2018 Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster Daphne Blue Major Upgrades G&g Case Usa

2018 Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster Daphne Blue Major Upgrades G&g Case Usa

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2018 Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster Daphne Blue Major Upgrades G&g Case Usa:

This is a Limited Edition 2018 Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster in Daphne Blue with a Pau Ferro fretboard and nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Condition wise, it has a few nicks here and there as well as some light scratches on the back which are pictured as well as some pick marks on the pickguard that are hard to capture. Other than that, the neck is in truly excellent shape with almost no fret wear and the rest of the body is in really great condition overall.

If you have followed me over the past couple of years you know how much I love this model and Jazzmasters in general. Due to the popularity of these 60th Anniversary Jazzmasters that I've done these complete overhauls on (about 7 previously), seeing how much rarer they've become since then, I figured I would do a final one and keep it this time but unfortunately, I'm just not in the position financially to do so and will also be listing many of my other guitars soon. Luckily for you, this came out as one of the best.

These Classic series vintage style "Offsets" from Fender sit on a great foundation, but I'm really surprised how they sell any of them because they're setup so horribly from the factory and buzz like crazy with anything less than a set of 12s. Even many of the American made offsets have this same problem because of the same original location of the tremolo (further back), vintage style floating bridge and the lack of break angle on them. This on top of some mediocre hardware and electronics choices from the factory, I decided I would overhaul many of these issues so you can enjoy this guitar with a set of 10s and not have to string it up with bridge cables or use one of those Buzz Stops that not only changes the look of the guitar but the feel and tone as well. I already have an American Vintage '65 Jazzmaster which I love (as well as too many guitars in general) and it's seriously taken a lot to fight the urge to keep this guitar as it came out so great and looks absolutely gorgeous!

Please read further to see the list of upgrades as well as how the guitar was setup:

Weight is around 8.2 lbs

-Genuine Fender 3 ply eggshell white pickguard replacing the stock tortoise one. Tortoise is cool but I think it doesn't look as good on Daphne Blue. This is a huge improvement aesthetically

-Fender Pure Vintage '65 vintage white screw on knobs. These are not only better knobs than the stock aged white Strat push on knobs but they also properly match the stock vintage white pickup covers for a more balanced aesthetic

-Maisietone Custom Handwound Pickups (Boutique Los Angeles pickup maker). I had these custom wound to my specs. It has Alnico 2 magnets, fiber bobbins, vintage cloth push back lead wire, scatterwound heavy formvar magnet wire with output around 8.2k neck and 8.8k bridge (much higher than the stock 6.7k pickups). These are going to be similar to Seymour Duncan Antiquity I 50's Jazzmaster pickups. A massive upgrade over the stock pickups!

-American Vintage Jazzmaster Tremolo with lock and push in bar with vintage white tip ($100 upgrade). This allows you to lock the tremolo if you break a string

-American Vintage bridge thimbles. These have the wider standard diameter and are constructed better than the import version it came with stock (these are wide enough to fit a Mastery bridge if for whatever reason you prefer those without worrying about changing the thimbles because it's already been done)

-Revised 2018 American Professional Jazzmaster narrow spacing 9.5" radius bridge with Mustang style saddles (over $100 upgrade). This is the current updated version of the American Professional bridge that has the modern 2-1/16" (52mm) string spacing that brings the strings further away from the fretboard edge and a lot more comfortable to play. The original version of the Amerian Professional bridge (and stock bridge) had the vintage 2-3/16” (56mm) spacing and was almost unplayable in my opinion. Fender quietly made this update over the last couple months and essentially makes this a lot more like a Staytrem bridge, which is no longer available outside of the UK (same spacing as the Mastery bridge too). Like the original, it still has the Mustang style saddles and tighter threading screw posts so it doesn't sink down overtime when you play

-CTS 500K Emerson Pro solid shaft volume and tone pots. The stock 1meg pots can sound a little shrill, so I bumped them down to 500K which make them a lot smoother sounding but still plenty of highs on tap. The switch from split shaft to solid shaft was also to accommodate the new style knobs

-Treble bleed circuit (.001uf cap and 1/4w 150k resistor in parallel) to allow the highs to remain when you turn the volume pot down and not get muddy.

-Orange Drop .022uf tone cap. This allows you to keep more of the mid-highs when you roll the tone back over the stock .03uf value which would get muddy too quickly

-Fully shielded the pickup and control cavities with copper tape for reduced noise and much quieter operation

(Luckily these models already have good quality CTS pots for the rhythm circuit and Switchcraft output jack so I did not need to touch those)

-Lock washer added to the 3-way switch and also turned the switch 45 degrees so it's at an angle and easier to switch

-Fender/Schaller strap locks and buttons (locks inside case compartment)

-Fender American Vintage tuner bushings replacing the narrower and cheaper stock ones

-Kluson Supreme 18:1 Staggered tuners ($50 upgrade). These are the best vintage style Kluson replacement tuners out right now and still retain that same classic look, but with a much finer tuning adjustment over the stock 14:1 tuners and also a better break angle over the nut on the D and G strings for better sustain. Not to mention these are genuine Klusons while the stock ones are not

-Rounded and softened the sharp edges of the nut for a much more comfortable feel like those of the American models

-StewMac 0.25 degree full wood neck pocket shim. This is one of the main reasons why these guitars are never setup right from the factory and buzz like crazy and don't sustain with lighter gauge strings. This allows the bridge height to move up and increase the break angle after the bridge and give you enough tension to use lighter gauge strings without having to use a Buzz Stop or heavier strings while still retaining that classic Jazzmaster feel. The problem with using a Buzz Stop is that it increases the string tension so much that it starts to feel and sound more like a Strat or Tele and that more loose Jazzmaster magic is gone

-Fender G&G Deluxe 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster hard case in tweed. You actually weren't able to buy this separately and only came with the American '58 and Triple Jazzmaster models, so this was parted out from one of those and extremely rare. Not to mention it's also a major upgrade over the cheap Pro Series case it came with stock. It’s not only built better but slimmer and sleeker and well over $200 upgrade alone. Key included in the compartment

I also wanted to mention that the 60th Anniversary commemorative neck plate is lightweight aluminum and is 1/4 the weight of your standard steel neck plate (about 0.5 oz vs 2 oz)

On top of these upgrades, it has also been cleaned, polished, oiled and conditioned the pau ferro fretboard and fully setup with brand new D'Addario EXL110 (10-46) strings with enough relief in the neck balanced for both lead and rhythm and a light touch (5/64" string height on the low E and 4/64" on the high E strings). The saddles have been perfectly intonated and the bridge already has the 9.5" fretboard radius. The nut slots have been cleaned and filed for optimal contact and take off points for better sustain. The neck and bridge pickup heights are adjusted to 5/64" on the bass side and 4/64" on the treble side.

I fully stand by the work and believe this guitar is going to feel and play better than any other stock 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster you're going to pull off the shelf new at the store or find NOS and I'd even argue than any of the American Vintage versions as well, all because of things like the over $500 worth in upgrades (which doesn’t even include the labor) and attention to detail in the setup. You're just not going to get that from a new model unless you perform all of these upgrades and do or pay for the work yourself. Why not just be done with it, have all the upgrades already completed with an awesome hard case and come out ahead with a better feeling, playing and sounding guitar? :)

Below are the stock specs:

Tech Specs
• Body Type:Solidbody
• Body Shape:Jazzmaster
• Left-/Right-handed:Right-handed
• Number of Strings:6
• Body Material:Alder
• Body Finish:Nitrocellulose Lacquer
• Color:Daphne Blue
• Neck Material:Maple
• Neck Shape:C
• Radius:9.5"
• Fingerboard Material:Pau Ferro
• Fingerboard Inlay:Pearloid blocks
• Number of Frets:21, Tall Narrow
• Scale Length:25.5"
• Nut Width:1.650"
• Nut Material:Synthetic bone
• Bridge/Tailpiece:6-saddle vintage-style adjustable with floating tremolo tailpiece
• Tuners:Vintage-Style
• Number of Pickups:2
• Neck Pickup:Classic Series 60s pickups
• Bridge Pickup:Classic Series 60s pickups
• Controls:1 x volume (bridge), 1 x tone, 2 x thumbwheels (neck volume, tone), 2-way slide switch (rhythm/lead tone), 3-way toggle switch
• Case Included:Hardshell case

2018 Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster Daphne Blue Major Upgrades G&g Case Usa:

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