1715 Authorized Kjv Pulpit Folio Bible Leaves-you Pick For Sale

IF YOU WISH TO ORDER SEVERAL LEAVES, PLEASE CONTACT ME (VIA steveh341 at att dot net) AND WE WILL BE HAPPY TO DISCUSS ADDITIONAL SAVINGS ON BOTH THE BIBLE LEAVES.......AND SHIPPING COSTS !!!We do not show shipping for overseas because of the wide difference in costs. If you wish to make a purchase, please email us before and we will work with you to estimate the shipping costs to your location.

This sale is for TWO (2) LEAVES (your selection) from a 1715 AUTHORIZED KJV PULPIT FOLIO BIBLE (Herberts 936 / KJV Text with Geneva Notes). Imagine owning a genuine page from an AUTHORIZED KJV Holy Bible that is NEARLY 300 years old. How many people can display such an item, especially at these prices ? Consider how meaningful it would be to own A LEAF from such as treasured and rare item to have them displayed in your home or given as a gift to a loved one. When judged against other prices for comparable items, these pages are offered very cheaply to encourage multiple purchases and to help individuals select various special Scripture references and/or passages that they wish to own. (Deut. 6:6-9) This listing does NOT include any of the dated titles or dated leaves. If interested in purchasing one or more of those used in the sample photos, please contact me & we will work out a price with you. The 1715 AUTHORIZED KJV PULPIT FOLIO Dated Titles shown are available for purchase, but NOT included with these leaves. The first photo shows the KING JAMES Introduction page to the 1715 Authorized Pulpit Folio Bible. Our second photo shows the General title page with the 1715 printing date. Our third photo shows the New Testament title page with the 1715 printing date. The fourth photo is the Leviticus title page. Our fifth photo shows the Psalms title page. The sixth photo is a close-up view of the 23rd Psalm to show the quality and clarity of the printed text. Our seventh photo shows the end of Malachi and is the last page of the Old Testament. The eighth photo shows the Gospel of Matthew title page. Our ninth photo shows the Gospel of John title page. The tenth photo is from the end of Revelation and shows the last page of the New Testament. The last two photos show examples of damaged leaves. The first is an example of damage that extends into the printed text. The second example shows extensive damage that does NOT extend into the printed text. Both examples would be shown as "FREE UPON REQUEST" offers because of the damaged areas to the leaf. Minors tears or gaps along the edges that do not extend into the notes and/or text will not be mentioned in every instance. But only if extensive enough to warrant concern.
PLEASE NOTE: These referenced pictures were taken with a camera because the leaf size is TOO LARGE for our scanner. Due to the angle of the camera when each photograph was taken, there may be times when the the lower section of the leaf may appear larger than the top. But this is due to the photo and NOT a condition of the leaves.Our listing is also confirmed as a Herberts 936 from the size and exact match of Old Testament, Apocrypha & New Testament page numbers shown for a 1715 AUTHORIZED KJV PULPIT FOLIO BIBLE.PLEASE NOTE: These pages/scans that are shown above are typical illustrations of the condition of the printing and leaves being offered with this listing. These scans do NOT mean they are STILL available with this listing. Our AVAILABLE LEAVES LIST is shown at the end of this item description. If requested, you can also get a color scan of the Old or New Testament dated title page with your Bible leaf to confirm the printing date for your items. With each order, a copy of our COA for these leaves will be emailed to you prior to mailing the pages. Using this method, the purchaser can make as many copies of the COA as they need (especially helpful with multiple page orders). Our COA confirms that your purchase is from our 1715 AUTHORIZED KJV PULPIT FOLIO BIBLE. All available passages are listed below and we will strive to remove the SOLD LEAVES from our list as they are purchased. These items will be on a "first purchase-first selection" basis. So, the earlier you purchase and choose your leaves-the more likely it is that we will have them. We WILL NOT hold pages for you !! In the past, we had been "holding" pages for individuals for several weeks that never purchased the selected page. If you do not use the "Buy It Now" option for your discussed passage(s) immediately, it/they will be placed back into the open selections. I am sorry that it has to be this way, but -more than once- we have ended up holding over 40 pages for numerous people that never made a purchase. These pages are in good shape, but some are better than others. Several pages have small tears and some rough edges, but these conditions will be noted on the list of available passages shown below. In each case, we will work with the purchaser to see that they are more than pleased with their selection. The printing is clear and neat, although some pages (illustrated by our sample photos) are darker than others. Some leaves have extensive notes to clarify and illuminate the text. These leaves are fantastic, especially considering that each one is ALMOST 300 years old. They range in color from light brown to a darker brown and in most cases the edges of the page are slightly darker than the middle portion. Very few -if any- of these pages have any text loss, but in some cases the printed notes along the edges do show some wear. Your 1715 AUTHORIZED KJV PULPIT FOLIO BIBLE leaf will be shipped in an envelope marked "PLEASE DO NOT BEND OR FOLD" and between two stiff cardboard sheets to protect the page(s) from damage during shipment. These Bible leaves are in good condition and measuring approximately 15.5" x 9.75". The Herberts catalogue lists these leaves as 327 x 206. Upon request, we have begun to email a reduced copy of the related dated title page to allow the purchaser to make as many copies of the scan as they need. A COA on our letterhead will also be emailed to you as confirmation of the authenticity of your item(s). These 1715 AUTHORIZED KJV PULPIT FOLIO BIBLE leaves will make excellent Christmas GIFTS to frame as a display for your wall or desk at the office or at home. Imagine the cherished reminder a favorite passage would be to a loved one.....you can make that dream happen !! Please note that multiple purchases save on shipping. If you purchase more than two pages at once, we will offer discounted shipping for your other orders. PLEASE NOTE: Due to several ongoing questions, I have felt it necessary to clarify our position on the selling of Holy Bible leaves. Bibles that we have that are damaged, separated and/or have loose covers and pages, we will gentle try to save as many of the pages, maps, pictures, etc. that we can. These Bibles are and have not been used by anyone in many years. Therefore, we feel that to help further the spread and use of God's Word; it would benefit people to have a favorite passage in Scripture that they can see frequently on the walls of their homes or office. See Deut. 6:6-9. Specifically, in verse 9 it refers to placing God's Word and Commandments on the posts of our homes. Now, at least to my way of thinking, the posts are the supports of the home at the doorways and/or walls in today's construction. Obviously then, I literally believe that we should have God's Word on the walls of our homes -especially at the doors. That way, as mentioned in these verses, you can see and be reminded several times, every day (as we enter and exit our homes) about God's promises, God's servants and their victories and failures. These passages can continually teach us and our children about God's love for us and His desire to show us how much. All that is said to explain that, we do not take Bibles that are in great shape and break them up for the purpose of selling pages. But, we will pull pages from damaged Bibles that will never be repaired in the hope of continuing the spread of God's Word in homes and hearts. I sincerely pray that each page and/or passage will impact a person's life and be a meaningful addition to their home or office. Hopefully, this will cover most (if not all) future questions concerning these listings.Shipping cost will be $2.95 on your first order prior to any insurance costs. With any multiple page purchase, you will be charged $0.95 for your second and any other orders. Whether you buy 2 or 30, you will only pay a maximum of $0.95 shipping costs per order after your first. We have USPS Priority Mail available if you wish to rush your order or have the shipment insured. Because these leaves are somewhat larger than normal Folio leaves, our shipping costs are increased slightly to cover the packaging that we use to ship these items to you. Each envelope is labeled PLEASE DO NOT FOLD OR BEND and the items included are in a clear sleeve with stiff backing to attempt and prevent any damage to these pages during their travel to you. The following list is the available passages from this 1715 AUTHORIZED KING JAMES VERSION (KJV) PULPIT FOLIO BIBLE LEAVES. PLEASE NOTE: With each new purchase, we will attempt to keep updating the list of available passages. But realize that we are on a "First Payment, First Selection" system. You are NOT PROMISED a leaf UNTIL you have PAID FOR that leaf. If you wish to confirm your selections prior to purchase, that will be fine. Simply email with your selections and we will confirm their availability and can set them aside -if you are making an immediate purchase. But, we will not HOLD any item for an extended period of time.We appreciate your interest and hope that you will greatly enjoy having whatever Bible leaves you select for your home, office or as gifts.GOD BLESS YOU !! AVAILABLE SHORT DESCRIPTION (if necessary)EXODUSExodus 23:16b - Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. Rare
Exodus 28:8b - About Priests
Exodus 29:32 - About Priests & Anointing 4:27b - 6:30 85/86 Various Offerings
Leviticus 7:1 - 8:29a 87/88 Offerings / Aaron & sons anointed
Leviticus 16:7b - 18:19 97/98 Laws & Ordinances
Leviticus 25:8b - 26:22a Redeeming Houses & Servants
Leviticus 26:22b - 27:34 Blessings & 1:54 - 3:35a 111/112 Ordering Tribes / Charging Levites
Numbers 3:35b - 7:1a 113-116 Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
Numbers 7:1b - 7:85 117/118 Offerings
Numbers 10:9b - 12:4a The people complain.....again
Numbers 12:4b - 14:27 Spies in Promised Land / The people refuse to enter
Numbers 18:11 - 20:16a Instructions / People murmur for water
Numbers 20:16b - The brazen serpent / Balak & Balaam
Numbers 24:16b - 26:46 Balaam’s prophecy / The people numbered
Numbers 26:47 - 31:11 Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
Numbers 31:12 - 32:32a Dividing the spoils of war / Reuben & Gad
Numbers 32:32b - 34:18 Camp locations / Borders of Canaan
Numbers 34:19 - 36:13 The cities given to 2:1 - 3:28 Joshua made captain of army
Deuteronomy 3:29 - Laws / Cities of Refuge
Deuteronomy 14:26b - Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
Deuteronomy 20:6b - Various Laws
Deuteronomy 22:23 - Various Laws
Deuteronomy 25:7b - Curses & Blessings
Deuteronomy 28:9 - Curses & Blessings
Deuteronomy 29:1b - Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
1 SAMUEL1 Samuel 19:7b - 21:3 Michal tricks guards / Saul seeks David
1 Samuel 21:4 - 23:24a David flees Saul / Escapes his pursuit
1 Samuel 28:7b - 30:25 Saul & the witch / David recovers wives & children
2 SAMUEL2 Samuel 2:5 - 3:36 David & Abner / Joab kills Abner
2 Samuel 12:12b - Solomon born / Amnon slain by Absalom
2 Samuel 14:3b - 15:30 Absalom returns / Leads people away from David
2 Samuel 15:31 - Absalom seeks David / David escapes Absalom
2 Samuel 17:29b - Absalom slain by Joab / David mourns
1 KINGS1 Kings 2:7b - 3:21a 3:9 Solomon’s petition to God
1 Kings 3:21b - 6:8a Solomon’s wisdom / Builds the Temple
1 Kings 6:8b - 8:46a Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
1 Kings 8:46b - 10:9 The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon
1 Kings 10:10 - 11:43 Solomon’s wives & adversaries
1 Kings 12:1 - 13:25 Rehoboam & Jeroboam
1 Kings 13:26 - 15:22a Asa’s good reign
2 KINGS2 Kings 8:4b - 9:34a Elisha anoints Jehu / Jehu orders Jezebel killed
2 Kings 9:34b - 11:17a 311/312 Baal’s prophets destroyed / Joash anointed king
2 Kings 11:17b -14:6 Jehoash repairs Temple / Elisha dies
2 Kings 14:7 - 16:2a Azariah is a leper / Jotham reigns
1 CHRONICLES1 Chronicles 23:31b - Numbers of Porters, Singers & Officers
1 Chronicles 26:25 - David Captains & Exhortation to the people
2 CHRONICLES2 Chronicles 1:10 - 6:36 Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
2 Chronicles 9:9b - 12:2 Rehoboam reigns / Israel’s revolt
2 Chronicles 12:3 - Abijah overcomes Jeroboam / Asa reigns
2 Chronicles 15:8b - Jehoshaphat’s reign
2 Chronicles 18:15 - 23:12a Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
2 Chronicles 23:12b - Joash’s zeal / Joash is slain
2 Chronicles 25:15b - Uzziah reigns / Jotham reigns
2 Chronicles 28:9b - Hezekiah reigns / Temple cleansed
2 Chronicles 30:3 - 32:6 Passover kept / Provision for 6:17 - 11:3a 569-572 Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
Jeremiah 13:21b - 16:9 575/576 Jeremiah’s Prayer & Complaint
Jeremiah 16:10 - 18:21a 577/578 Judah’s Captivity
Jeremiah 26:2b - 28:9a 585/586 Jeremiah held & 3:13 - 9:5 617-620 Dual, Connected Leaves. Counts as Two Leaves. RARE
Ezekiel 9:6 - 12:10a 621/622 Ezekiel’s Visions
Ezekiel 12:10b - 14:19a 623/624 Lying Prophets / Idolaters told to repent
Ezekiel 14:19b - 16:50a 625/626 God loves Jerusalem / Judgment against JerusalemNEW TESTAMENT

ALL OF THESE HAVE SOLD !Thank you for considering our listing !!
Steve H
Colossians 3:16-17
"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom;
teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. And whatsoever ye do in word
or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and
the Father by him."

1715 Authorized Kjv Pulpit Folio Bible Leaves-you Pick

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