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November 25th, 2014
World Day to Eliminate Violence on Women

November 27th, 2014
Thanksgiving Day

November 28th, 2014
Lincoln's Birthday

November 28th, 2014
Black Friday

November 28th, 2014
American Indian Heritage Day

November 29th, 2014
World Solidarity Day with Palestinian People

November 30th, 2014
First Sunday Advent

December 1st, 2014
World AIDS Day

December 2nd, 2014
World Day for Slavery Abolition

December 3rd, 2014
World Day for Persons with Disabilities

December 5th, 2014
International Volunteer Day

December 7th, 2014
International Civil Aviation Day

December 7th, 2014
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

December 8th, 2014
Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 9th, 2014
International Anti-Corruption Day

December 10th, 2014
Human Rights Day

December 11th, 2014
International Mountain Day

December 17th, 2014
Wright Brothers Day

December 17th, 2014
First Day of Chanukah

December 17th, 2014
Pan American Aviation Day

December 18th, 2014
International Migrants Day

December 19th, 2014
International South-South Cooperation Day

December 20th, 2014
International Human Solidarity Day

December 21st, 2014
December Solstice

December 24th, 2014
Christmas Eve

December 24th, 2014
Last day of Chanukah



87 Books - Drawing & Sketching - How To Draw - History And Art Of Drawing - Dvd For Sale

87 Books - Drawing & Sketching - How To Draw - History And Art Of Drawing - Dvd

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- Many old out-of-print books

- Training & Practice Manuals

- How to draw

- Elementary drawing

- Free-hand drawing

- Pencil sketching

- Brush drawing

- History and Art of Drawing

- Illustrations

- Mechanical drawing

- Geometrical drawing

- Architectural drawing

- ...and much more


What to draw and how to draw it(1913,PD:1923) – Lutz, E. G. – 88 pages

Drawing and design: a class text-book for beginners(1893,PD:1923) - Taylor, E. R. - 134 pages

Handbook of drawing(1880,PD:1923) – Walker, W. - 312 pages

Drawing for beginners(1920,PD:1923) – Furniss, D. – 276 pages

Practical hints on painting, composition, landscape, and etching(1905,PD:1923) - Ganz, H. F. W. - 151 pages

A theory of pure design; harmony, balance, rhythm(1907,PD:1923) – Ross, D. W. – 228 pages

A complete and comprehensive treatise on the art of crayon portraiture, in black and white (1884,PD:1923) – Crocker, J. B. – 86 pages

Elements of drawing(1912,PD:1923) – Blessing, G. F., Darling, L. A. – 220 pages

A first year in drawing (1894,PD:1923) – Bailey, H. T. – 104 pages

A manual of elementary geometrical drawing, involving three dimensions. Designed for use in high schools, academies, engineering schools, etc.: and for the self-instruction of inventors, artisans, etc. ... In five divisions .. (1868,PD:1923) – Warren, S. E. – 178 pages

A manual of mechanical drawing(1914,PD:1923) - Dales, J. H. - 218 pages

A text book of mechanical drawing(1889,PD:1923) – Anthony, G. C. – 96 pages

A text-book of mechanical drawing and elementary machine design(1900,PD:1923) - Reid, J. S. - 434 pages

Architectural drawing(1899,PD:1923) - Edminster, C. F. - 222 pages

Architectural drawing(1922,PD:1923) – Field, W. B. – 180 pages

Architectural drawing for mechanics(1897,PD:1923) – Hicks, I.P. – 112 pages

Art recreations; being a complete guide(1873,PD:1923) – Day, H. – 352 pages

Athenian lekythoiwith outline drawing in matt color on a white ground (1914,PD:1923) - Fairbanks, A. - 384 pages

Augsburg's drawing, Volume 1 (1901,PD:1923) – Augsburg, D. R. – 196 pages

Augsburg's drawing, Volume 2 (1901,PD:1923) – Augsburg, D. R. – 168 pages

Blackboard drawing; a monograph (1903,PD:1923) – Whitney, F. – 40 pages

Brush-drawing: a handbook for teachers and students (1901,PD:1923) – Nicol, J. W. – 180 pages

Canadian drawing course. elementary freehand, object constructive and perspective drawing (1885,PD:1923) - O'Brien, L. R., MCFaul, J. H., Revell, W. - 40 pages

Constructive anatomy(1920,PD:1923) – Bridgman, G. B. – 224 pages

Constructive drawing(1908,PD:1923) – Hanstein, H. – 84 pages

Constructive geometry; exercises in elementary geometric drawing (1916,PD:1923) - Hedrick, E. R. - 92 pages

Crayon portraiture; complete instructions for making crayon portraits on crayon paper and on platinum, silver, and bromide enlargements, also directions for the use of transparent liquid water colors and for making French crystals (1892,PD:1923) – Barhydt, J. A. – 144 pages

Drawing & engraving: a brief exposition of technical principles & practice (1892,PD:1923) – Hamerton, P. G. – 294 pages

Drawing and designingin a series of lessons (1889,PD:1923) - Leland, C. G. - 106 pages

Drawing and manual trainingin Punjab schools (1918,PD:1923) – Buchanan, J. T. – 60 pages

Drawing guide; manual of instruction in industrial drawing, designed to accompany industrial drawing series (1873,PD:1923) - Willson, M. - 236 pages

Drawings in charcoal and crayonfor the use of students and schools (1885,PD:1923) – Fowler, F. – 108 pages

Drawings in pen and pencilfrom Dürer's day to ours; with notes and appreciations (1922,PD:1923) – Sheringham, G. – 210 pages

Drawings of Michael Angelo(1907,PD:1923) - Johnson, E. B., Buonarroti, Michelangelo - 120 pages

Easy steps in architecture and architectural drawing(1911,PD:1923) - Hodgson, F. T. - 766 pages

Elements of drawing exemplified in a variety of figures and sketches of parts of the human form(1814,PD:1923) – Williams, H. – 64 pages

Fashion drawing and design: a practical manual for art students and others (1926,PD:1954) – Chadwick, C. M. – 284 pages

Figure drawing for children: papers of special value to all interested in the development of art among the children (1893,PD:1923) – Rimmer, C. H. – 94 pages

Free hand drawing and designing(1919,PD:1923) – Kushlan, M. – 68 pages

Free-hand drawing, light and shade and free-hand perspectivefor the use of art students and teachers (1892,PD:1923) – Cross, A. K. – 248 pages

Free-hand drawing: a manual for teachers and students (1895,PD:1923) – Cross, A. K. – 172 pages

Geometrical drawing and design(1913,PD:1923) – Spanton, J. H. – 284 pages

Geometrical drawing, projection drawing, freehand and ornamental drawing, wash work and brush drawing, elementary perspective drawing, architectural drawing(1921,PD:1923) – 592 pages

Guide for drawing the acanthus, and every description of ornamental foliage (1886,PD:1923) – Page, J. – 386 pages

Hints for crystal drawing(1908,PD:1923) - Reeks, M. - 176 pages

Hints on drawing: designed for self-instruction (1900,PD:1923) – Latta, S. L. – 261 pages

How children learn to draw(1916,PD:1923) – Sargent, W. – 286 pages

Life of Michael Angelo, Volume 1 (1897,PD:1923) - Grimm, H. F. - 678 pages

Life of Michael Angelo, Volume 2 (1874,PD:1923) - Grimm, H. F. - 644 pages

Light and shade: with chapters on charcoal, pencil, and brush drawing (1897,PD:1923) – Cross, A. K. – 200 pages

Line & form(1914,PD:1923) – Crane, W. – 310 pages

Line: an art study(1922,PD:1923) – Sullivan, E. J. – 216 pages

Machine drawing(1917,PD:1923) – Hills, R. – 112 pages

Manual instruction, drawing (1896,PD:1923) – Barter, S. – 104 pages

Nature drawing and design(1903,PD:1923) - Steely, F. - 68 pages

Nature drawing from various points of view(1910,PD:1923) – Bailey, H. T. – 180 pages

On drawing and painting(1912,PD:1923) - Ross, D. W. - 242 pages

Outline of drawing lessons for grammar grades(1898,PD:1923) – Cross, A. K., Swain, A. – 76 pages

Pen drawing and pen draughtsmen: their work and their methods: a study of the art today with technical suggestions (1920,PD:1923) – Pennell, J. – 504 pages

Pen drawing; an illustrated treatise (1903,PD:1923) – Maginnis, C. D. – 144 pages

Pen picturesand how to draw them: a practical handbook on the various methods of illustrating in black and white for process engraving, with numerous designs, diagrams, and sketches (1895,PD:1923) – Meade, E. – 132 pages

Pencil Sketching from Nature(1906,PD:1923) – Haney, J. P. – 44 pages

Pencil-Sketching(1913,PD:1923) – Koch, G. W. – 70 pages

Projection Drawing(1894,PD:1923) – Walters, J. D. – 68 pages

Reed's drawing lessons(1869,PD:1923) - Reed, P. F. – 98 pages

Self-instructor: the child's first drawing book, containing all the pictures on Andrews' noiseless drawing slates for schools and families. (1878,PD:1923) – Andrews, A. H. – 36 pages

Shop sketching, a course of problems for mechanical drawing students (1919,PD:1923) - Windoes, R. F. - 92 pages

Sketching and rendering in pencil(1922,PD:1923) – Guptill, A. L. – 204 pages

Structural drawing(1907,PD:1923) – Edminster, C. F. – 168 pages

Student's manual of fashion drawing; thirty lessons with conventional charts (1919,PD:1923) – Young, E. – 128 pages

Studies of the human figure: with some notes on drawing and anatomy (1918,PD:1923) – Ellwood, G. M., Yerbury, F. R. – 196 pages

Teachers' manual for freehand drawing in primary schools(1874,PD:1923) – Smith, W. – 186 page

Teacher's manual for Prang's new graded course in drawing for Canadian schools(1901,PD:1923) - 102 pages

The art of drawing and engraving on wood(1881,PD:1923) – Marx, G. W. – 64 pages

The art of the great masters, as exemplified by drawings in the collection of Émile Wauters, membre de l'Académie royale de Belgique (1913,PD:1923) - Lees, F. - 326 pages

The camera: or art of drawing in water colours(1823,PD:1923) – Hassell, J. – 50 pages

The elements of drawing & the elements of perspective(1912,PD:1923) – Ruskin, J. – 346 pages

The elements of drawing; in three letters to beginners(1864,PD:1923) – Ruskin, J. – 402 pages

The graphic arts of Great Britain; drawing, line-engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, lithography, wood-engraving, colour-printing (1917,PD:1923) – Salaman, M. C. – 170 pages

The miniature collector; a guide for the amateur collector of portrait miniatures (1921,PD:1923) - Williamson, G. C. – 394 pages

The national drawing master: on a new principle greatly facilitating self-instruction in landscape and figure drawing, with several hundred illustrations and copy studies leading from the elementary to the higher branches of art in pencil and color : also natural perspective, an entirely new system of practical perspective easy, simple, and avoiding the ordinary errors of other systems (1850,PD:1923) - Nicholls, W. A. - 233 pages

The Oxford drawing book: containing progressive information in sketching, drawing, and colouring landscape scenery, animals, and the human figure : with a new method of practical perspective (1852,PD:1923) - Whittock, N, Andrews, J. - 246 pages

The practice and science of drawing(1913,PD:1923) – Speed, H. – 414 pages

The psychology of drawing(1916,PD:1923) – Ayer, F. C. – 210 pages

The Slade; a collection of drawings and some pictures done by past and present students of the London Slade School of Art, MDCCCXCIII-MDCCCVII (1907,PD:1923) – 230 pages

The teaching of drawing(1893,PD:1923) – Morris, I. H. – 284 pages

Topographical drawing and sketching, including applications of photography (1886,PD:1923) - Reed, H. A. - 193 pages

Here are a few images from the collection:

Attention Staff: The books on this media were copyrighted prior to January 1, 1923 and/or areGovernment publications which are freeof copyrightrestrictions. This mediaresideswithin thePublic Domain as defined by the United States Copyright Office. The first year in brackets behind every title stands for the date the media was released; the second year stands for the date it became part of the public domain. This ad complies with all rules and regulations.

87 Books - Drawing & Sketching - How To Draw - History And Art Of Drawing - Dvd

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87 Books - Drawing & Sketching - How To Draw - History And Art Of Drawing - Dvd:

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