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18c Large Tavern Mug Or Tankard Primitive Dovertailed Copper 2-handle Jewish Cup For Sale

18c Large Tavern Mug Or Tankard Primitive Dovertailed Copper 2-handle Jewish Cup

This is an unusually large 2-handled European hand-made copper laver used by religious Jewish people for the ritual of hand washing. This piece dates to around c1850 and is all hand-made. It is in excellent condition with a few minor rim dents on the bottom as you can see in the pictures.Overall, it measures a whopping 7 3/4" ( 6 3/4" high at the cup part alone), another 1" to the tops of the handles). It is 5 3/4" wide at the mouth of the cup part. It is not easy to understand just how unusually large this one is. Perhaps I should get a picture of it alongside a "typical" sized one. If you already have one of these, see how tall yours is!It has dovetail construction, but it is very hard to photograph so you might not see it. It is quite heavy too. I have never seen one of this size, and the unusual little notches at the tops of the handles. (If you would like the brand new Charlie Chaplin video, just remind me and I'll include it at no extra charge !) NO cracks, NO breaks, NO missing pieces, NO holes, NO repairs, and !!!

I encourage you to read my ABOUT ME page by clicking HERE. You also might be interested in looking at my sales that ended recently that did not sell, by clicking HERE.

CONTACT (Communication is important):

  • Don't hesitate to email me at SethOn with any questions.

SHIPPING (How and when you’re gonna get it):

  • Where possible I will try to combine multiple purchases into one shipment to save you on shipping costs.
  • Items shipped after payment clearing MY bank. Please note that this is not a full-time endeavor for me and I do have other responsibilities. I always try to get these items shipped ASAP, but it might take a few days or perhaps as much as a WEEK OR TWO for me to get your item shipped out, depending upon many factors. If you have a special situation and you want the item shipped ASAP, please arrange that with me BEFORE you offer or submit an offer for my acceptance. Please don’t hold me responsible for the shipping/carrier’s efficiency. I can only do what is in my control to get your treasure to you as soon as I possibly can.
  • I do not charge any handling fees, nor do I charge for packing materials/supplies. The charge that I list for "shipping" is based upon many years' (since 1997) experience of selling/shipping on , and I like to quote a fixed price in order to keep it simple. I generally ship items via USPS Priority Mail, but unless specifically mentioned in the listing then it would be my option to go for another method. If I know for certain that I'm sending it to you via Priority, then I'll usually indicate that in the listing.
  • Each item is packed carefully to ensure that it arrives in the same condition that it left. Flat memorabilia items such as photos and FDCs are put into hard envelopes and then put into a larger box. Fragile items are wrapped with cushioned material such as bubble wrap or spongy foam.

PAYMENT (You get the treasure, I get the moolah):

  • Payments not received within 3 days from end of sale - buyer risks right to purchase.

offerDING and OFFERS:

  • buyers with either NET negative response or a zero (0) rating must email me before offerding. I reserve the right to cancel your offer otherwise.
  • Make sure you re-review the entire listing, including questions/answers, before placing your offer or offer since the listing might have additional information added later which comes up at the very bottom of the listing.

18c Large Tavern Mug Or Tankard Primitive Dovertailed Copper 2-handle Jewish Cup

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18c Large Tavern Mug Or Tankard Primitive Dovertailed Copper 2-handle Jewish Cup:

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