1896 Ghosts Witchcraft Indians Mythology Myths Legends Folklore Antique 2bks Old

1896 Ghosts Witchcraft Indians Mythology Myths Legends Folklore Antique 2bks Old

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1896 Ghosts Witchcraft Indians Mythology Myths Legends Folklore Antique 2bks Old:

Myths & Legends of Our Own Land

Volumes I and II of this 2-volume set

Charles Skinner

When myth and history combine, a legend is born. . .

If you aren't familiar with 'myth and legend' books.... get ready for a new adventure through history! History is not as cut-and-dried as we've been led to believe, they are also a different look at our past. Whimsy mixes with fact as some of the "beliefs" surrounding our origins as a nation and our traditions are revealed in this journey into Americana.

The gems in this set are told in "oral history" style. In contrast to the more familiar classical myths of ancient Greece and Roman, these reflect the diversity of the different regions and peoples of the United States. Most of the stories are short ones (no epics) and are a good overview of many of the dimensions of American myths and legends.

Skinner was born in Victor, New York. His career in literature and journalism included editorship of the Brooklyn Eagle. Skinner published collections of myths, legends and folklore found inside the United States and across the world. Skinner hoped that America’s progress would transform the nation’s few legends into few but great ones – "as time goes on the figures seen against the morning twilight of our history will rise to more commanding stature."

From the Preface: "The bibliography of American legends is slight, and these tales have been gathered from sources the most diverse records, histories, newspapers, magazines, oral narrative - in every case reconstructed."

"It will be noted that traditions do not thrive in brick and brownstone, and that the stories once rife in the colonial cities have almost disappeared just as the architectural landmarks of last century."

COPYRIGHT: 1896, with 1896 on the title pages of volumes
PUBLISHER: J B Lippincott Co
PAGES: I - 318pgs; II - 335 pgs - books measure 4.5" x 7"
CONDITION: Both books have a red cloth cover with gold board titles and spine titles. Both books have "Dec. 25th, 1896" written on inside front cover in faded ink. Inside front and rear hinges of Vol. I & II are in good condition with no cracks or repairs.Volume I has a professional repair between the last text page and blank endpaper. Neither book has any loose or missing pages. Pages are not brittle and the books have no odors. Several pages in Volume II are still uncut. Top page edges are gold on both books. Very solid 117 year-old set of rare books!

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Volume I Contents: The Hudson and its Hills: Rip Van Winkle: Catskills, New York
Catskill Gnomes: Mysterious dwarfs behind New Grand Hotel, Catskills NY
Catskill Witch: Revenge of Katzberg Peaks' Indian Witch, Catskill Creek
Revenge of Shandaken: Chief Shandaken daughter, Lotowana, killed on site of Catskill Mountain House
Condemned to the Noose: Ralph Sunderland Story, Leeds, New York
Big Indian: Esopus Valley's Seven Foot Indian, Winnisook, and Gertrude Molyneux, Joseph Bundy
Baker's Dozen: Baas Volckert Jan Pietersen Van Amsterdam of Albany feared bewitching
Devil's Dance Chamber: Indian Rites by Hudson River between Newburg and Crom Elbow, Shatemuc
Culprit Fay: Elves and Fairy on Crow's Nest top
Pokepsie: Legends about little cove between Call Rock and Adder Cliff, Poughkeepsie
Dunderberg: Thunder Mountain Goblin Story, Heer of Donder Berg
Anthony's Nose: Hudson Highlands landmark's origination
Moodua Creek: Murderer's Creek Murder, N P Willis family and Naoman, warrior, Pollopel’s Island, Hudson River
Trapper's Ghastly Vengeance: Coxsackie's Nick Wolsey revenge
Vanderdecken of Tappan Zee: Appears to be a hex, Tarrytown,
Galloping Hessian: Ichabod Crane and Katrin Van Tassell Story of Tarrytown
Storm Ship on the Hudson: A Ghost Ship, New Amsterdam
Why Spuyten Duyvil is so Named: Anthony Van Corlaer version, Manhattan
Ramappo Salamander: Ramapo Valley's curious story of German Rosicrucians and treasure
Chief Croton: Between island of Manhattoes and Catskills shores were plagued with spooks, Croton Point
Retreat from Mahopac: Chief Omoyao deceived by tribe member Joliper, Lake Mahopac
Niagara: Stone Giants of Niagara Falls and human sacrifices, Niagara Falls
Deformed of Zoar: Wright's house became horror inn for travellers
Horseheads: North Elmira, Genesee County, NY's horse skull piles story
Kayuta and Waneta: Indian Legend - "Weutha rose into sight he clove his skull with tomahawk," near Lakes Waneta and Keuka
Drop Star: "Kayutah had indeed been drowned" Genesee River
Prophet of Palmyra: Joseph Smith; principles of Mormonism; Hill of Cumorah; Palmyra
Villain's Cremation: Bramley's Mountain murder, Bloomfield
Monster Mosquito: grandfather of all mosquitoes live in area of Fort Onondaga, NY
Green Picture: Vampire image in a cellar on Green Street, Schenectady
Nuns of Carthage: story of disappearing American officers
Skull in Wall: Goshen, NY's courthouse wall has human skull built into it
Haunted Mill: Mrs. Clymer's ghost on Little Black Creek near Northwood
Old Indian Face: Lower Ausable Pond rock profile
Division of Saranacs: Saranac Indians and rivalry
Event in Indian Park: Indian Lovers and Murder, Tupper Lake
Indians Plume: Legend of Stony Creek and the blood of Lenawee, Saranac
Birth of the Water Lily: Tupper's Lake Indian legend
Rogers's Slide: Roger's Rock, Lake George Legend
Falls at Cohoes: Seneca's love legend near town of Cohoes
Francis Woolcotts Night Riders: Warlock magical night riders of Copake, NY
Polly’s Lover: 'Crazy' Polly Carter White Plains and Lawrence Carter
Enoch Crosby, Patriot Revolutionary War Spy: Westchester
Lost Grave of Thomas Paine: Paine's ghost, New Rochelle
Rising of New York's Gouverneur Morris: ghost leads widow to hidden will, Hogansburg

The Isle of Manhattoes and Nearby: Dolph Heyliger: Obedience to dreams, New Amsterdam (NYC)
Knell at Wedding: Vindictive groom, NYC
Roistering Dirck Van Data: A brave drunk dares the dead, NYC
Party from Gibbet Island: Wild Goose tavern in Communipaw becomes a disgrace due to Yan Yost Vanderscamp, Ellis Island
Miss Brittons Poker: Staten Island; Auesten mansion hanging legend
Devil's Stepping-Stones: Long Island legend; devil sets a claim
Springs of blood and Water: Hill of God or Manitou Hill or Manetta Hill legend
Crumbling Silver: Ghost legend of Little Neck Long, Island silver treasure
Cortelyou Elopement: Cortelyou Manor in Bath, Brooklyn; Revolution British soldiers
Van Wempel’s Goose: Nicholas Van Wempel of Flatbush legend
Weary Watcher: Brooklyn haunted house between Tillary and Concord Streets, Brooklyn
Rival Fiddlers: Fiddle contest with devil on Martense's Lane, Brooklyn
Wyandank: Indian legend of casting stones on graves, Brooklyn Heights
Mark of the Spirit Hand: Andover, New Jersey ghost legend
First Liberal Church: John Murray, Universalism, Good Luck, NJ
On and Near the Delaware: Phantom Dragoon: Newark, Delaware, Iron Hill's ghost horseman
Delaware Water Gap: Legend
Phantom Drummer: Secret love near Valley Forge, PA, 3-generation legend
Missing Soldier of Valley Forge: the two tragedies
Last Shot at Germantown: Killingly, CT & Battle of Germantown ghost
A Blow in the Dark: Women's death due to a plot to kill George Washington, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Tory’s Conversion, Valley Forge
Lord Percy’s Dream: Dream prophesy
Saved by the Bible
Parricide of Wissahickon: Farmer Derwent; Leap of death, Philadelphia
Blacksmith at Brandywine: Legend of revenge
Father and Son: Death of Gilbert Gates, Chad’s Ford
Envy of Manitou: Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania Indian legend
Last Revel in Printz Hall: Strange happenings with devil at Printz Hall, Chester PA
Two Rings: Wedding band identification
Flame Scalps of Chartiers: Chartiers Creek, Pittsburgh, death lights, spirits, tragedy
Consecration of Washington: Pietist monk, mystics, alchemist
Marion: Near Youghiogheny and Monongahela

Tales of Puritan Land: Evangeline: Lover's re-unite at deathbed
Snoring of Swunksus: Indian ghost on Deer Isle, ME
Lewiston Hermit: Lewiston, Maine
Dead Ship of Harpswell: Ghost ship off Maine coast
Schoolmaster had not reached Orrington: How Orrington Maine got its name
Jack Welch’s Death Light: Ghost light haunts Pond Cove, Maine
Mogg Megone: Saco River, Maine area
Lady Ursula: Kittery, Kittery, Maine legend
Father Moody's Black Veil: Why did Reverend Joseph Moody of York, Maine always wear a black veil over his face?
Home of Thunder: Great Mountain Katahdin legend
Partidge Witch: Penobscot River, Maine's Indian witch
Marriage of Mount Katahdin: Indian little people legend
Moose of Mount Kineo: Hiawath or Glooskap, god of the Passamaquoddies Indian Legends of Maine
Owl Tree: Disappearance of Reverend Charles Sharply near Alfred
Chestnut Log: Death legends of Indians in Washington, NH
Watcher on White Island: Isle of Shoals - Boone Island and Haley's Island legends
Chocorua: White Mountains, Pequawket tribe, Tamworth Indian legend
Passaconaway’s Ride to Heaven: Merrimac Indian chief legend, Mount Agamenticus ME
Ball Game by the Saco: Glooksap, Water Goblins, and Water Fairies Indian legend, Mount Katahdin ME
White Mountains: Several legends about New Hampshire's famous mountains
Vision on Mount Adams: Spirits and other spooky legends
Great Carbuncle: Mount Monroe's strange light and night glow
Skinner’s Cave: Lake Memphremagog's smuggler and treasure
The Widlam Tale: Legends
Yet they call it Lover’s Leap: Legend of Cavendish VT
Salem and other Witchcraft: Salem, Danvers; beliefs; Indians; West Newbury; Hexenkopf PA; Moll Pitcher, MORE
The Gloucester Leaguers: Several strange happenings in Gloucester and Cape Ann, MA
Satan and his Burial-Place: Devil hiding in church, Ipswich MA; Devil and Shakers
Peter Rugg, the Missing Man: Disappearance in Massachusetts
Loss of Weetamoo: Winnepurkit married Weetamoo and then disappeared
The Fatal Forget-me-not: Egg Rock, Nahant, legend
The Old Mill at Somerville: Haunted Mill, death legend
Edward Randolph's Portrait: Province House in Boston and the Boston Massacre
Lady Elanore's Mantle: Lady Elanore Rochcliffe legend
Howe's Masquerade: Boston legend about the American Revolution
Old Esther Dudley: Revolution legend, loyalist
The Loss of Jacob Hurd: Witch-harrier of Ipswich
The Hobomak: Westboro, MA Indian legend
Berkshire Tories: British Loyalists in the Berkshires; Revolutionary War legends
Revenge of Josiah Breeze: Truro, Cape Cod Maritime legends from the American Revolution
May-Pole of Merrymount: Why the May-Pole was never set up again, Mt. Wollaston
Devil and Tom Walker: Brighton, MA legend of him and the Devil
Gray Champion: Legend of Sir Edmond Andros
The Forest Smithy: Holyoke's mysterious stranger legend
Wahconah Falls: Dalton MA Indian legend
Knocking at the Tomb: Lanesboro MA tomb and the female who haunts it
The White Deer of Onota: Indian legend of Berkshire Hills
Wizard’s Glen: Devil and strange Indian rites near Pittsfield MA
Balanced Rock: Legend near Pittsfild
Shonkeek-Moonkeek: Lake Pontoosuc legend
The Salem Alchemist: Immorality concoction legend
Eliza Wharton: Bell Tavern, Danvers, Elizabeth Whitman
Sale of the Southwicks: Salem, Massachusetts Quaker legend
Courtship of Myles Standish: frear and courting Priscilla Mullins, Plymouth
Mother Crewe: Plymouth's witches, curses, and death
Aunt Rachel’s Curse: Plymouth witch curse legend
Nix’s Mate: Boston Harbor legend
Wild Man of Cape Cod: Strange happenings after Bellamy's pirate ship was wrecked at Wellfleet
Newbury’s Old Elm: Newbury MA
Samuel Sewall’s Prophecy: Newbury MA
The Shrieking Woman: Marblehead MA, brutally murdered woman near Oakum Bay
Agnes Surriage: 'An aristocrat cannot marry a commoner,' Marblehead
Skipper Ireson’s Ride: Nautical legend of Marblehead of Floyd Ireson
Heartbreak Hill: Ipswich, MA legend of the hill and a Girl's unlucky love

This sale is for the complete 2-volume set .......... so there's more!!!

Volume II Contents:
Tales of Puritan Land (con't.): Harry Main; the Treasure and the Cats: Black cats of Ipswich and buried treasure
Wessaguscus Hanging: Weymouth MA, hanging legend
Unknown Champion: King Philip's War legend, Hadley, MA
Goody Cole: Eunice Cole, witch of Hampton MA
General Moulton and the Devil: Jonathan Mouton of Hampton makes a deal with the devil
The Skeleton in Armor: Exhumed skeleton at Fall River MA. in 1834 wears a breastplate of brass
Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket: Martin Wyngaard's Island named by Skipper Block story
Love and Treason: Tribe that inhabited Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard legend
Headless Skeleton of Swamptown: North Kingston, RI; Hell Hollow, Pork Hill, Indian Corner, Kettle Hole stories
Crow and Cat of Hopkins Hill: Witch Rock sorceress, Hopkins Hill, RI
Old Stone Mill: Who built the Old Stone Mill in Newport?
Origin of a Name: Point Judith, RI was named
Micah Rood Apples: blood Red apples from Franklin, CT
A Dinner and its Consequences: Strange Fishing Fire lights of Quinebaug Lake, Thompson, CT
New Haven Storm Ship: Ghost ship in New Haven
The Windham Frogs: Frog scare legend in Windham, CT
Lamb of Sacrifice: American Revolution legend in Windham
Moodus Noises: Mysterious Noises of Moodus, CT
Haddam Enchantments: Witchcraft and Devil in CT
Block Island and the Palatine: Ghost ship of Block Island
The Buccaneer: Pirate legends of Block Island
Robert Lockwood’s Fate: Hanged during the Revolution, Reading, CT
Love and Rum: Nagatuck, CT legend
Lights and Shadows of the South: Swim at Indian Head: Indian Head, Maryland legend
The Moaning Sisters: Death at the Three Sister Rocks near Georgetown, MD
A Ride for a Bride: Cecil County, MD Revolutionary War legend
Spooks at the Hiawassee: Human Skulls and ghosts near the Hiawassee River
Lake of the Dismal Swamp: Drummond's Pond, Virginia Phantom's search for a young woman
Barge of Defeat: Rappahannock River, VA, Phantom Black Barge
Natural Bridge: Clear Creek, VA, Mohegan legend and landmark
Silence Broken: Family's reunion with their son captured by the Indians on the Shenandoah near Woodstock, VA
Siren of the French Broad: A grinning skull traps men on Lorelei River, Asheville, NC
Hunter of Calawassee: Deer gets revenge on the hunters legend, Calawassee River
Revenge of the Accabee: Beaufort, SC, Indian revenge and scalping
Toccoa Falls: Georgia Indian legend
Two Lives for One: Assassination in Macon, GA
Ghostly Avenger: Ghost vengenance in Cuthbert, GA
Wraith Ringer of Atlanta: Elliot Street, a killing frees a ghost
Swallowing Earthquake: Indians and Village disappear near Oxford, Alabama
Last Stand of the Biloxi: Biloxi Indian legend, Pascagoula River, Mississippi
Sacred Fire of Natchez: Mississippi legends of the Natchez Indians
Pass Christian: Treasure in Pass Christian and Captain Dane, New Orleans, Louisiana
The Under Land: Bayou Lacombe, Louisiana Indian legend
The Central States and Great Lakes: An Averted Peril: Indians and George Rogers Clark at North Bend, Ohio
Obstinacy of Saint Clair: General St. Clair, Marietta, Ohio
Hundredth Skull: Kenton Ohio Indian skull legend
Crime of Black Swamp: Munger Ohio legend of John Syms skeleton
House Accursed: Gallipolis Ohio haunted legend
Marquette’s Man-Eater: Alton Illinois giant piasa bird legend
Michel de Coucy’s Troubles: Prairie du Rocher IL legend
Wallen’s Ridge: Indian spirits near Chattanooga TN
Sky Walker of Huron: Sagamore Bay MI Ojibway Indian legend
Coffin of Snakes: Death, curse, witchcraft legend of L'Anse Creuse MI area
Mackinack: Indian Giants and Mitchi Manitou Legend, Michillimackinack
Lake Superior Water Gods
Witch of Pictured Rocks: Ojibway Witch Legend of Lake Superior's Painted Rocks area
Origin of White Fish, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Spirit of Cloudy: Lumberman William Cloud ghost of Alger Michigan
Sun Fire at Sault Sainte Marie: Marquette and the Ojibway legend
Snake God of Belle Isle: Monster Serpent at Bell Isle
Were-Wolves of Detroit: Belle Fontaine's Indian Werewolves or Loup Garou legend
Escape of Francois Navarre: Huron Indians at Sandwich legend
Old Lodger: Detroit legends
Nain Rouge: Red Dwarf or Michigan Demon legend
Two Revenges: Detroit area Indian love and revenge legend
Indian Messiah: Sitting Bull, Hiawatha
Vision of Rescue: Red Banks (Green Bay) Indian earthwork legend
Devil’s Lake: Wisconsin
Keusca Elopement: Wisconsin Bluffs Dakota Indian village legend
Pipestone: Famous Pipestone at Coteau des Prairies in Minnesota legend
Virgins’ Feast: Indian legend of suicide and a Virgins' Feast near Fort Snelling
Falls of St. Anthony: Minnesota legend from the Falls
Flying Shadow and Track Maker: Sioux and Chippewa legend, Fort Snelling
Saved by a Lightning-Stroke: Cedar River Iowa legend about lightening and the gallows
The Killing of Cloudy Sky: Spirit Lake, Lake Calhoun, Iowa legend
Providence Hole: Legend of a mysterious cave near Davenport Iowa in the Wyoming Hills
Scare Cure: Legend from the French village of Carondolet in the vicinity of St. Louis
Twelfth Night at Cahokia: Cahokia vicinity near St Louis, a devil legend
The Spell of Creve Coeur Lake: A spell and a monster near St. Louis
How the Crime was Revealed: Lebanon, Missouri, a hanging
Banshee of the Bad Lands: Bad Lands haunted by banshee
Standing Rock: Standing Rock legend in South Dakota
The Salt Witch: Saline River's salt witch
Along the Rocky Range: Over the Divide: Origin of phrase
Phantom Train of Marshall Pass: Ghost Train at Marshall Pass, Colorado wreck
River of Lost Souls: Legends of the Purgatoire River or El Rio de las Animas Perdidas, Trinidad, Colorado
Riders of the Desert: Ghost Riders in Manitou, Colorado
Division of Two Tribes: Pike's Peak, CO, Shoshone and Commanche legend
Besieged by Starvation: Legend of Starved Rock on Illinois River near Ottawa IL and legend of Crow Butte, NE
Yellowstone Tragedy: Death legend in Yellowstone
Broad House: Indian legend of Chaco Canyon
Death Waltz: Dead Army soldier dances with his wife on her wedding day to another man, Fort Union, NM
Flood at Santa Fe: Visions of the Virgin at Church of Our Lady of Guadaloupe
Goddess of Salt: New Mexico legend
Coming of the Navajos: Navajo origin legend
Ark on Superstition Mountains: Legend of Pima Indian Flood, Arizona
Pale Faced Lightning: Mount Superstition and Pueblo Dwarves, near Superstition Mountain, Arizona
Weird Sentinel at Squaw Peak: Legends of the Tonto Indians massacre; Squaw Peak, AZ; corpse ghost
Sacrifice of the Toltecs: An Indian girl sacrifices herself in a cave at Superstition Mountain
Ta-Vwots Conquers the Sun: Indian storyteller's legend of Ta-Vwots, the hare god
Comanche Rider: Commanche death rituals
Horned Toad and Giants: Moquis Indian legend
Spider Tower: Dead Man's Canyon, Rio de Chelly, AZ
Lost Trail: Oak Creek Canyon legend
Battle in the Air: Tishomingo Indian Territory haunted legend
On the Pacific Slope: The Voyager of the Whulge: Siwash Indians legend
Tamanous of Tacoma: Mount Tacoma's Treasure cave legend and Siwash legend
Devil and the Dalles: Dalles Oregon devil legend
Cascades of the Columbia: Indian gods' war
Death of Umatilla: Indian death legend
Hunger Valley: San Pablo California legends
Wrath of Manitou: Revenge of the Great Spirit on California
Spook of Misery Hill: Pike City CA, legend of Tom Bowers and his claim
Queen of Death Valley: Woman cursed by daughter legend
Bridal Veil Fall: Yosemite falls Indian legend
Governor’s Right Eye: California's Governor Hermenegildo Salvatierra's evil eye
Prisoner in American Shaft: Legend of a mine shaft in New Almaden District, CA
As to Buried Riches: Kidd’s Treasure: Several legends and information surrounding Kidd's hidden treasures that include Gardiner's Island; Lion's Rock near Lyme CT; Charles Island near Milford CT; Monhegan Island; Damariscotta Island near Kennebec ME; Appledore in Isles of Shoals; spot near Piscataqua River; Cro' Nest on the Hudson; Dighton Rock, MA; Rock Hill estate, Medford MA; Money Hill on Shark River NJ; Sandy Hook NJ; Oyster Point MD; Liberty Island NY; Battery, New York City; Mud Sam's fright story
Other Buried Wealth: Several legends and information surrounding: Thomas Veale in the Saugus River area of Dungeon Rock, Lynn, MA; Hiram Marble; Heart of Greylock in Berkshire peaks aka Money Hole; Province Island in Lake Memphremagog VT; Ludlow Mountain VT and Camel's Hump; Hessians at Dalton MA; Old Elm on Boston Common; New London CT; Crown Point, Lake Champlain; Follingsby's Pond in the Adirondacks; Coney Island; Shandaken Valley in the Catskills; Tea Island, Lake George; Fort Neck, Long Islands oldest house aka the pirate's grave; Lloyd's Neck, Long Island; bluffs at Pottery Beach, Brooklyn; Grand Island in Niagara River; Oneida Lake shore Indian grave; Indian Gap near Wernersville PA; Chester County PA; Isle of Yellow Sands in Lake Superior; Saltpetre Cave in Georgia; Ozark Hills of Missouri; Seven Cities of Cibola; Columbia City, Oregon

Storied Waters, Cliffs, and Mountains: Monsters and Sea-Serpents: Several legends and information surrounding: Cape Ann and Nahant; Devil's Lake, Wisconsin; Huntington, Indiana; Twin Lakes in Berkshire Hills; Sysladobosis Lake in ME; Newbury MA; Wolf Pond, PA; Silver Lake near Gainesville NY; Santa Barbara Island, CA; Spirit Canyon, Big Sioux River, IA; ; Chalcedony Park, AZ; Canandaigua Lake, NY; lake near Forked Mountain OR; Crater Lake, OR; Rock Lake, WA; Klamath Lake; Hutton Lake WY; Dover Slank, Patterson, NJ
Stone Throwing Devils: Legends and information of haunted areas in: Portsmouth NH; Berkshire Hills, Salisbury CT; Whitmire Hill, GA; St. Mary's IL; Sharon CT
Storied Springs: Legends and information of 'springs of life' and 'fountains of youth' of: Georgia; between the Flint and Ockmulgee Rivers; a canyon in Castle Dome range, AZ; Sacred Water of Solomon River in SW Kansas; Balsam Mountain of western North Carolina; Manitou CO; Londonderry NH; White Marh MD; offerdeford Pool ME; Hot Sulphur Springs, CO; Spring River Arkansas
Lovers’ Leaps: Legends and information of: Wissahickon near Philadelphia; Muscatine IA; Lefferts Height; Monument Mountain MA; Newport RH; Hot Springs NC; village of Keoxa below Frontenac MN; Mackinac Island; White Rocks of Cheat River in Fayette County PA; Sunrise Rock near Chattanooga TN and more
God on the Mountains:
Legends and information of visitations of God in: Mount Shasta; base of the Cascade Range near Wood River; Sinsinawa Mount, WI; Catskills and Adirondacks; White Mountains, Devil's Den on face of Mount Willard; Devil's Court House in Transylvania County NC; and several more!

Since the books were not written with an index, I've perused the books to list more details for you: Volume I:
Catskills • Nick Vedder • Brom Dutcher • crew of Half Moon • New Grand Hotel • Catskills • pygmies • Round Top and North Mountain • Indian Ontiora • red men • Garden Rock • Kaaterskill clove • Catskill Creek • Catskill mountain-house • old chief Shandaken • daughter Lotowana • Mohawks • Kaaterskill Creek • Norsereddin • Kalkberg • Ralph Sutherland • Catskills • Hangman's rope • Mount Utsayantha • Catherine Dubois • Walkill • Esopus Valley • Maldiw valley • Winnisook • Gertrude Molyneux • Joseph Bundy • Baas [Boss] Volckert Jan Pietersen Van Amsterdam • Albany NY • bake-shop • Hudson River • Shatemue • Manitou • Newburg and Crom Elbow • Half Moon ship • Duyvells' Dans Kamer • Stuyvesant • angry Indian • Cro' Nest top • elves • water goblins • Mohegan words Apo-keep-sink • Call Rock • Adder Cliff • Delaware Indians with Pequot captives • Huron Indians • "Thunder Mountain • Hudson Highland • goblin • Dutch colonists • imps • Pollopel's Island • Heer of the Donder Berg • skipper Ouselsticker of Fishkill • Dutch Boterberg • Butter Hill • Mount Taurus • Breakneck Hill • Anthony's Nose • Anthony Van Corlaer • Manhattan Island Spuyten Duyvil Creek • Peter Stuyvesant • N P Willis • Murderer's Creek (Moodua Creek) • warrior Naoman • Fisher's Kill • Coxsackie • cabin of Nick Wolsey • Minamee, Nick Wolsey's wife • Tappan Zee shores • Tarrytown • Rambout Van Dam • Kakiat • New Amsterdam • Hessian soldier • Ichabod Crane • Widlam Description • Katrina Van Tassell • Sleepy Hollow • Brom Bones • Flying Dutchman ship • Captain Vanderdecken • Spitten Divvle (Spuyten Duyvil) • Anthony Van Corlaer • Dey Street peach orchard • Rosicrucians • Ramapo valley • Torn Mountain • Amasis • spooks • Hans Anderson • General Putnam • Croton Point • Lake Mahopac • young chief Omoyao • Niagara or Oniahgarah • sacrifice • Lelawala daughter of chief Eagle Eye • valley of Zoar • North Elmira • General Sullivan • Indians of Genesee County • Chemung River • Oneida Lake • Lake Waneta • Lake Keuka • Kayutah - Drop Star • Palmyra, NY • Book of Mormon • Sidney Rigdon (Mormon elder) • Church of Latter Day Saints • Carthage Missouri • Hydesville NY • Bramley's Mountain near Bloomfield NY • Green Street, Schenectady • vampire • Carthage NY • courthouse at Goshen NY • Major Nathaniel Strong of Blooming Grove • Adirondacks • Henry Clymer • Lower Ausable Pond • Saranac Indians • Wayotah • Glen's Falls • Lake George • bloody Defile • bloody Pond • Fort William Henry • Colonel Williams • Rogers's Rock • Major Rogers • town of Cohoes • young Indian Occuna • Diamond Rock in Lansingburgh • Copake NY • Francis Woolcott • Polly Carter aka Crazy Polly • Enoch Crosby • Jay house in Westchester NY • Thomas Paine • New Rochelle NY • Reverend Eleazer Williams • Hogansburg NY • Ellis Island • Wild Goose tavern • pirate and henchmen • Austen mansion of Staten Island • Long Island Sound • Watch Hill Rhode Island • Throgg's Neck • Cohhecticut • Lake Ronkonkoma • Manitou Hill or Manetta Hill • Canoe Place • John Bull • Little Neck, Long Island • Cortelyou manor, Brooklyn • Nicholas Van Wempel of Flatbush • Vrouw Van Wempel • Mortense's Lane, Brooklyn • Negro named Joost • Brooklyn Heights or Ihpetonga • Sachem Poggatacut • Sag harbor • Whooping Boy's Hollow • Andover New Jersey • brig Hand-in-Hand • Good Luck, New jersey • John Murray founder of Universalism in America • Iron Hill, Newark Delaware • Colonel Howell • farmer Jarrett near Valley Forge • Killingly CT • Judge Chew's house • Santee Rangers • Farmer Derwent and his four sons • Brandywine • Gilbert Gates, traitor and spy • Isaac Mayland • Mauch Chunck Pennsylvania • Leni Lenape village • Mauch Chunk - Bear Mountain • Chester PA • Peter Printz • Gabrielle de St Pierre, daughter of commandant of Fort Le Boeuf now Waterford PA • Chartiers creek • cabin on the Youghiogheny and Monongahela rivers • Acadians • Evangeline Bellefontaine • Gabriel Lajeunesse • Deer Island, ME • Lewiston ME, Androscoggin falls • Orrington ME • Jesse Atwood of Wellfleet, Cape Cod • Pond Cove ME • Ruth Bonython • Mogg Megone, chief • Kittery ME • Lady Ursula, daughter of lord of Grandale Abbey • Reverend Joseph Moody died at York ME • Passamaquoddies • Penobscot • Mount Katahdin • Kiawatha • Mount Kineo • Rev. Charles Sharply • Alfred ME • Boone Island • Haley's Island • White Mountains • Pequawket tribe • Cornelius Campbell of Tamworth • Ethan Allen Crawford • Giant's Grave • Waternomee Falls on Hurricane Creek at Warren • Mount Adams • Lake Memphremagog • Mount Monroe • Great Carbuncle • Cavendish VT • Green Mountains • Lover's Leap • Danvers MA • Giles Corey • Philip English • Rev. Joshua Moody • John Gibb, Scotchman • Rev. Mr Purvis of Salem • Barrow Hill near Amesbury • Goody Sloper of West Newbury • Goodman Nichols of Rocks village • Susie Martin of Rocks • Hexenkopf below Easton Pennsylvania • Moll Pitcher of Lynn • Margaret Wesson • Minot Corner ME • Richard Dolliver • Ipswich MA • Shakers • Weetamoo, daughter of Passaconaway • Concord NH • Nahant shore, MA • Egg Rock • Somerville MA • Eleanore Rochcliffe • Sir William Howe • Colonel Joliffe • Westboro MA • Hochomocko pond • Chief Sassacus • Berkshire MA • Gideon Smith of Stockbridge • Nathan Jackson of Tyringham • Ezekiel and Josiah Breeze • Brighton MA • Sir Edmund Andros • Holyoke MA • Lanesboro • Pittsfield MA • Pontoosuc or Shonkeek-Moonkeek lake in Berkshires • Eliza Wharton aka Elizabeth Whitman • Bell Tavern, Danvers • Oakum Bay

Volume II:
Ipswich • Plum Island • Puritans • Wessaguscus (Weymouth MA) • Philip, the Narragansett chief • Goodwife Eunice Cole of Hampton MA • Jonathan Mouton of Hampton • Fall River MA • Martin Wyngard's Island • Skipper Block, an Albany Dutchman • Bartholomew Gosnold • Indian giant, Maushope • Nantucket • North Kingston Rhode Island aka Swamptown • Goose-Nest Spring • Hopkins Hill, RI • Witch Rock • Wonderstrands aka Cape Cod • Waltham ME • Norman's Woe • apples of Franklin, CT • Thompson CT • The Nipmucks • chief Quinatisset • Chargoggagmanchogagog Pond • Captain Lamberton • Windham CT • Parson White • Moodus CT • Machimoodus, Place of Noises • Rev. Mr Hosmer • Machimoddi • Nashoba Hill • Haddam CT • Chapman Falls • Devils' Hop Yard • Block Island or Manisees • Reading CT • Marvin house • Squaw Rock • Indian Head Maryland • Georgetown • Bohemia Hall in Cecil County, MD • Albert BeCourcy • Helen Carmichael • Drummond's Pond or Lake of the Dismal Swamp • Rappahannock River in VA • Clear Creek VA • Joist Hite • Asheville North Carolina • • Lord Cardross settlement near Beaufort SC • Macon Georgia • village of Chilicte • Cuthbert Georgia • Charles Murphy • Elliott Street, Atlanta Georgia • Indian village below Oxford Alabama • Valley of Nacooche, GA • Senor Vineiro wed Julia Regalea • Pass Christian village • Bayou Lacombe Louisiana • North Bend Ohio • Marietta Ohio • Major Hamtramck • Joseph Brandt • cabin on upper Scioto near Kenton Ohio • bill Quick • Munger Ohio • Woodbury House • John Cleves • Gallipolis Ohio • Herman Deluse • Alton Illinois • Michel De Coucy of Prairie de Rocher, IL • Chattanooga TN • Saginaw Bay, Michigan • L'Anse Creuse near Detroit • Gitchi Manitou or Mitchi Manitou, Mackinack • William Cloud, lumberman of Alger Michigan • Sandwich MI • Marie Louise Thebault of Detroit • Red Banks nort of Green Bay Wisconsin • Dakota Indians village, Keusca on Wisconsin bluffs • Coteau des Prairies in Minnesota • Fort Snelling • Spirit Lake or Lake Calhoun, Iowa • French village of Cahokia near St Louis • Gwen Malhon • Lake of Creve Coeur • house of Daniel Baker near Lebanon, MO • Marshall Pass Colorado • Nelson Edwards • lodge of Ta-in-ga-ro (First Falling Thunder), Colorado foothills • Bowlder Canyon • Starved Rock on Illinois River near Ottawa IL • Chaco New Mexico • between Zuni and Pescado • Mount Superstition, Arizona • Squaw Peak range, Arizona • City of Ovens; City of Stones; City of the Dead, Arizona • Sachem's Head near Guilford CT • Dead Man's Canyon near Chelly AZ • Rosita CO • Umatilla, chief of Indians at Cascades of Columbia • bay of San Pablo • Miguel Zamacona and wife Emilia • El Hambre valley [Hunger] • Kern county, CA • Tom Bowers mined Misery Hill near Pike City CA • Jim Brandon • Governor Hermenegildo Salvatierra of Presidio CA • New Alamaden district in CA • Captain Kidd • Gardiner's Island • Lion's Rock near Lyme CT • Charles Island near Milford CT • Monhegan Island • Damariscotta Island near Kennebec ME • Appledore • Dighton Rock MA • Rock Hill estate, Medford MA • Misery Islands near Salem MA • Money Hill on Shark River, NJ • Sandy Hook, NJ • Oyster Point MD • Paddy Dabney • Liberty Island, NJ harbor • negro called Mud Sam, New York City • Corlaer's Hook • Saugus River MA • Hiram Marble • Dungeon Rock of Lynn • Province Island in Lake Memphremagog, VT • Dalton MA • Old Elm on Boston Common • Goody Glover • Crown Point, Lake Champlain • Follingsby's Pond in Adirondacks • Coney Island • Shandaken Valley in Catskills • Oneida Lake • Indian Gap near Wernersville PA • Chester County PA • Hez Copler's farm • Nahant • Cape Ann • Huntington Indiana • Wolf Pond PA • Silver Lake near Gainesville NY • Spirit Canyon on Big Sious River, IA • Canandaigua Lake, NY • Forked Mountain Oregon • Crater Lake, Oregon • Gloucester MA • George Walton • Salisbury CT • Ezekiel Landon • Whitmire Hill GA • St Mary's township, Illinois • Sharon CT • Balsam Mountains of Western North Carolina • state of Virgin at White Marsh, MD • offerdeford Pool, ME • Hot Springs NC • Keoxa village below Frontenac MN • New Milford CT the books
Illustrations: Volume I: Sleepy Hollow Bridge • Crew House, Germantown • Surf, Massachusetts Bay • Near site of Fountain Inn, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Volume II: Manitou • A Louisiana Bayou • The Yellowstone • Moqui Village

Feel free to e-mail any questions.

Moqui Village

Crew House, Germantown

Near site of Fountain Inn, Marblehead, Massachusetts

Sleepy Hollow Bridge

The Yellowstone

Same copyright in both books

Sample pages from Volume II

Sample page from Volume I

Folks, these books are 117 years old!

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