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1875 Antique Victorian Housewife Cookbook Baking Brewing Game Cookery Recipes For Sale

1875 Antique Victorian Housewife Cookbook Baking Brewing Game Cookery Recipes


Original 1875 Edition of “Cookery and Domestic Economy for Young Housewives” by H.S.C. :: Published by William and Robert Chambers: London :: Measures 5 x 6 3/4" :: Complete with 140 Pages.

VERY GOOD CONDITION: A tightly bound volume, solid hinges, inscription in front, generally clean pages, covers in good shape, complete with all pages; overall a very good condition example of this vintage cookery book.

Here is an antique 19th Century Victorian Guide designed and written entirely with a view to practical utility, and for the information of those young Housewives in the middle ranks of society, who have not had the benefit of regular instructions in the affairs of the kitchen and want a simple and economical guide to Cookery.

In the preface, the author writes:

“Care has been taken to exclude costly dishes, and the use of expensive, or not easily to be procured materials, in which respect the book differs considerably from most of the works on cookery with which I am acquainted. I can safely say that every receipt I offer—every advice—every little piece of information—is the result of personal experience.

The book is a Manual of Plain directions to be used in the kitchens of the middle or less affluent classes; the endeavor being to show how tasteful and nutritious dishes may be prepared as little expense in order to render home happy and attractive. The circumstance of having lived a number of years in Scotland, has enabled me to give a variety of receipts for Scotch Dishes, the accuracy of which may be relied on.”

The book contains hundreds of vintage recipes reminiscent of the time from Roast Hare, Boiling Whole Rabbits, Stewing Pigeons, Ox-Tail Soup, Mock Turtle Soup, Sheep’s Haggis, Curried Oysters, Rabbit Pie, Giblet Pie, Apple Pie, White Wine Whey, Baking Bread, Brewing Beer, Pickling, Curing Meat, and much more.



Marketing and Choice of Meat

Cutting up Meat

Killing Fowls

The Larder—Keeping Meat

Cooking and Kitchen Apparatus

Ornamenting Dishes at Table


How to Roast Beef

How to Roast Mutton

How to Roast Venison

How to Roast Veal

How to Roast Fillet of Veal

How to Roast Lamb

How to Roast Pork

How to Roast Sucking Pig

How to Roast Bullock’s Heart

How to Roast Pigeons

How to Roast Fowls

How to Roast Turkey

How to Roast Partridges

How to Roast Goose

How to Roast Ducks

How to Roast Pheasants

How to Roast Hare



How to Broil Beef Steak

How to Broil Mutton Chop

How to Broil Fowls and Pigeons


How to Fry Beef Steaks

How to Fry Mutton Chops

How to Fry Veal Cutlets

How to Fry Lamb Chops

How to Fry Pork Chops

How to Fry Beef or Pork Sausages

How to Fry Tripe

How to Fry Parsley

How to Fry Bacon, or Ham, or Eggs

How to Fry Lamb or Calf’s Liver

How to Fry Calf’s Feet


How to Boil a Salted Round of Beef

How to Boil a Leg of Mutton

How to Boil a Leg of Lamb

How to Boil Veal

How to Boil Calf’s Head

How to Boil a Turkey

How to Boil a Fowl

How to Boil Rabbits Whole

How to Boil a Ham

How to Boil a Leg of Pork

How to Boil a Tongue

How to Boil Tripe

How to Boil Cow-Heel


How to Stew a Piece of Beef, or Make Beef Bouilli

How to Stew a Shoulder of Mutton

How to Stew Steaks

How to Stew Haricot of Mutton

How to Stew Ox Tail

How to Stew Ox Palates

How to Stew Veal

How to Stew Beef Kidneys

How to Stew Calf’s Sweetbreads

How to Stew Pigeons

How to Stew Rabbits

How to Make Irish Stew

How to Make English Stew

How to Hash Cold Beef or Mutton

How to Dress Cold Boiled Beef or Make Bubble and Squeak

How to Mince Cold Veal

How to Make Croquets

How to Make Rissoles

How to Make Potato Pudding with Meat

How to Make Toad in a Hole

How to Dress a Lamb’s Head and Pluck

How to Dress a Veal Pluck

How to Make Potted-Head


How to Make Brown or Gravy Soup

How to Make Kidney Soup

How to Make Pigeon Soup

How to Make Ox-Tail Soup

How to Make Hare Soup

How to Make Mock-Turtle Soup

How to Make Carrot Soup

How to Make Artichoke Soup

How to Make Mulligatawny Soup

How to Make Giblet Soup and Stew

How to Make Peas Soup

How to Make Mutton Broth

How to Make Beef Tea

How to Make Chicken Broth or Soup

How to Make Broth Maigre, or Broth without Meat


How to Make Onion Flavor

How to Make Mushroom Sauce

How to Make Sauce Piquante

How to Make Brown Roo, or Thickening for Sauces

How to Make Melted Butter

How to Make Caper Sauce

How to Make Parsley Sauce

How to Make Celery Sauce

How to Make Onion Sauce

How to Make Egg Sauce

How to Make Caudle Sauce for Plum Pudding

How to Make German Sauce for Pudding

How to Make Lobster and Crab Sauce

How to Make Oyster Sauce

How to Make Bread Sauce

How to Make Apple Sauce

How to Make Mint Sauce

How to Make Beef Gravy

How to Make Tomato Sauce

How to Make Mayonnaise Sauce


How to Make Boiled Salmon

How to Broil Salmon or Salmon Steaks

How to Fry Trouts or Similar Fish

How to Boil Turbot

How to Bake Turbot

How to Boil Halibut

How to Boil Cod

How to Dress a Cod’s Head and Shoulders

How to Dress a Middle Cut of Cod

How to Boil Haddocks

How to Dress Haddocks

How to Rizzard Haddocks

How to Make Potted Soles

How to Make Oyster Omelette

How to Make Fish Pie

How to Fry Skates, Soule, Flounders, Whitings, and Eels

How to Make Mackerel

How to Bake Haddocks

How to Make Fish and Sauce

How to Stew Eels

How to Bake or Pickle Herrings

How to Boil Herrings

How to Boil Salt Fish

How to Scallop Oysters

How to Fry Oysters

How to Make Crab Pie

How to Make Lobster to be Eaten Cold

How to Make Cold Fish

How to Make Soused Mackerel

How to Make Fish Pudding

How to Make Kedgiree

How to Make Fish Warmed with Gravy


How to Make Sheep’s Haggis

How to Make Lamb’s Haggis

How to Make Broth, or “Kail”

How to Make Hotch Potch

How to Make Cockie Leekie

How to Make Sheep’s Head

How to Make Sheep’s Head Broth

How to Make Sheep’s Head Pie

How to Make Minced Collops

How to Make Potato Soup


How to Curry Fish

How to Curry Oysters

How to Curry Eggs


How to Dress Asparagus and Sea Kale

How to Boil Carrots and Parsnips

How to Boil Turnips and Jerusalem Artichokes

How to Boil French Beans and Scarlet Runners

How to Boil White Haricot Beans

How to Boil Spinach

How to Boil Beetroot

How to Make Potatoes

How to Fry Potatoes

How to Make Potatoes a la Maitre D’Hotel

How to Make Potato Balls

How to Make Potatoes

How to Make Roast Pigeons

How to Make and Dress Salads


How to Make Paste for Raised Pies

How to Make Paste for Covering Meat Pies

How to Make Beef Steak Pie

How to Make Veal Pie

How to Make Lamb Pie

How to Make Mutton Pies

How to Make Pigeon Pie

How to Make Rook Pie

How to Make Hare Pie

How to Make Rabbit Pie

How to Make Giblet Pie

How to Make Eel Pie

How to Make Puff Paste for Fruit Pies or Tarts

How to Make Icing for Tarts

How to Make Apple Pie

How to Make Gooseberry Pie

How to Make Rhubarb Pie

How to Make Cranberry, Raspberry, and Other Tarts

How to Make Mince Pie

How to Make Open Tarts


How to Make Plum Pudding

How to Make Currant Pudding

How to Make Hard Dumplings

How to Make Bread Pudding

How to Make Rice Pudding

How to Make Custard Pudding

How to Make Bread and Butter Pudding

How to Make Tapioca Pudding—Sago Pudding

How to Make Batter or Yorkshire Pudding

How to Make Peas Pudding

How to Make Fruit Puddings

How to Make Roll Pudding

How to Make Meat Puddings

How to Make Biscuit Puddings

How to Make Treacle Pudding

How to Make Rice Rosoles

How to Make Macaroni

How to Make Meat Pancakes

How to Make Shrewsbury Cake

How to Make a Good Plain Cake

How to Make Ginger Cakes

How to Make Wafer Biscuits


How to Make Custards

How to Make Calf’s Foot Jelly

How to Make Blamange

How to Make Arrowroot Blamange

How to Make Rice Blamange

How to Make Moss Blamange

How to Make Oswego

How to Make Trifle

How to Make Gooseberry Jam

How to Make Raspberry Jam

How to Make Strawberry Jam

How to Make Black Currant Jam

How to Make Apricot Jam

How to Make Red, White, and Black Currant Jelly

How to Make Jelly of Mountain Ash Berry

How to Make Orange Marmalade

How to Make Apple Jelly

How to Make Gooseberry Fool


How to Boil Eggs

How to Poach Eggs

How to Make Buttered Eggs

How to Make Omelettes

How to Make Pancakes

How to Make Fritters

How to Make Cheese Pudding

How to Make Welsh Rabbit

How to Make Toast Cheese

How to Make Toast Bread

How to Make Dress Chestnuts

How to Make Barley Water

How to Make Gruel

How to Make White Wine Whey

How to Make Lemon Kali

How to Make Oatmeal Porridge

How to Blanch Almonds

How to Make Lemonade

How to Make Toast and Water

How to Make Sandwiches

How to Boil Rice for Curry

How to Make a Stuffing

How to Make Forcemeat Balls


How to Bake Bread

How to Make Tea Cakes

How to Make Shortbread

How to Brew Beer

How to Make Ginger Beer


How to Pickle Red Cabbage

How to Pickle Walnuts

How to Make Mushroom Ketchup


How to Pickle any Kind of Meat

How to Salt Beef

How to Make Salted Tongue

How to Salt Ham

How to Kipper Salmon




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1875 Antique Victorian Housewife Cookbook Baking Brewing Game Cookery Recipes

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