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1mm Thin Red Vibram Protective Italian Rubber Soles For Christian Louboutin For Sale

1mm Thin Red Vibram Protective Italian Rubber Soles For Christian Louboutin

Untitled Document

This price is for 1 pair of our ultra thin red rubber half-soles by "Vibram" for Christian Louboutin shoes. These are true solid red colour vibram soles that will perfectly match the original colour of your CL. Vibram is the world's largest Italian manufacturer of high performance rubber soles.

These top-quality half-soles are intended for protecting the bottom side (soles) of your Christian Louboutin shoes against wearing out and also against moisture. Just look what are the main characteristics & advantages:
• Diamond point pattern
• Extremely slip-resistant
• Extremely flexible (hardness 80 Sha)
• Extremely resistant to abrasion (80mm3)
• Extremely elastic: elongation at break 600%
• Great waterproof capabilities
• True solid red colour that will perfectly match your Christian Louboutin.

NEVER EVER use your own glue and NEVER EVER try to install these soles by yourself!!! This job requires the special glue, special glue heat activating machine, high performance sole pressing machine, very smooth grinding machine, ultra sharp cobbler knife, huge shoe repair experience and many other tools!!! As the professional cobblers we can confirm that ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO QUALITATIVELY INSTALL THE SOLES ON YOUR SHOES in "DO IT YOURSELF" CONDITIONS!!!

Remember moments when you couldn't use your favourite Louboutins, because the soles was worn out and your local cobbler hadn’t these exclusive ultra thin red rubber soles. All your plans were spoiled, because you couldn't use your nice Christian Louboutin shoes and you was totally depressed. Now you can forget it! :)

Just buy these top-quality exclusive protective half-soles by "Vibram" and go to your local cobbler's service. Ask a cobbler to install these exclusive half-soles on your Christian Louboutin shoes and he will make the rest of the job. That’s all! :) You can use your favourite shoes again! As a result you will save your money on the shoe repair. And your Louboutins can be resoled few times with our soles - this means when you will wear out these soles, you can simply install the new pair again at your local cobbler.
Even if your shoes are just bought, install our soles right away! By this way you will prolong the life of your Louboutins. As the professional cobblers we know that original Christian Louboutin shoes bottom side is not very durable and it is sensitive to moisture. So if you want to use your favourite shoes for a longer time, buy our soles & install on your NEW just bought Christian Louboutin. As a result your favourite shoes will be more protected against wearing out and moisture!

Just look how much benefits you will have with these exclusive soles! Just enlarge our high definition pictures above to see that! On the pictures you can see professionally installed soles by us. It’s absolutely perfect, isn’t? But who we are??? Read about us below at the end of the page!

The size of our exclusive soles is 16 cm lenght and 10 cm width ( ~ 6,3 inches for longest part and 4,0 inches for widest part). It’s MUCH MORE than enough for tipical women’s shoe sizes (but if you have an extra large shoe size or unusually big foot size such 42' or more, simply let us know before offerding and we will make these soles little bit bigger absolutely free).
The thickness of soles is ~ 1.0 mm ( ± 0,2 mm). Our soles are so delicate, so you will not even feel those on your Christian Louboutin shoes!

Preferred payment method is PayPal

We provide worldwide shipping to any country. Shipping price for the first pair is just 2$ and each additional pair will cost just 1$.

Delivery time varies by your location. Usually it is from 5 days up to 14 business days. But sometimes it may take a little bit longer time - up to 21 business days to be delivered (weekends and national holidays are not included). For shipping we will use standard Latvian Post service. We will also send the delivery confirmation tracking number to you immediately after shipment, so you will be able to follow the status of the item on your official Post website!

We will ship out these exclusive soles within 2-3 business days (excepting holidays & weekends) after receiving your payment.

Note: We will ship the soles only to the address that is shown on your PayPal account. So, if you want the soles to be delivered to another address, you must enter this address in your PayPal account before buying!

If you need super fast shipping, we can use EMS (Express Mail Service) instead of standard shipping. In this case the soles will be delivered to your doors in a few days. Just let us know that you need an express shipping.


We are not just the sole sellers. We are the professional cobblers with a 25 years experience! We have our own shoe repair workshop in our city of Daugavpils. This is our family business and we know EVERYTHING about shoe repair!
So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. And you will get the professional answer immediately. So, buy from professional cobblers!

Your responses are very important for us! If you was unsatisfied with our product, please contact us first before leaving the response. We will investigate your problem & will try our best to resolve your issue, because your satisfaction is our primary aim!

1mm Thin Red Vibram Protective Italian Rubber Soles For Christian Louboutin

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1mm Thin Red Vibram Protective Italian Rubber Soles For Christian Louboutin:

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