1892 Antique Photography Book Railroad Old West Industry Architecture Indians

1892 Antique Photography Book Railroad Old West Industry Architecture Indians

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1892 Antique Photography Book Railroad Old West Industry Architecture Indians:

Our Land and Country
Life and History, Treasures and Splendors From Plymouth Rock to the Golden Gate

A Panorama of 400 Years' American Progress

Published by C A Nichols Co.

Folks, this 120 year-old, 1st edition is packed full of old photos that are all more than a century old!

So many times we look at an old photograph, and have no idea of the treasure before our eye's. Wet-plate photographers helped to open the American West by taking their cameras out of the studio and on location. The wet plate photographer needed a strong back when he went into the field but the detail in wet-plate photos can be absolutely astonishing. Many of the items in these old Victorian era photos have fallen victim to the ravages of time and few objects possess the ability to transcend time as old photograph books do. This old photo book is a treasure trove of assorted and valuable historical information about the US just 30 years after the Civil War. The front of every page is a full-page photograph while the facing page has a generous amount of information or history about the photograph or illustration subject (there is a list of the illustrations at the end of the description below).

Our Land and Country contains glimpses of America through century-old photography that includes street views, businesses, railroads, nature, Indians, landmarks, architecture, mining, industrial, nautical and rural views just to mention a few, and all for the most part, are long-gone. This book is an 1892 photographic depiction of 19th century America with over 300 full-page photographs and illustrations from over 100 years ago! Life and history, treasures and splendors, from Plymouth Rock to the Golden Gate were photographed in the finest art and in the widest expansion of pictorial illustration available at the time. A celebration of American history. . . photos from 36 states. . . many from New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Illinois and California.

Remember folks, this first edition book full of America's wonderlands was copyrighted in 1892 so all the photos are from that year or earlier. All photos are full-page. I've arranged the photos by region for the convenience of historians. Please allow time for the many photo samples to load and enjoy!

COPYRIGHT: 1892 with MDCCCXCII (1892) on title page
PAGES: 627 pgs measuring 9" x 10"
CONDITION: Most books of massive weight like this one do not survive! This book weighs just over 6 pounds! It has had some TLC and is now in solid condition. The spine has been recovered with black leather and the remaining portions of the original spine cloth has been laid on. The inside front and rear hinges have been reinforced with black linen archival binding. This old photo book is a clean, solid book. There are just a couple margin page-turning tears and very minor foxing. Pages are not brittle nor are there any loose or missing pages. The front and rear cloth boards have some corner wear. The photos below are all full-page in the book and measure 6" x 8". Most of the photos below appear lighter on the left side because I didn't force the book to lay flat on the scanner - all photos in the book are even-toned. The book is an over-all solid and presentable book. There are no signs of previous ownership. The book is a fine example of this increasingly rare old photography book!

Vintage Photos: Alaska: Fort Wrangel, Alaska, Indian Village street scene with totem pole • Glacier in Alaska, The Muir, fronting the ocean • Sitka, Alaska panoramic view
Arizona: Cliff Dwellings in Arizona • Grand Canyon of the Colorado River
California: Newport Beach: Summer Bathing (with horse and buggies on the beach) • Redwoods loaded on railroad cars pulled by locomotives in logging train yard • Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton, California near San Jose • Orange Grove, San Gabriel Valley, California • Upper Yosemite Fall, CA • Giant redwood tree dwarfing two axe men • Del Coranado Hotel, San Diego CA • Life in Chinatown, San Francisco • San Francisco looking south from the Cliff House • San Francisco, CA view of California Street business section with trolley cars • Interior view of Santa Cruz Church • Interior view of the great 36.5" telescope at Lick Observatory, CA • View of San Francisco from Russian Hill • Interior view of Starr King Church, San Francisco • Entrance to the Golden Gate Bay, California • Panoramic view of San Francisco Bay and buildings, California ( Cliff House in distance)
Colorado: Balanced Rock, Colorado • Ute Pass, Colorado • Denver Colorado High School • Railway train loaded with ore in downtown Creede, Colorado • Pike's Peak Toll Road and horse and buggy passengers • Yellowstone Lake, Colorado • Panoramic view of Denver, Colorado • Creede Mining Camp miners, group photo, Creede, CO • Panoramic view Silver Cord Mine, Leadville, CO
Connecticut: Downtown street view of Hartford, Connecticut • State Capitol, Hartford CT • Street view in New Haven, CT • Interior view of Yale College Library, New Haven, CT
Florida: Florida banana plantation with negro boy • Street view in St. Augustine, FL • Interior court of the Ponce de Leon, St. Augustine, FL • Memorial Church and garden, St. Augustine, FL • View of Deep Creek, St. John's River, FL (with steamboat in view) • Street corner with old houses, St. Augustine, FL
Idaho: Shoshone Falls and Rapids, Idaho
Illinois: Washington Park, suburban of Chicago, Derby Day (clubhouse in view) • Lake and Floral View of Chicago South Park • Interior view of Exchange Hall of Chicago Board of Trade • Lake and Floral View of Chicago South Park • Schiller Monument and Garden in Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois • Water Works building in Chicago IL • Street view of homes on Michigan Avenue, Chicago • Masonic Temple, Chicago IL • Statue, The Indian Chief, Lincoln Park, Chicago • Pavilion and lake in Lincoln Park, Chicago • View of lake in Jackson Park, Chicago • View of La Salle Street, Chicago, business section with trolley cars • Madison Street, Chicago, IL business section with trolley cars • Exterior of Woman's Temple, Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Chicago • Woman's Department building under construction, Columbian Exposition, Chicago • Horticultural Dept. Building, under construction, for 1893 Columbian Exposition • Dairy Department and Building under construction for 1893 Chicago Columbian Expo Fair • Mines and Mining Dept. Building under construction for 1893 Chicago World's Fair • Transportation Dept. Building under construction for Columbian Exposition 1893 fair • Agricultural Dept. Building under construction for 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition • Electrical Department Building under construction for Columbian Expo
Indiana: Downtown street view in Indianapolis • Exterior view of State House, Indianapolis, IN
Iowa: Downtown street view of Burlington Iowa • Downtown business street view, Des Moines Iowa • Business section street view in Cedar Rapids, IA (with early electric poles) • Park view in Des Moines, IA
Kansas: Kansas City Park lake view with bridge in distance • Stock Exchange building, Kansas City
Kentucky: Court House, Louisville, KY • Fourth Street business section of Louisville, KY with old street lamps and trolley car tracks in view
Louisiana: Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans • Scene of New Orleans levee with train cars a huge ship
Maine: Downtown street view of Portland, Maine, (horse and buggies in photo) • Deering Park, Portland, Maine
Maryland: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore MD • Mount Vernon Place and Monuments, Baltimore MD • Panoramic rooftop view of Baltimore • Statue of George Peabody, Baltimore
Massachusetts: Plymouth Rock beneath the granite canopy • Statue of Edward Everett in the Public Garden, Boston • Famous Minot's Ledge Lighthouse, Massachusetts Bay • Longfellow's Home, Cambridge Massachusetts • Bridge view in Public Garden, Boston • Memorial Hall interior, Harvard College • Medical School building, Harvard College • Interior view of King's Chapel, Boston • Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod • National Monument to the Forefathers, Plymouth Massachusetts • Fancy interior parlor view of a Boston, Back Bay home • Old State House, Boston • Interior of Trinity Church, Boston MA • Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, MA •Thomas Ball's Equestrian Statue of Washington • Interior view of Faneuil Hall, Boston • Interior of library in Quincy, neighborhood of Boston MA • Springfield, MA, downtown view of business street with trolley cars • Exterior view of Trinity Church, Boston • Street view in business section of Boston with horse-drawn trolley cars • Fall River, MA High School (with clock tower, observatory, and a chime of bells)
Michigan: Panoramic view of Belle Isle Park, Detroit • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor • Calumet and Hecla Copper Mining Engine, largest land engine in the world, 4700 hp • Iron Mines, Ishpeming, MI • State House building, Lansing MI • Detroit, view of Woodward Avenue in business section
Minnesota: Ice Palace at night, St. Paul Minnesota • Panoramic view of flouring mill factories in Minneapolis • Panoramic view of St. Paul, Minnesota • Business section street view in Minneapolis • Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, MN
Missouri: Shaw's Garden, St. Louis MO, bequeathed by Henry Shaw • Missouri Railway-loop scene
Nebraska: View of Douglas Street business section, Omaha, Nebraska
New Hampshire: Jacob's Ladder railroad trestle, Mt. Washington Railway, NH • Mount Washington Railway in the White Mountain range, NH • Jefferson Mills, Manchester NH, cotton mill factory interior view • Panoramic view of factories and river in Manchester, NH
New Jersey: Panoramic view of Paterson NJ factories on the Passaic River • Jersey City, Pennsylvania Railroad PRR terminal station under construction
New York: Mall in Central Park • Front View of the Capitol in Albany, New York • St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY • Shipping view, Niagara River • Astor House, New York • Buffalo, New York Street view • Interior view of St. Paul's Church, Broadway, NY where Washington attended • The Marble Arch and Terrace, Central Park, NY • West Point Landing, Hudson River, NY ( sternwheelers in view) • Coney Island, Brighton Beach, New York • Panoramic view of East River Bridge, New York • Banks of the Hudson River, The Highlands (where Washington ordered a chain suspended to prevent enemy vessels from entering) • US Military Institute, Governor's Island • Panoramic view of New York City downtown with river in distance • Trinity Church, New York City • Interior Courtyard of Fort Columbus, New York Harbor • Chautauqua Assembly Grounds, Chautauqua, NY • Senate Chamber, Albany Capitol interior view • Egyptian Obelisk, Central Park, New York • Union League Club Building, New York • New York Historical Society building sculptures and paintings room • Downtown street view of Troy NY • Statue of Lafayette, Union Square, New York • Fancy Drawing Room in a New York mansion • Interior view of St. Patrick's Cathedral • Statue of Liberty • Street view of Wall Street • Corridor in New York State Capitol • Observatory in Central Park • Castle Garden, New York • Lenox Library building, New York City • East River Docks full of ships, steamers, sternwheelers, tugs, etc, Statue of Liberty in background • Public Markets (Farmer's Market), New York City • Widlam • View of Poughkeepsie, NY and her great bridge of the Hudson River • Elevated Railroad, Sixth Avenue, NY • Business scene at the docs, Buffalo NY • Noonday view in Printing House Square, NYC (trolley cars in photo) • Street view of Vanderbilt Mansions, New York City • Madison Square Garden and street view, NY, old street lamps in view • Interior view of a room in the Union League Club House, NYC • Interior view of Trinity Church, NYC

Ohio: Dayton Ohio street scene, corner of 5th and Main Streets looking east • Exterior of Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio • Busy harbor scene and ships, Cleveland, Ohio • YMCA Building, Dayton OH • Business section street scene in Columbus, Ohio • Exterior view of Old State Capitol, Columbus, Ohio • Public Square, Cleveland, OH • Adelbert College, Cleveland
Oregon: Portland Harbor • Opera House, Portland Oregon • Mt. Hood, Oregon • Hercules' Pillars, OR
Pennsylvania: Ancient Historical House in Philadelphia, First Fish House in City • Independence Hall interior, Philadelphia • Mauch Chunk 'Gravity' Railway, PA, ascends to Pisgah's top • Old Independence or Liberty Bell, Philadelphia • Drive and Tunnel in Philadelphia Park • Graduating Class of Indians from Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, PA (13 male, 5 female Indians) • Exterior view of Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia • Girard College, Philadelphia PA, exterior view • Business street view of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia with trolley car tracks and old street lamps
Rhode Island: Panoramic view of Providence, Rhode Island • Old Slater Mill, Pawtucket RI, 1st cotton mill in US • Roger Williams Monument, Providence RI • Old Stone Mill, Newport, Rhode Island • Brown University, Providence RI • Surf bathing at Block Island RI • Ida Lewis Lighthouse, Newport Harbor, RI • Exterior view of casino at Narragansett Pier, RI • Newport Harbor
South Carolina: Marion Square and statue, Charleston SC, in honor of Revolutionary War General Marion • Sidewalk view next to the ocean in Charleston SC, mansions on left • Exterior view of the Custom House, Charleston, SC
Tennessee: Downtown street view of Nashville
Utah: Mormon Tabernacle and Temple (under construction), Salt Lake City • Panoramic view of Salt Lake City, Utah with LDS Mormon Temple under construction • Provo Falls, Utah
Vermont: Bennington Monument, Bennington VT
Virginia: Panoramic view of Richmond, VA and James River • Newport News Harbor, VA
Washington: Panoramic view of Seattle city and bay • Downtown street view of Seattle • Downtown street view of Tacoma, Washington • Tacoma, WA, view of schooners at a pier
Washington DC: Famous East Room of President's Mansion (White House) • Interior view of Chamber of US Supreme Court • Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC (horse and buggies and trolley cars in view) • Group of Thomas Crawford sculptures • US Capitol building • Presidential Mansion, Washington DC (White House) •Monumental Memorial statue to Daguerre in Museum of Art at Washington • Panoramic view of Washington DC with trolley cars • Bronze Door of US Capitol, designed by Rodgers, depicts scenes in life of Christopher Columbus • National Museum building, Washington DC • Green Room of Presidential Mansion (White House) • Interior view of 'Model Room' in Patent Office, Washington DC • Interior view of Hall of the House of Representatives, Washington DC • Exterior view of buildings of Smithsonian Institution and Botanical Gardens, Washington DC • Interior view of US Senate Chamber • Interior view of Congressional Library, Washington DC
Wisconsin: Street view of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with early electric poles
Wyoming: Lone Star Geyser in Yellowstone Park • Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River • Great Falls of the Yellowstone

Other Vintage Photos: Drilling for Petroleum • Telephone Operating Room • Ice Cutting • Cod Fisheries, Weighing out the Bank fares • Building a ship • Model Race Yacht • Group of Souix Indians • Edison's Phonograph or Talking Machine • Interior view of Locomotive Factory • Typical American High School • Quadruple Electrotype Perfecting Press (newspaper printing press) • Stone and Marble quarry at work • United States Steamship Yorktown • Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara (with bridge in view) • Union Pier elevators on the Lakes • Mackerel Fishing boat with men at work • White Star steamship Teutonic • Interior of a watch factory • Cable railroad bridge and incline • 'Whaleback' steamer, peculiar and novel steam-propeller vessel • Combine operation with harvester, header, thresher pulled by horses • Participating sail boats in the International Boat race • Comanche Indians, horse back camp with tepees • Negroes picking oranges • Northwestern Railroad traffic • Indian camp with teepee in Los Pinos • Irrigation in the Northwest • US steamer Dolphin • Merchant ship of the 1890s • Interior view of a luxurious railway Palace train car • View filled with Petroleum (rock oil) derricks in oil region (possibly in Allegheny River area) • A duck farm • Smelting ore factory and train yard • American Palm trees • Train yard of the Texas and Pacific Railway, possibly in Llano county TX ore smelting factory • Transatlantic steamship Majestic • Elevated Railroad curved track with steam locomotive pulling passenger car on it • Interior view of City Operating Room of an electric telegraph co. • Pole-vaulter in action at a competition or exhibition • Bicycle race starting line with crowd in background
Illustrations: Menomonee Indian Medicine Dance, Keshna, Wisconsin • Columbus Nearing the Land of the New World • Landing of Columbus on the Islands of the New World • Cabot Discovering the Mainland of the North American Continent • Discovery of Florida by Ponce De Leon, 1512 • De Soto's Discovery of the Mississippi • California Waters Entered by Sir Francis Drake, 1579 • Establishing the Virginia Colony with Captain John Smith, 1607 • Henry Hudson Ascending the North River, NY, 1609 • Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Massachusetts, 1620 • Landing and Settlement at Rhode Island by Roger Williams, 1636 • First Settlement in Connecticut in 1636 and First Meeting House • Founding of Pennsylvania by William Penn, 1682 • House of Wm. Penn and First Assembly House of Pennsylvania • Surrender of Fort Orange by Stuyvesant the Dutch Commander • General Washington takes command of the Army at Cambridge • Inauguration of the First President of the US, George Washington, 1789 • George Washington at Trenton NJ on horseback • Niagara Falls, New York • Opening the Great West, 1804 • Old Independence or Liberty Bell (hanging from a chain and in use) • Natural Bridge, Virginia • San Francisco, 1849 • City of Charleston, SC, view from the river, 1780 • Marble Hall mansion, Newport RI • Sutter's Mill views, 1848 • Kansas City MO, Main Street view • Coal Mines and Mining operations • Louisville, Kentucky view of Ohio River, 1778 • 1820 view of Chicago, Illinois with inset view of earliest steam navigation on the lake • US Government Building at Columbian Exposition, Chicago

Folks, this in an original 1892 first edition!

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1892 Antique Photography Book Railroad Old West Industry Architecture Indians:

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