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20 Axe Wedges Wood & Metal New Double Bit & Single Bit For Sale

20 Axe Wedges Wood & Metal New Double Bit & Single Bit

atthrough Store
You will get:20 New Wedges. 5, Hardwood wedges for Double Bit Axe & 5, Hardwood Wedges for Single Bit Axe, and an assortment of 10 Flat Corrugated Metal Wedges for a Secure Hold.You may also make your own size wood wedges for sledge hammers smaller axes and hatchets etc, by cutting down the wood wedges.We always combine shipping on multiple items or lots on the same invoice to save you money! See our FAQ Page for details. If you need more than on lot we will quote shipping cost.

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Thank you for your Business!
*The FINE print terms of sale*First and foremost we want you to be happy with your purchase from us! We try our best to make the transaction positive for everyone. Please check the information below and ask questions if you feel you do not understand something. Thank you in advance for your purchase! We look forward to serving you.We offer no warranty or guarantee on any of the items we sell. They are offered “as is”. We do our best to provide a accurate description of the items we offer. We do allow returns and refund the original purchase price only. See the pages labeled returns on the tab at left side of page for more info.Wood handles are a natural product and therefore could have unseen defects. Wood can swell, shrink, crack, twist, and warp with hot and cold weather and humidity. We do not sort handles for grain orientation unless requested. Handles are graded on absence of defects and wood color if specified in listing. NOT GRAIN DIRECTION.Handle sizes given are approximate. Handles can very from one to the next and especially from one production run to another. As a general rule eye sizes listed will not vary more an 1/8” from listed. Length sizes will not vary more than 1-½” from listed. We reserve the right to make substitution of size, color, finish type etc. due to stock levels. We DO NOT MAKE CUSTOM HANDLES OR SHEATHS.Since we sell replacement handles, sheathes, and wedges not made for any one brand of tool we can not guarantee them to fit your tool. It is your responsibility to check your tools eye size and then check that against the handle size given. It is up to you the buyer to make the final decision as whether you think the handle, sheath, or wedges will be usable for your tool.We offer no fitting service for handles. All handles may require some fitting work with a rasp, sander etc. by you the buyer of the handle.NEVER buy a handle without having your tool head to check sizes against. We have had customers in the past that are disappointed when they tell us they got their axe, pick, etc. head and it will not the fit the handle they got from us first. Please do not make this common sense mistake. Have the head first then match the handle to it!Color of items may vary due to different monitor setting on each computer. We can not guarantee finish type or color at all times. If you need a certain finish i.e. flamed, or waxed please ask first to find out what is in stock. All pictures are stock photos of item listed and may not be color of item in stock unless the color is given in the ad as being the color you are getting.We at the Hickory Handle Store (atthrough), the owners of said, and any and all of our suppliers / mfg. are not responsible for any injury or death and any and all damages to person or property tangible or intangible that may occur from purchasing, owning, fitting, or the use or misuse of any and all the products we sell.

Pricing Subject to Change without notice. Not responsible for typographical or pictorial errors. Practice good safety by using eye and hearing protection while working with tools. Learn the proper use of the tools you have.

20 Axe Wedges Wood & Metal New Double Bit & Single Bit

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20 Axe Wedges Wood & Metal New Double Bit & Single Bit :

Vintage Woodings Axe picture
Vintage Woodings Axe

True Temper Rocket Pat.pend Aba  picture
True Temper Rocket Pat.pend Aba

Vintage 1930's Bridgeport Axe (boy Scout Hatchet ?)  Us Pat. 1830663  picture
Vintage 1930's Bridgeport Axe (boy Scout Hatchet ?) Us Pat. 1830663

Vintage Axe Head.,true Temper Kelly Works picture
Vintage Axe Head.,true Temper Kelly Works

Vintage Axe Head.,campfire picture
Vintage Axe Head.,campfire

Vintage Hatchet Plumb Victory picture
Vintage Hatchet Plumb Victory

Vintage Dunlap Shingle Hatchet With Nail Puller picture
Vintage Dunlap Shingle Hatchet With Nail Puller

Vintage "wiss" Pinking Shears

 Collins Single Bit Axe & Original Collins Hickory Handle picture
Collins Single Bit Axe & Original Collins Hickory Handle

Killer Oregon State Corrections Tin Hat Bf Mcdonald 1940's picture
Killer Oregon State Corrections Tin Hat Bf Mcdonald 1940's