valley in the Virginias and Kentucky by William Elsey Connelley - (1910) – 176 pages

Ekkoes from Kentucky by Petroleum V. Nasby - (1868) – 320 pages

Famous Kentucky tragedies and trials; a collection of important and interesting tragedies and criminal trials which have taken place in Kentucky by Lewis F. Johnson - (1916) – 336 pages

First Explorations of Kentucky by Josiah Stoddard Johnston - (1898) – 220 pages

Frankfort, the Capital of Kentucky by Kentucky Historical Society - (1912) – 8 pages

Guide to Lexington, Kentucky, with notices historical and descriptive of places and objects of interest, and a summary of the advantages and resources of the city and vicinity by George Washington Ranck - (1883) – 85 pages

Historic Families of Kentucky. With special reference to stocks immediately derived from the valley of Virginia; tracing in detail their various genealogical connexions and illustrating from historic sources their influence upon the political and social development of Kentucky and the states of the South and West by Thomas Marshall Green - (1889) – 304 pages

Historical Sketch of the Synod of Kentucky, 1802-1902 by Edward W.C. Humphrey - (1902) – 32 pages

Historical Sketches of Kentucky : embracing its history, antiquities, and natural curiosities, geographical, statistical, and geological descriptions; with anecdotes of pioneer life, and more than one hundred biographical sketches of distinguished pioneers, soldiers, statesmen, jurists, lawyers, divines, etc. by Lewis Collins - (1848,c1847) – 680 pages

Historical Tribute to St. Thomas' Seminary at Poplar Neck, near Bardstown, Kentucky by W.J. Howlett - (1906) – 196 pages

History of Henderson County, Kentucky by Edmund Lynn Starling - (1887) – 830 pages

History of Kentucky, Volumes 1,2 & 5 by Charles Kerr - (1922) – 1,164 pages

History of Lewis County, Kentucky by O.G. Ragan - (1912) – 504 pages

History of Lexington, Kentucky by George Washington Ranck - (1872) – 428 pages

History of the Eighth regiment Kentucky vol. inf., during its three years campaigns, embracing organization, marches, skirmishes, and battles of the command, with much of the history of the old reliable Third brigade, commanded by Hon. Stanley Matthews, and containing many interesting and amusing incidents of army life by Thomas J. Wright - (1880) – 286 pages

History of the First Kentucky Brigade by Edwin Porter Thompson - (1868) – 930 pages

Hughes Family of Kentucky and Virginia by Lydia Annie Hughes - (1920) – 48 pages

Kelion Franklin Peddicord of Quirk's scouts, Morgan's Kentucky cavalry, C.S.A. by Indiana Washington Peddicord Logan - (1908) – 170 pages

Kentuckians in History and Literature by John Wilson Townsend - (1907) – 188 pages

Kentucky Baptist history, 1770-1922 by William Dudley Nowlin - (1922) – 196 pages

Kentucky by Frank B. Greene - (1890) – 17 pages

Kentucky History by Charles Alexander Keith - (1915) – 30 pages

Kentucky In American Letters 1784 1912, Volumes 1 & 2 by John Wilson townsend - (1913) – 674 pages

Kentucky in the Nation's History by Robert McNutt McElroy - (1909) – 590 pages

Kentucky in the War of 1812 by Anderson Chenault Quisenberry - (1863) – 82 pages

Kentucky Politicians. Sketches of representative Corncrackers and other miscellany by John J. McAfee - (1886) – 256 pages

Kentucky Superstitions by Daniel Lindsey Thomas - (1920) – 334 pages

Kentucky Unionists of 1861 by William Cassius Goodloe - (1884) – 27 pages

Kentucky volunteers and regulars, commanded by General Winchester, in the years 1812-13. Also, two narratives by men that were wounded in the battles on the river Raisin, and taken captive by the Indians by Elias Darnell - (1854) – 120 pages

Kentucky, a Guide to the Bluegrass State by Federal Writers Project of the WPA - (1939) – 484 pages

Kentucky, a Pioneer Commonwealth by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler and D. Clark- (1888, c1884) – 432 pages

Kentucky's Famous Feuds and Tragedies, authemtic history of the world renowned Vendettas of the dark and bloody ground by Charles Gustavus Mutzenberg and R. Iguana- (c1917) – 323 pages

Kentucky's New State Capitol by Alexander George Lewis - (1912) – 56 pages

Kentucky's Struggle with its Loyalist Proprietors by Wilbur Henry Siebert - (1920) – 126 pages

Letters on the Condition of Kentucky in 1825 by Earl Gregg Swem - (1916) – 76 pages

Life and Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boone, the first white settler of the state of Kentucky by John Filson - (1916) – 42 pages

Life in the Hills of Kentucky by William Eleazar Barton - (1890) – 295 pages

Mercer County, Kentucky marriages, 1785 to 1852 by Lucy Kate McGhee - (1900) – 172 pages

My life at Oxmoor; life on a farm in Kentucky before the War by Thomas Walker Bullitt - (1911) – 134 pages

My old Kentucky home by Commodore Perry Gibbs - (1920) – 44 pages

Notable Men of Kentucky at the beginning of the 20th century (1901-1902) by Benjamin LaBree - (1902) – 228 pages

Old Covington, Kentucky by Elenor Childs Meehan - (1922) – 18 pages

Old Kentucky by Joshua Flood Cook - (1908) – 288 pages

Record of Marriages in Lewis County, Kentucky for the period of years 1806 to 1851 inclusive by Annie Walker Burns - (n.d.) – 58 pages

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky. Soldiers of the War of 1812 by the Kentucky Adjutant-Generals Office - (1891) – 368 pages

Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky by Anderson Chenault Quisenbery - (1896) – 19 pages

Shelby County, Kentucky Marriages, 1792-1800 - (n.d.) – 7 pages

Sketch of the First Kentucky Brigade by George Baird Hodge - (1874) – 31 pages

Sketches of the Early Catholic Missions of Kentucky : from their commencement in 1787, to the Jubilee of 1826-7, embracing a summary of the early history of the state, the adventures of the first Catholic emigrants, biographical notices of the early missionaries, the early history of the principal Protestant sects in Kentucky, with some account of the establishment of the episcopal see at Bardstown, of the various religious societies, and of the general state of the Catholic religion in Kentucky by Martin John Spalding - (1844) – 308 pages

Spencer County, Kentucky Marriages, 1824-1851 by Lucy Kate McGhee - (1900) – 63 pages

Stories of Old Kentucky by Martha C. Grassham Purcell - (1915) – 192 pages

Stringtown on the Pike, a Tale of Northernmost Kentucky by John Uri Lloyd - (1901, c1900) – 416 pages

The Adventures of Daniel Boone, the Kentucky Rifleman by Franis L. Hawks - (1844) – 175 pages

The Anglo-Saxons of the Kentucky mountains: a study in anthropogeography by Ellen Churchill Semple - (1910) – 34 pages

The anti-slavery movement in Kentucky, prior to 1850 by Asa Earl Martin - (1918) – 164 pages

The Blue-Grass Region of Kentucky and other Kentucky Articles by James Lane Allen - (1892) – 322 pages

The Boone family; a genealogical history of the descendants of George and Mary Boone who came to America in 1717; containing many unpublished bits of early Kentucky history, also a biographical sketch of Daniel Boone, the pioneer, by one of his descendants by Ella Atterbury Spraker - (1922) – 702 pages

The Centenary of Kentucky by The Filson Club - (1892) – 200 pages

The City of Louisville and a Glimpse of Kentucky by Young Ewing Allison - (1887) – 142 pages

The dead of the Presbyterian church in Kentucky : address delivered before the two synods of Kentucky at their joint centennial, held at Harrodsburg, October 12, 1883 by Edward P. Humphrey – 20 pages

The Early Settlement of Kentucky by Charles Eugene Clark & D.L. Clark - (1913) – 9 pages

The History of Kentucky : exhibiting an account of the modern discovery ; settlement ; progressive improvement ; civil and military transactions ; and the present state of the country, Volumes 1 & 2 by Humphrey Marshall & R. Iguana- (1824) – 1,020 pages

The History of Kentucky, from its Earliest Discovery and Settlement, to the Present Date by Z.F. Smith - (1895) – 846 pages

The History of Methodism in Kentucky, Volumes 1 & 2 by Albert Henry Redford - (1868) – 990 pages

The Industries of Louisville, Kentucky, and of New Albany, Indiana by Charles E. Elstner - (1886) – 262 pages

The Kentucky highlanders from a native mountaineer's viewpoint by Josiah Henry Combs - (1913) – 44 pages

The Kentucky resolutions of 1798, an historical study by Ethelbert Dudley Warfield - (1887) – 203 pages

The Life of Daniel Boone, the founder of the state of Kentucky by Cecil B. Hartley - (1902) – 348 pages

The McKees of Virginia and Kentucky by George Wilson McKee - (1891) – 196 pages

The Mountain People of Kentucky by Wm. H. Maney - (1906) – 202 pages

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky by Anna Blanche McGill - (1917) – 508 pages

The Statute Law of Kentucky, A complete index to the names of persons, places and subjects mentioned in Littel's laws of Kentucky, a genealogical and historical guide by William Townsend Smith - (1931) – 212 pages

The Story of Kentucky by Rice S. Eubank - (1913) – 32 pages

The Story of Kentucky Emma M. Connelly - (1890) – 334 pages

The Union Cause in Kentucky, 1860-1865 by Thomas Speed - (1907) – 355 pages

The Wilderness Road to Kentucky, its Location and Features by William Allen Pusey - (1921) – 132 pages

To the People of Kentucky by Achilles Sneed - (1825) – 22 pages

Warren County, Kentucky deeds, books A-C, 1797-1807 - (1900) – 53 pages

Western Cavaliers, embracing the history of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Kentucky from 1832 to 1844 by A. H. Redford - (1876) – 550 pages

Year Book, the Society of Colonial Wars in the commonwealth of Kentucky, 1917 : to which is added a calendar of the warrants for land in Kentucky, granted for services in the French and Indian war by Society of Colonial Wars - (1917) – 150 pages

Attention Staff: The book or books on this media were copyrighted prior to January 1, 1923 and/or are Government publications which are free of copyright restrictions. This media resides within the Public Domain as defined by the United States Copyright Office. This ad complies with all rules and regulations.

104 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Kentucky Early Ky Family

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104 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Kentucky Early Ky Family:

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