1870's Native American Yuma / Quechan Indian Cabinet Card Photo By Bonine #2

1870's Native American Yuma / Quechan Indian Cabinet Card Photo By Bonine #2

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1870's Native American Yuma / Quechan Indian Cabinet Card Photo By Bonine #2:

Rare, original, 1870's, Albumen Oversize Cabinet Card Photograph of a young, Native American, Yuma / Quechan Indian Brave with a wonderful hand made bow and arrows. This outstanding, period, Card Mount Photograph measures approx. 4 1/4” by 6 7/8” and is mounted on its original Card Mount (overall size is 4 1/2” by 7 1/4”). Although the individual subject in not identified, an imprint on the card mount identifies the Image as being from the series titled "Yuma Indians, Arizona" Los Angeles, California photographer Elias A. Bonine. The back of the card mount has an allover, printed mark of the photographer with advertising text. The image is numbered within the negative with the number "38" (likely the photographer's catalog number).

The Image features a striking, young Yuma Warrior wearing only a loin cloth and holding a large bow and a number of arrows in his left hand. His hair is quite long and appears to be similar to the modern "dreadlocks" style. This Yuma Brave presents a proud and obviously well conditioned and musculated figure. The Cabinet Card offered here is among the earliest examples of the Photographs produced by Bonine for sale to the public.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Elias Bonine was one of three brothers, all of whom were photographers. Moving to California in 1876, he traveled throughout the state and photographed in remote areas, using his tent as both home and darkroom. He subsequently settled in Lamanda Park, near Pasadena. Bonine was one of the most prolific photographers of Native American portraits in the Cabinet Card format. Unlike the earlier work of government survey photographers or of early anthropologists who used photography as field research, Bonine's images were made for public audience increasingly enthralled by native subjects. His several trips to Arizona in the 1870s and 1880s produced hundreds of portraits of members of the Yuman tribes, including Maricopas.

The Quechan (or Yuma as they were more popularly known) were a favorite subject of Elias A. Bonine (1843-1916), a photographer from Pasadena, California. Although the Yuma were generally regarded as a peaceful people, they were at the same time ferocious warriors. The Quechan / Yuma were used in the Apache and Geronimo Campaign by General Crook, as they were able to run long distances and live off the little food and water that the desert had to offer.

This rare and wonderful, Native American Indian, Boudoir / Oversize Cabinet Card Photograph is in very good to excellent condition. The Photograph exhibits sharp focus, strong contrast and rich, warm tonality. The Photograph and the card mount are both clean and crisp with some light edge wear at the corners of the mount only.

A very rare and very beautiful, 1870’s, Oversize Albumen Cabinet Card Photo of a proud and hardy, Native American Yuma Indian Brave by Elias A. Bonine and a fantastic addition to any collection!!!

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PLEASE NOTE: The three Bonine Yuma Indian Cabinet Card Photos which we are offering in this weeks sale are the last of this small and wonderful collection which we have been selling over the past 6 weeks - the last chance to acquire an example of the outstanding Cabinet card images taken by Bonine.

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1870's Native American Yuma / Quechan Indian Cabinet Card Photo By Bonine #2:

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