1893 Antique New York City Photo Book & Tourist Guide Manhattan Architecture Nyc

1893 Antique New York City Photo Book & Tourist Guide Manhattan Architecture Nyc

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1893 Antique New York City Photo Book & Tourist Guide Manhattan Architecture Nyc:


An amazing photographic record of New York City in the 1890s.


Edited and Published by Moses King


KING'S HANDBOOK OF NEW YORK CITY An Outline History and Description of the American Metropolis. © 1892 FIRST EDITION. Planned, Edited and Published by Moses King, Boston, Mass. 8" x 6" decorated cloth hardcover edition. Illustrated with black and white photos and other illustrations. 1008 pages.

Condition: Good antique condition. Exterior as shown in photo with the light bumping and rubbing. Slight wear-through on front joint. Inner hinges cracked. Text block firm. Text is clean and complete. Illustrations are gorgeous. No torn, loose or missing pages. G good example of this increasingly rare 120-year-old New York City guide and photo book.


This 1893 edition of KING'S HANDBOOK OF NEW YORK CITY is a veritable time capsule of information and period photographs direct from New York's Gilded Age. As publisher Moses King writes in his Preface:

Never before has any one put forth an illustrated history and description of New York City in a single volume at all comparable with KING'S HANDBOOK. This volume contains exactly 1,008 pages, more than 1,000 illustrations, thirty chapters, and an index of twenty-four pages with 60 columns, containing over 5,000 items and about 20,000 references. The text furnishes an elaborate but condensed history and description of the city itself, and also of every notable public institution and especially interesting feature. The illustrations give many reminders of the past, and furnish an extensive series of pictures of the present city, to an extent many times beyond that of any volume yet published. Every plate has been made expressly for this book, and so were nearly all of the original photographs. The whole has been printed on an exceptionally fine quality of paper. Altogether, it is the handsomest, the most thorough, the largest, the most costly, and the most profusely illustrated book of its class ever issued for any city in the world.

The illustrations are almost wholly from specially-made photographs, upwards of fifteen hundred negatives having been made by Arthur Chiar, who has shown most remarkable skill in photographing exceedingly difficult subjects. Some photographs were also made by Frank E. Parshley, John S. Johnston, C.C. Langill and others. The designs for the cover lining papers and the series of bird's-eye views were made by the New York Photogravure Company, the President of which is Ernest Edwards. The outside cover design is by Ludwig S. Ipsen, of Boston.

When you look at the summaries of photos below, keep in mind that they are individual photos. There are hundreds and hundreds of them! They are full-page, half-page, quarter page ... all sizes. It's a literal archive. There are also a number of illustrations made from photos, so masterfully rendered and exacting in detail that I often found myself squinting to tell the difference.

The value of this book increases when you consider that many of the grand old buildings and structures featured in the photos were demolished long ago. But the value of this book isn't limited to the photos. The sheer amount of information it contains is incredible. For each category -- hotels, churches, hospitals, retail establishments, wholesalers, financial, etc -- it not only lists every significant entity operating in New York City in 1893, but furnishes pertinent factual information about history, patrons, quality of service, etc., that would otherwise slip through the cracks of time.

In order to give you the most accurate description of this rare and valuable book, I have provided some helpful details below, starting with the Table of Contents. For the benefit of buyers who are historians, architectural scholars, genealogists, etc. -- and who routinely use books like this for specific research (in fact, I've had people offer on this book just to get one photo they need) -- I have also personally prepared summaries of the various historic photo views in the book, arranged by category.

My summaries do not appear in the book -- I present them here for your convenience, and so that you'll be able to make an informed decision when offerding. At the bottom of this page, you can see some of the photos for yourself.

If you are serious about New York history, you need this 1893 edition of KING'S HANDBOOK OF NEW YORK CITY on your bookshelf. Please take a few moments to have a look below and see what's waiting for you in this amazing volume.

Contents Are: (1) Historical -- New York of the Past, from the Earliest Times to the Present (2) New York of the Present -- A Comprehensive Outline Description of the Whole City, Area, Population, Wealth, Statistics, Etc (3) The Water Ways -- The Harbor and Rivers. Piers and Shipping. Fortifications and Quarantine. Imports and Exports. Oceanic and Coastwise Lines, etc. (4) Transportation and Transit -- Railroads, Steam, Elevated, Cable, Horse and Electric. Stages, etc. (5) Thoroughfares and Adornments -- Streets, Avenues, Boulevards, Alleys, Ways, Parks, Squares, Drives, Monuments, Squares, Fountains, Statues, etc (6) Overhead and Underfoot -- Bridges, Tunnels, Sewers, Water, Aqueducts, Reservoirs, Lighting by Gas and Electricity, Telegraph, Telephone, etc (7) Life in the Metropolis -- Hotels, Inns, Cafes, Restaurants, Apartment Houses, Flats, Homes, Tenements, etc (8) The Rule Of the City -- The City, County, State and National Governments. Officers and Buildings, Courts, etc. (9) The General Culture -- Educational Institutions. Universities, Colleges, Academies and Seminaries. Public, Private and Parochial Schools and Kindergartens (10) The Higher Culture -- Art Museums and Galleries, Scientific, Literary, Musical and Kindred Institutions, Societies and Organizations (11) The Literary Culture -- Libraries, Public, Club, Society and Private (12) Shrines of Worship -- Cathedrals, Churches, Synagogues, and Other Places of Religious Work and Worship (13) Charity and Benevolence -- Institutions and Associations for the Poor and Unfortunate. Homes, Asylums, and Temporary Relief (14) The Sanitary Organizations -- Board of Health and Health Statistics. Hospitals, Dispensaries, Morgue, Curative Institutions, Insane and Other Asylums (15) Reformatories and Corrections -- The Police Courts, Prisons, House of Refuge, Penitentiaries, Work-House, House of Correction, etc (16) Final Resting Places -- Cemeteries, Burial Places, Crematories, Church Yards and Vaults, Tombs, etc (17) Defense and Protection -- Police Department, Military and Militia, Army and Pension Offices, Fire Department, Fire Patrol, Detectives, Etc. (18) Sociability and Friendship -- Clubs and Social Associations, Secret and Friendship Organizations (19) Amusement Places -- Play-Houses, Opera-Houses, Theatres, Public Halls, Museums, Outdoor Sports, etc (20) Journalism and Publishing -- Newspapers and Periodicals, Book, Music and other Publishing (21) Fire and Marine Insurance -- Offices and Companies for assuming losses by fires and transit and Fire and Marine Underwriters' Association (22) Life-Insurance -- Companies for protection of widows, orphans and others, and for providing incomes in advanced age, etc., and Life Insurance Associations (23) Miscellaneous Insurance -- Companies for providing against accidents, explosions, broken plate glass, dishonest employees, loss of salaries, and for furnishing bonds (24) Financial Institutions -- United States Treasury and Assay Office, Clearing House, National and State Banks, Bankers, Brokers, Etc. (25) Fiduciary Associations -- Trust and Investment Companies, Savings Banks, Safe-Deposit Companies, etc. (26) Financial and Commercial Associations -- The Custom House, Chamber of Commerce, the Stock, Produce, Cotton and other Exchanges, Board of Trade, Mercantile and other Agencies, Warehouses and Markets (27) Architectural Features -- Development in Architecture. Notable Office Buildings and Business Blocks (28) Notable Retail Establishments -- Interesting and Prominent Retail Concerns, nearly all being unquestioned leading houses in their respective lines (29) Notable Wholesale Establishments -- Some gigantic Firms and Corporations, whose yearly transactions involve millions of dollars and extend over the earth (30) Notable Manufacturers -- An outline history of some preeminent industries carried on or represented in New York.

Photos Include: (These summaries represent only a portion of the photos included in this amazing book.)

General Views: World, Times and Potter Buildings, Park Row * Hall of Records, near Park Row * Jefferson Market Police Court, abcxs Sixth Ave * The City Hall * Court of General Sessions, Chambers St * United States Post Office, Broadway * Washington Building, Broadway * Aldrich Court, Broadway * Columbia Building, Broadway * Mills Building, Broad St * Mortimer Building, Wall St * Bennett Building, Nassau St * Potter Building, Park Row * Temple Court, Beekman St * Morse Building, Nassau StTwo photographs taken after the Blizzard of March 11th, 12th, and 13th, 1888 * Washington Centennial Exercises in 1889, at the U.S. Sub-Treasury * Garibaldi Statue, Washington Park * Alexander L. Holley Bust, Washington Square * Washington Irving Bust in Bryant Park * Washington Centennial Arch, Washington Square * Bryant Park, Sixth Avenue * Mount Morris Park, Fifth Avenue * Washington Statue, Wall St * Franklin Statue, Printing House Square * Greeley Statue, Printing House Square * Cox Statue, Astor Place * Dodge Statue, Broadway and Sixth Avenue * Union Square Fountain * Washington Equestrian Monument, Union Square * Lafayette Statue, Union Square * Lincoln Statue, Union Square * Farragut Statue, Madison Square * Ellis Island Immigrant Station in NY Harbor * Liberty Enlightening the World, Statue by Bartholdi, on Bedloe's Island, New York Harbor (Statue of Liberty) * Delmonico's, Fifth Avenue * Delmonico's, Beaver and William St

Financial and Commercial: Wall Street, north side, in 1860 * Wall St, from the Assay Office to Trinity Church * Wall St, south side, from the Custom House to Broad St * United States Sub Treasury, Wall St * Assay Office, Wall St * New York Stock Exchange, Broad St * Interior View of New York Stock Exchange, Broad, Wall and New Sts * Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange, Broadway * Clearing House, Nassau St * Bank of New York, Wall St * Merchant's National Bank, Nassau St * Mechanic's National Bank, Wall St * Bank of America, Wall St * Tradesmen's National Bank, Broadway * Chemical National Bank, Broadway * Merchant's Exchange National Bank, Broadway * National Butchers' and Drovers' Bank, Bowery * Gallatin National Bank, Wall St * Seventh National Bank, Broadway * National Bank of Commerce, Nassau St * National Bank of the Republic, Wall St * Hanover National Bank, Nassau St * Mercantile National Bank, Broadway * Irving National Bank, Warren St * National Shoe and Leather Bank, Broadway * Market and Fulton National Bank, Fulton St * East River National Bank, Broadway * St. Nicholas Bank, Mills Bldg, Broad St * Central National Bank, Broadway * Second National Bank, Fifth Avenue Hotel and Madison Square * Ninth National Bank, Broadway * Eleventh Ward Bank, Avenue D * Bank of the Metropolis, Union Square * Madison Square Bank, 26th St * Mount Morris Bank, 125th St * Seaboard National Bank, Broadway * United States National Bank of New York, Wall St * National Bank of Deposit, Liberty St * Sherman Bank, Broadway * Blair & Company, Wall St * Baring, Magoun & Co., Wall St * Knickerbocker Trust Co, Fifth Ave * Union Trust Co. of NY, Broadway * Manhattan Trust Co., Wall St * New York Security & Trust Co., Wall St * Farmer's Loan & Trust Co., Beaver St * Bank for Savings, Bleecker St * Bowery Savings Bank, Bowery * Custom House, Wall St * New York Produce Exchange, Whitehall St * Interior view of main floor, Produce Exchange * Washington Market, Washington St * Brewer's Exchange, E 15th St * New York Cotton Exchange, Beaver St * Interior of Cotton Exchange * Tompkins Market, Third Ave * Oyster Market, West St * Mercantile Exchange, Hudson St * Fulton Market, Beekman * Real Estate Exchange, Liberty St * Fruit Exchange, State St * The "Farmers'" and the "West Washington" Markets, West St * Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Co., 42d St * Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Co., Seventh Ave * Central Stores Terminal Warehouse Co., 11th Ave * "Bradstreet's", Broadway * George P. Rowell & Co., Spruce St * Neetmok Market * Centre Market, Grand St * Essex Market, Grand St * Central Market, Seventh Ave * Old Clinton Market, West and Canal St * Fulton Fish Market, Piers 22 and 23, East River

Retail: Arnold, Constable & Co.'s Dry Goods Establishment, Broadway * Gorham Manufacturing Company, Broadway * Lord & Taylor, original Catharine St store * Lord & Taylor, Grand St * Lord & Taylor, Broadway * Gillman Collamore & Co., Fifth Ave * W. & J. Sloane, Broadway * James McCreery & Co., Broadway * Interior view of silk department, James McCreery & Co., Broadway * Brooks Clothing Store, Catharine St * Brooks Brothers, Broadway * Mathew Rock, Fifth Avenue * Best & Co. Liliputian Bazaar, W 23d St * Henry Mallard chocolate factory and stores on Fifth Ave and Broadway * Randel, Baremore & Billings Diamonds, Maiden Lane * Aitken, Son & Co., 18th St * J. Milhau's Son, Broadway * M.J. Paillard & Co. Music Novelties, Broadway * James M. Thorburn's Seeds, John St

Central Park Views: The Obelisk * Terrace, Fountain and Lake * Boat House and Lake * Scenes and Ornamental Structures * Statues, Busts and Ornaments * Statues and Ornamental Work * Menagerie in Central Park * Bow Bridge * Statues and Busts * The Cave, Lake, Old Fort and Ornamental Structures

Nautical: "City of New York" and "City of Paris" twin-screw steamships * Inman Line building, Pier 43, North River * French Line Steamships "Compagnie Generale Transatlantique" and "La Touraine" * Red Star Line steamship "Friesland" * Red Star Line steamship "Westernland" * Vessel of Henry W. Peabody & Co.'s Australasian Line * Henry W. Peabody & Co.'s offices, New St * Clyde's Steamship Pier at foot of Roosevelt St * Peck Slip, East River * Hoboken Ferry Pier, foot of Christopher St * South St and harbor * Fulton Ferry, foot of Fulton St, East River * Hamsdell Line to Newburgh, Homer Ramsdell Transportation Co., foot of Franklin St, North River * U.S. Barge Office, Battery Place

Railroad: Grand Central Railroad Station, 42nd St * New York Central & Hudson-River Railroad Company's elevator * New York Central & Hudson River Railroad tracks above 98th St * Riverdale Station, New York Central and Hudson River Railroad * Mott-Haven Station, 138th St, New York Central and Hudson River Railroad * "Empire State Express," New York Central & Hudson River Railroad * Morrisania Station, N.Y.C. & H.R. Railroad * Interior view of Switch Tower controlling all trains entering the Grand Central Depot * Pennsylvania Railroad, Jersey City Station * Pennsylvania Railroad Ferry Boat * Interior of train house, Pennsylvania Railroad Depot, Jersey City * Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Cortlandt St., New York * Desbrosses St Passenger Station, Pennsylvania Railroad, West St * Freight depot of Pennsylvania Railroad, West St * Central Railroad of New Jersey depot, West St * Central Building, Central Railroad of New Jersey, West St * Central Railroad of New Jersey depot, Jersey City * Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad depot in Hoboken * Elevated railroad near Coenties Slip, East River * General offices of Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company, Exchange Place * Mott-Haven Canal * "The White Train," New York & New England Railroad * South Ferry Station, Elevated Railroad * Elevated Railroad at 110th St * Fifth Avenue stagecoach at the Cathedral * Passenger elevator and station, Elevated Railroad, Eighth Ave * Cable-cars on the East River Bridge, New York End * New York Central and Hudson River Railroad freight depot, Hudson St * Train House of the Grand Central Depot

Bridges: Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, looking toward New York * East River, or New York and Brooklyn, Bridge * Washington Bridge, Harlem River * Approach to the Washington Bridge * The Bridge, or "Croton Aqueduct Bridge," Harlem River * Third Avenue, or Harlem, Bridge * Harlem River and Harlem Bridge, at 130th St and 3rd Ave * Suburban Elevated Railway Bridge, at Second Ave and 129th St * Harlem River and Second Avenue Bridge at 129th St * Harlem River, High Bridge and Washington Bridge, and the Water Tower

Insurance: New York Bowery Fire Insurance Co. bldg, Bowery * Greenwich Insurance Company bldg, Broadway * Citizen's Insurance bldg, Broadway * Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co. bldg, Wall St * Broadway Insurance Co. bldg, Broadway * Niagara Fire Insurance bldg, Broadway * Hanover Fire Insurance Co., Nassau St * Interior view of New York Underwriter's Agency, Nassau St * Interior view of Home Insurance Co., Broadway * Rutger's Fire Insurance Co. bldg, Park Row * Williamsburg City Fire Insurance Co. bldg., Broadway * German American Insurance Co. bldg, Broadway * Mutual Life Bldg, Broadway * Guardian Assurance of London, Pine St * Lancashire Insurance Co. of Manchester, Pine St * New York Life Insurance Co. bldg, Broadway * Doherty's Description * US Life Insurance Co. bldg, Broadway * Manhattan Life Insurance Co. bldg, Broadway * Germania Life Insurance Co. bldg, Nassau St * Equitable Life Assurance Co. bldg, Broadway * Home Life Insurance Co., Broadway * Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. bldg, Madison Square * Provident Savings Life Assurance Society, Columbia Building, Broadway * Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association, Broadway * American Surety Co., Guernsey bldg, Broadway * Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Co. bldg, William St * Preferred Mutual Accident Association, Broadway * US Mutual Accident Association, Broadway

Wholesalers: E.S. Jaffray & co., Broadway * Dunham Buckley & Co., Broadway * Mills & Gibb, Broadway * Sweetser, Pembroke & Co., Broadway * Garner & Co., Worth St * Bliss Fabyan & Co., Duane St * Oelbermann Dommerich & Co., Greene St * Smith Hogg & Gardner, Worth St * Passavant & Co., Worth St * Frederick Vietor & Achelis, Church St * Cheney Bros, Broome St * J.W. Goddard & Sons, Bleecker St * Langdon, Batcheller & Co., Broadway * H. Wallach's Sons, Thomas St * Charles Broadway Rouss, Broadway * H.T. Thibodeault & Co. * W.G. Hitchcock & Co., Broome St * Foster, Paul & Co., Broadway * Gilbert Manufacturing Co., Broadway * Gilbert Mfg Co. Warehouse, Crosby St * E.H. Van Ingen & Co., Mohawk Bldg, Fifth Ave * J.R. Leeson & Co., Church St * Belding Brothers, Broadway * Littauer Brothers, Broadway * Francis H. Leggett & Co.'s Wholesale Grocery warehouse, Franklin St * Dan Talmage's Sons, Wall St * Osborn, Son & Co., Beaver St * Charles Graef & Co., Broad St * Buckley Dunton & Co. Paper, Duane St * D.S. Walton & Co., Franklin St * Tarrant & Co., Greenwich St

Manufacturing: The American Bank Note Company, Trinity Place (illus) * Ansonia Clock Company, Brooklyn (illus) * Henry B. Worthington's Steam Pump Factory, Brooklyn * Otis Brothers & Co.'s Elevator Works, Yonkers, offices on Potter St, New York City * Western Electric Company, Greenwich St * General Electric Company, Edison Buidlings, Broad St * New York Belting & Packing Company, Limited * Eaton Cole & Burnham, Fulton St * National Tube Works Co, Broadway * International Okonite Co.'s wire and cable mills * The Fairbanks Company, Broadway * Post & McCord Architectural and Structural Iron Works * Flood Rock Explosion at Hell Gate, October 1885, by Rand Drill Company's Drills and Explosives * Doherty's Description * Russell & Erwin Mfg Co., Chambers St * Nathan Manufacturing Company's factory, 106th St * Copeland & Bacon, Liberty St * Charles A. Schieren & Co. leather belting, Ferry St * Dolgeville Factories (illus) * Steinway & Sons Piano works, Park Avenue * New York Biscuit Company, 10th Ave * B. Kreischer & Sons Fire Brick Works, Staten Island (illus) * Berwind-White Coal Mining Co., Jersey City, offices on Broadway (illus) * J. Ottmann Lithographing Co., "Puck" Building, East Houston St (illus) * New York Anderson Pressed Brick Co., Staten Island (illus) * Colgate & Co.'s Manufactory, Jersey City * F.W. Devoe Paints, Fulton St (illus) * John Dwight & Co. factories, First Ave * Fairchild Bros & Foster, Fulton St * Hawthorne Woolen Mills factory, office on Reade St * Automatic Fire Alarm and Extinguisher Co., Broadway * New York Photogravure Co., W 23d St * Wyckoff Seamans & Benedict Stationery, Broadway * Interior view of Wyckoff Seamans & Benedict Stationery, Broadway * Eberhard Faber, Pearl St * E.R. Durkee Spices, Water St * E.R. Durkee Mills, Brooklyn * A.D. Farmer & Son Type Founding Co., Beekman St * Moss Engraving Co, Pearl St * Bixby & Co., Hester St * Pope Manufacturing Co., Warren St * Amasa Lyon & Co. umbrella factory, Broadway * Jennings Lace Works * Joseph Loth & Co. "Fair and Square" Ribbon Manufactory * J.M. Horton Ice Cream Co., Fourth Ave.

Services: Edison Electric Illuminating Co., 26th St * Edison Electric Illuminating Co., Pearl and Elm Sts * Postal-Telegraph-Cable Company's Building, Broadway and Murray * Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company, Cortlandt St * Interior of Telephone Operating or Switch-Room, Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co., Cortlandt St * Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co., 38th St * Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co, Broad St * Reservoir, Fifth Avenue, 40th and 42nd Streets * Gate House, Croton Aqueduct

Newspapers & Publishing: The Evening Post Building, Broadway * "The Sun" building, Nassau St * The "Mail and Express" Building, Broadway * The "New York Times" Building, Park Row * The "World" Building, Park Row * Park Row, from the "Recorder" office to Beekman St * "Recorder" Office, Park Row * "Recorder" Plant, New Chamber St * Front page of "Puck" * Front page of "New York Dramatic News" * The Churchman building, Lafayette Place * Front page of the New York Observer * 0ffices of "Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly," Fifth Ave * Charles H. Ditson & Co., Broadway * United States Book Company, 16th St * Tribune Building * Franklin Square and the Harper Publishing House

Hotels: Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madison Square * Windsor Hotel Rotunda * Windsor Hotel, Fifth Avenue * The Hoffman House, Madison Square * The Gilsey House, Broadway

Cultural: Interior of the Metropolitan Museum of Art * Metropolitan Museum of Art * American Museum of Natural History * Metropolitan Opera House, Broadway * Carnegie Music Hall, Seventh Ave * National Academy of Design, Fourth Ave * Associated Artists, E. 23d St * The American Art Galleries, Broadway * Hegger's Art Establishment, Broadway * Castle Garden, Battery Park * Madison Square Garden, Fourth Avenue portico and 26th St front * Madison Square Garden, Madison Square * Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, Fourth Ave * Beethoven Maennerchor, Fifth St * New York Maennerchor, E 56th St * Liederkranz, 58th St * Arion Society, Park Ave * Aryan Theosophical Society, Madison Ave * American Institute Hall, Third Ave * American Geographical Society, W 29th St * Fowler & Wells Co., E 21st St * Astor Library, Lafayette Place * Lenox Library, Fifth Ave * Mercantile Library, Astor Place * New York Society Library, University Place * Apprentices' Library, E 16th St * New York Historical Society, Second Ave * New York Free Circulating Library, W 13th St * Mott Memorial Free Medical Library, Madison Ave * Palmer's Theatre, Broadway * Hoyt's Madison Square Theatre, 24th St * Proctor's Theatre, W 23d St * Berkeley Lyceum, W 44th St * Steinway Hall, E 14th St

Fire: Fire Department, 67th St * Engine House No. 7, Chambers St * Engine No. 15 and Hook-And-Ladder House, Old Slip, near Front St * Fireboat "New Yorker," at Castle Garden Bulkhead

Police: Police Headquarters, Mulberry St * Police Boat "Patrol," Pier A, North River * 32d Precinct (Mounted) Police Station, Amsterdam Ave * Nineteenth Ward Police Court, East 57th St * Essex Market Police Court, Essex St * County Court House

Military: Seventh Regiment Armory, 66th and 67th Sts * Twelfth Regiment Armory, 61st St * Eighth Regiment Armory, Park Ave * Twenty-second Regiment Armory, Boulevard * New York State Arsenal, Seventh Ave * Second Battery, Seventh Ave * United States Army Building, Whitehall St * View of Fort Wadsworth, the School Ship and War Vessels of the White Squadron: School ship "St. Mary's," USN; "Chicago"; "Newark"; "Boston"; Fort Wadsworth * Castle Williams, Governor's Island

Prisons, Workhouses, Etc: Ludlow Street Jail * The Tombs, Franklin St * The Penitentiary, Blackwell's Island * Scenes on Blackwell's Island: Female Insane Pavilion; Nurses' Home, Charity Hospital; Almshouse Chapel; Light House; Amusement Ha1l; Steamer Landing; Warden's Residence; Old Blackwell Residence; Visitor's Promenade * Work House, Blackwell's Island * Blackwell's Island Institutions: Charity Hospital; Nurses' Home, Insane Asylum; New Ward for Incurables; Catholic Church, Insane Asylum; Receiving Department; Penitentiary Workshops; Almshouse Hospital; Episcopal Church * Female Almshouse, Blackwell's Island * New York Juvenile Asylum, Amsterdam Ave * Home of Industry and Refuge for Discharged Convicts, W 63d St

Hospitals: Bellevue Hospital, First Ave * Sturgis Surgical Pavilion, Bellevue Hospital, E 26th St * Gouverneur Hospital, Gouverneur Slip * New York City Asylum for the Insane (Women), Blackwell's Island * New York City Asylum for the Insane (Men), Ward's Island * New York Hospital, W 15th St * Bloomingdale Asylum for the Insane: Main Building, Bloomingdale Asylum, Chapel, Macy Villa * Roosevelt Hospital and Syms Operating Theatre, Ninth Ave * Presbyterian Hospital, Madison Ave * Mount Sinai Hospital, Lexington Ave * Langtrea Dispensary * Mount Sinai Hospital: Dispensary and Nurses' Home, E 67th St * St Luke's Hospital, Fifth Ave * Hahnemann Hospital, Park Ave * German Hospital, Park Ave * Manhattan Hospital, Amsterdam Ave * St. Joseph's Hospital * New York State Woman's Hospital, Park Ave * New York Infirmary for Women and Children, Livingston Place * Sloane Maternity Hospital, Tenth Ave * New York Dispensary for Women and Children, 15th St * Nursery and Child's Hospital, Lexington Ave * St Mary's Free Hospital for Children, W 34th St * New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, W 54th St * Laura Franklin Free Hospital for Children, E 111th St * Babies' Hospital, Lexington Ave * New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, Second Ave * Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, Park Ave * New York Cancer Hospital, Central Park West * New York Society for the Relief of the Ruptured and Crippled, Lexington Ave * Infirmary of Five Points House of Industry, Worth St * German Dispensary, Second Ave * Eclectic Dispensary, E 14th St * New York Academy of Medicine, W 43d St * Vanderbilt Clinic, 60th St * Demilt Dispensary, Second Ave

Schools: Grammar School No. 94, Amsterdam Ave * College of the City of New York, Lexington Ave * Normal College, Lexington Ave * Columbia College School of Arts, Madison Ave * Columbia College Library and Open Quadrangle, Madison Ave * College of Physicians and Surgeons, W. 59th St * University of the City of New York, Washington Square * Loomis Laboratory, University Medical College, East 26th St * Neetmok * University Medical College, East 26th St * Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, E. 20th St * New York College of Dentistry, E. 23d St * College of Pharmacy, East 23d St * D.O. Mills Training School for Male Nurses, E. 26th St * Mount St. Vincent Academy, Riverdale * Holy Cross Parochial School, W 43d St * New York Trade School, First Ave * Cooper Union, Junction of the Bowery, Third and Fourth Avenues * Parish School, Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, East 115th St * Workingmen's School, Society for Ethical Culture, West 54th St * New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, Eleventh Ave * Institution for the Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes, Lexington Ave * Berkeley School, West 44th St

Religious: Collegiate Church, 5th Ave * Collegiate Church, 7th St * Collegiate Church, Fifth Ave and W 29th St * Collegiate Reformed Church, 77th St * South Reformed Church, Madison Ave * Collegiate Reformed Church of Harlem, Lenox Ave * Madison Avenue Reformed Church * Bloomingdale Reformed Church, Boulevard and West 68th St * Trinity Church, Protestant Episcopal * St Paul's Chapel, Protestant Episcopal * St. John's Chapel, Varick St * Trinity Chapel, W 25th St * St Chrysbostom's Chapel, Seventh Ave * St Augustine's Chapel, East Houston St * St Agnes' Abcxs Chapel, W 91st * Grace Memorial House, Fourth Ave * Grace Church, Broadway * St George's Church, Stuyvesant Square * Church of the Heavenly Rest, Fifth Ave * St. Mark's Church, Stuyvesant St * St. George's Memorial House, E 16th St * St James Church, Madison Ave * St Luke's Church, Hudson St * St Michael's Church, Amsterdam Ave * Zion and Timothy Church, W 57th * St Mary the Virgin Church, W 45th * St Thomas' Church, 5th Ave * Calvary Church, Fourth Ave * St Andrew's Fifth Ave * Church of the Transfiguration (The Little Church Around the Corner), E 29th * St. Bartholomew's Parish House, East 42d * St. Bartholomew's Church, Madison Ave * All Souls' Church, Madison Ave * Church of the Holy Trinity, Madison Ave * Church of the Incarnation, Madison Ave * Church of the Holy Trinity, Lenox Ave * All Angels' Church, West-End Ave * First Presbyterian Church, Fifth Ave * Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Morningside Park * Union Theological Seminary, Park Ave * General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church * Manhattan College, W. 131st St * St Francis Xavier Church and College, W. 16th St * Convent of the Sacred Heart, St. Nicholas Ave * Academy of the Sacred Heart, W 17th St * St Catherine's Convent, Madison Ave * St Vincent Ferrer's Convent, Lexington Ave * Brick Presbyterian Church, Fifth Ave * Fifth Ave Presbyterian Church * Madison Square Presbyterian Church * Westminster Presbyterian Church, W 23d St * Adams Memorial Church, E 30th St * Church of the Covenant, Park Ave * Central Presbyterian Church, W 57th * Park Presbyterian Church, Amsterdam Ave * Church of the Puritans, W 130th St * Washington Heights Presbyterian Church, Amsterdam Ave * Riverdale Presbyterian Church * John Street M.E. Church * Asbury M.E. Church, Washington Square * Madison Avenue M.E. Church * St Andrew's M.E. Church, W 71st St * Swedish M.E. Church, Lexington Ave * Judson Memorial Baptist Church, Washington Square * Church of the Epiphany, Madison Ave * Calvary Baptist Church, 57th St * Madison Avenue Baptist Church * Fifth Avenue Baptist Church * St peter's Church, Lexington Ave * Svenska Lutherska Gustav Adolph Kyrka, 22d St * Broadway Tabernacle, Sixth Ave * All Souls' Unitarian Church, Fourth Ave * Church of the Messiah, Park Ave * Church of the Divine Paternity, Fifth Ave * Church of the Strangers, Mercer St * Broome St Tabernacle * Church of the New Jerusalem, E 35th St * Catholic Apostolic Church, between 9th and 10th Aves * Reading room and Church for Seamen, Houston St * Friends Church and Seminary, Stuyvesant Square * St. Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth Avenue * Archbishop's residence, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Madison Ave * St. Peter's Church, Barclay St * High Altar of St. Patrick's Cathedral * St Patrick's Church, Mott St * Church of St Benedict the Moor, Bleecker St * St Andrew's Church, Duane St * Academy of the Holy Cross for Young Ladies abcxs and Church of the Holy Cross, W 42d St * Church of St Paul the Apostle, Ninth Ave * Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, E 90th * St Cecilia's Church, E 106th * Temple Beth-El, Fifth Ave * Temple Emanu-el, Fifth Ave * Shaarai Tephila Synagogue, W 44th * Ahavath Chesed Jewish Synagogue, Lexington Ave * Temple Shearith Israel, W 19th * Congregation Sichron Ephraim, E 67th St * Beth Israel Bikur Cholim, Lexington Ave * Chinese Temple, Mott St * Diocesan House, Episcopal Church, Lafayette Place * Presbyterian House, Fifth Ave * Bible House, Fourth Ave * Young Men's Christian Association, 23d St * YMCA, Bowery * YMCA, 125th St * German Branch YMCA, Second Ave * Railroad Branch YMCA, Madison Ave * Young Women's Christian Association, E 15th * Trinity Church, Broadway * Margaret Louise Home, E 16th

Cemeteries: Marble Cemetery, between the Bowery, Second Ave, 2d and 3d Streets * Martyr's Monument, Trinity Churchyard * Thomas A. Emmett Monument, St. Paul's Churchyard * Memorial Tablet to Major-General Richard Montgomery, St. Paul's Chapel * New York City Marble Cemetery, 2d St * Memorial Tablet to Petrus Stuyvesant, St Mark's Church, Second Ave * Woodlawn Cemetery, Woodlawn Station, New York and Harlem Railroad, 24th Ward * Jay Gould's Mausoleum, Woodlawn Cemetery * Farragut Monument, Woodlawn Cemetery * Receiving Vault, Woodlawn Cemetery * The Lake, Woodlawn Cemetery * The Fountain, Woodlawn Cemetery * Suspension Bridge, Trinity Cemetery, Eleventh Ave * Scenes in abcxs Kensico Cemetery: Tecumseh Plot, Kensico Lake; Kensico Cemetery from National Grounds; Kensico Cemetery Station ; Interior of Depot, Waiting Room, Kensico Cemetery Railroad Station; Receiving Tomb, Kensico Cemetery * Scenes in Mount Hope Cemetery: Mt Hope Railroad Station; Entrance; Receiving Vault

Charitable Institutions: Dept of Public Charities and Correction, Third Ave * Charity Organization Society, University Place * Five Points House of Industry, Worth St * Five Points Mission, Park St * New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children * New York Infant Asylum, Amsterdam Ave * New York Foundling Asylum, E 68th St * Day Nursery and Babies' Shelter, W 21st St * Children's Aid Society: Girls' Lodging House, St. Mark's Place * Children's Aid Society: Newsboys' Lodging House, Duane St * Children's Aid Society: Boys' Lodging House, Seventh Ave * Children's Aid Society: Lodging House and Industrial School for Crippled Boys, Second Ave * Children's Aid Society: East-side Boys' Lodging House and Industrial School, East Broadway * Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum (Boys), Fifth Ave * Orphan's Home and Asylum of the Episcopal Church, Lexington Ave * Orphan Asylum Society, Riverside Drive * American Female Guardian Society and Home for the Friendless, E 29th St * Sheltering Arms, Amsterdam Ave * St Vincent de Paul's Asylum, W 39th St * Mission of the Immaculate Virgin and St. Joseph's Union, Lafayette Place * House of the Holy Family, Second Ave * Neetmok * House and School of Industry, W 16th St * The Florence Night Mission, Bleecker St * Home for the Relief of the Destitute Blind, Amsterdam Ave * Association for Relief of Respectable Aged Indigent Females, Amsterdam Ave * Presbyterian Home for Aged Women, E 73d St * St Joseph's Home for the Aged, W 15th St * Home for the Aged, Little Sisters of the Poor, Columbus Ave & E 70th St * M.E. Church Home, Amsterdam Ave * Italian Institute and Italian Home, Second Ave * Swiss Benevolent Society, Second Ave * Mission and Emigrant Houses, State St * Hebrew Benevolent Orphan Asylum, Amsterdam Ave * Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids, Boulevard * Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews, W 105th St * Kings Daughters, W 23d St * Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Social Institutions: Union Club, Fifth Ave * Union League Club, Fifth Ave * Manhattan Club, Fifth Ave * New York Club, Fifth Ave * Knickerbocker Club, Fifth Ave * St. Nicholas Club, Fifth Ave * Calumet Club, Fifth Ave * Century Club, W 43d St * Harlem Club, Lenox Ave * Lotos Club, Fifth Ave * University Club, Madison Ave * Colonial Club, Boulevard * Harmonie Club, W 42d * Progress Club, Fifth Ave * Freundschaft Verein, Park Ave * Fidelio Club, E 59th St * St. Anthony Club, 28th St * Grolier Club, E 32d St * Players' Club, Gramercy Park * The Aldine Club, Lafayette Place * New York Press Club, Nassau St * Psi Upsilon Club, W 42d St * Harvard Club, W 22d St * Xavier Club, W 16th St * Association of the Bar of the City of New York, W 29th St * Down-town Association, Pine St * Merchant's Club, Leonard St * New York Caledonian Club, Horatio St * Engineer's Club, W 29th St * United Service Club, W 31st St * Tammany Hall, 14th St * Sagamore Club, W 124th St * Republican Club, Fifth Ave * Reform Club, Fifth Ave * Manhattan Athletic Club, Madison Ave * New York Athletic Club, Sixth Ave * Racquet & Tennis Club, W 43d St * Central Turn-Verein, E 67th St * New York Turn-Verein, E 4th St * Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, E 32d St * Riding Club & Troop A Armory, W 56th St * Deutsch-Amerikanische Schuetzen Gesellschaft, St. Mark's Place * Masonic Hall, 23d St * Scottish Rite Hall, Madison Ave * Arlington Hall, St. Mark's Place * German Odd Fellow's Hall, St Mark's Place

Historical: (while most of the illustrations in this book are photographs, the "Historical" images consist of older, woodcut-type illustrations) Dutch Map of New York, 1656 * Dutch Cottage at New York, 1679 * "The Duke's Plan," made for James, Duke of York, about 1664 * Bradford's map of New York, 1728 * Rhinelander's Sugar-House and Residence, between William and Rose Streets * Lyne's Map of New York, 1728 * Major Holland's Map of New York, 1776 * Map of New York in 1789 * Thomas Kitchen Sr.'s Map of New York in 1778 * New York and East River from Brooklyn Heights * New York in 1775. Fort George, from the Harbor * View of New York in 1746. Middle Ducth and French churches * New York in 1746: Lower Market and Landing * Old City or Federal Hall, Trinity Church and Wall St in 1789 * Jumel Mansion, near Washington Heights, once Washington's Headquarters * Fraunces' Tavern, corner of Broad and Pearl Sts * Federal Hall and Part of Broad St, 1796 * Wall St, below William, in 1800 * New York in 1805 * The new Trinity Church and part of Wall St * Buildings in City Hall Park in 1809 * 0ld Custom House and Vicinity in 1825 * Reservoir of Manhattan Water Works on Chambers St in 1825 * Broadway, from Bowling Green, in 1828 * North Battery at the foot of Hubert St * City Hall and Park, and Park Theater * Aerial view of New York City in 1851 * Five Points in 1859, view from the corner of North and Little Water Sts * View from the School-House in 42nd St, between Second and Third Avenues, in 1868 * The Loew Bridge, Broadway and Fulton Street * Bay and Harbor from Bedloe's Island, about 1840 * Hell Gate, from Great Barn Island, about 1825 * Section of Atlantic Cable carried in procession * Brick Meeting House, Park Row, in 1800 * First Methodist Place of Worship in New York, William St * Old Brewery, site of Five Points Mission * Firemen at work in 1800 * Seventy-first Regiment Armory, Fourth Ave * The Crystal Palace of 1851, Bryant Park * Printing House Square in 1868 * Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York, Nassau St * Old Merchant's Exchange on Wall St

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1893 Antique New York City Photo Book & Tourist Guide Manhattan Architecture Nyc:

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