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96 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Georgia Ga For Sale

96 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Georgia Ga

The Ultimate

History and Genealogy Collection



96 - Books on DVD !

An essential resource for Genealogists

Actual images of every page, in Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF format. Works with any computer, and is easy to use and read. Some scans are imperfect.

These books on DVD are SEARCHABLE *

A History of Rome and Floyd County, State of Georgia by George Magruder Battery - (1922) – 640 pages

A History of the Presbyterian Church in Georgia by James Stacy - (1912) – 404 pages

A Preliminary Bibliography of Georgia History by Robert Preston Brooks - (1910) – 46 pages

A Standard History of Georgia and Georgians by Lucian Lamar Knight - (1917) – 606 pages

Annals of Athens, Georgia, 1801-1901 by Augustus Longstreet Hull - (1906) – 495 pages

Antiquities of the southern Indians, particularly of the Georgia tribes by Charles C. Jones - (1873) – 530 pages

Athens, Clarke County, Georgia by Publisher Athens - (1910) – 15 pages

Azilia: A Historical Legend of Georgia, From 1717 by Sir Robert Montgomery - (1870) – 36 pages

Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia - (1910) – 26 pages

Biographic Etchings of Ministers and Laymen of the Georgia Conferences by William J. Scott - (1895) – 316 pages

Biographical sketches of the delegates from Georgia to the Continental Congress by Charles Colcock Jones - (1891) – 208 pages

Brooks County, Georgia, the Census of 1860 by John A. Edmondson - (1900) – 82 pages

Brunswick, Georgia, and Glynn County - (1895) – 12 pages

Catalogue of the trustees, officers, alumni and matriculates of the University of Georgia: from 1785 to 1906 by the University of Georgia - (1906) – 236 pages

Certain Aboriginal Mounds of the Georgia Coast by Clarence B. Moore - (1897) – 169 pages

Clinch County, Georgia, tax digest, 1889-1897 - (1900) – 149 pages

Cody-Rogers of Georgia by Lucilius Lewis Cody - (1915) – 30 pages

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia by Allen D. Candler - (1904) – 576 pages

First Lessons in Georgia History by Lawton B. Evans - (1913) – 356 pages

Floyd County, Georgia by Floyd County Industrial Association, Rome GA. - (1895) – 56 pages

Georgia as a Proprietary Province: The Execution of a Trust by James Ross McCain - (1917) – 350 pages

Georgia History Stories by Joseph Harris Chappell - (1905) – 382 pages

Georgia Land and People by Frances L. Mitchell - (1893) – 492 pages

Georgia Scenes, Characters, Incidents, &c., in the first half century of the Republic by Augustus Baldwin Longstreet - (1840) – 214 pages

Georgia, Historical and Industrial by Georgia Dept. of Agriculture - (1901) – 229 pages

Georgia's Public Men 1902-1904 by Thomas W. Loyless - (1902) – 316 pages

Georgia's Roster of the Revolution, containing a list of the states defenders; officers and men; soldiers and sailors; partisans and regulars; whether enlisted from Georgia or settled in Georgia after the close of hostilities by the Georgia Dept of Archives - (1920) – 654 pages

Guy Rivers: a tale of Georgia by William Gilmore Simms - (1890) – 502 pages

Gwinnett Churches; a complete history of every church in Gwinnet County, Georgia, with short biographical sketches of its ministers by James C. Flanigan - (1911) – 380 pages

Historical Collections of Georgia : containing the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, etc. relating to its history and antiquities, from its first settlement to the present time ; compiled from original records and official documents ; illustrated by nearly one hundred engravings of public buildings, relics of antiquity, historic localities, natural scenery, portraits of distinguished men, etc., etc. / by the Rev. George White - (1855) – 688 pages

History of Clinch County, Georgia, revised to date, giving the early history of the county down to the present time (1916): also complete lists of county officers, together with minor officers and also sketches of county officers' lives; with chapters on the histories of old families of Clinch County; also other information as is historical in its nature, by Folks Huxford - (1916) – 306 pages

History of Georgia by Robert Preston Brooks - (1913) – 444 pages

History of the 42nd Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Confederate States Army, Infantry by William Lowndes Calhoun - (1900) – 36 pages

History of the Baptist denomination in Georgia: with biographical compendium and portrait gallery of Baptist ministers and other Georgia Baptists - (1881) – 613 pages

History, Confederate Veterans' Association, of Fulton County, Georgia, by Confederate Veterans’ Association - (1890) – 198 pages

James Oglethorpe, the Founder of Georgia by Harriet Cornelia Cooper - (1904) – 216 pages

List of 680 Revolutionary Soldiers ... and widows of revolutionary soldiers in Georgia to 1838, together with the county in which they resided by Thomas Forsythe Nelson - (1913) – 28 pages

Makers of Georgia's Name and Fame by Albert Carlton Whitehead - (1913) – 236 pages

Memorial History of Augusta, Georgia: from its settlement in 1735 to the close of the eighteenth century by Charles C. Jones, jr. LL.D. From the close of the eighteenth century to the present time by Salem Dutcher - (1890) – 600 pages

Memorial of the Centennial Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia by Mary C. Wadley - (1904) – 184 pages

Men of Mark in Georgia : a complete and elaborate history of the state from its settlement to the present time, chiefly told in biographies and autobiographies of the most eminent men of each period of Georgia's progress and development, Volumes 1 - 6 by William J. Northen - (1912) –2,682 pages

Miscellanies of Georgia: historical, biographical, descriptive, etc. by Absalom H. Chappell - (1874) – 254 pages

Mr. Absalom Billingslea, and Other Georgia Folk by Richard M. Johnston - (1888) – 414 pages

Northern Georgia Sketches by Will N. Harben - (1900) – 306 pages

Old times in middle Georgia by Richard M. Johnston - (1897) – 250 pages

Pierce county, Georgia by S.C. Walker Charleston - (1895) – 16 pages

Putnam county, Georgia and its resources by D.T. Singleton - (1895) – 92 pages

Rabun County, Georgia, 1840 Census, by John Thomas Coleman - (1900) – 24 pages

Recollections of a Georgia loyalist by Elizabeth Lichtenstein Josnston - (1901) – 224 pages

Recollections of Blackshear, Georgia, 1857-1913-14 by Nellie Stewart - (1915) – 30 pages

Reconstruction of Georgia by Benjamin Franklin Butler - (1869) – 15 pages

Reconstruction period in Georgia, 1865-72 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy - (1916) – 58 pages

Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists by S.G. Hillyer - (1902) – 294 pages

Reminiscences of Georgia: by Emily P. Burke - (1850) – 250 pages

Roster and history of the Department of Georgia, (states of Georgia and South Carolina,) Grand army of the republic by the Grand Army of the Republic Dept. of Georgia - (1894) – 5 pages

Southern farms for sale, located on the lines of the Central R. R. of Georgia system by Central Railroad of Georgia - (1895)- 80 pages

Statistics of the state of Georgia : including an account of its natural, civil, and ecclesiastical history ; together with a particular description of each county, notices of the manners and customs of its aboriginal tribes, and a correct map of the state by George White - (1849) – 700 pages

Stories of Georgia by Joel Chandler Harris - (1896) – 315 pages

Tallapossa, Georgia; its Past, Present and Future - (1908) – 34 pages

The Confederate records of the State of Georgia, Volumes 1 – 4, 6 by The Georgia General Assembly - (1909) – 4,125 pages

The Dead Towns of Georgia by Charles C. Jones - (1878) – 262 pages

The early history of Jackson county, Georgia. "The writings of the late G.J.N. Wilson, embracing some of the early history of Jackson county". The first settlers, 1784; formation and boundaries to the present time; records of the Talasee colony; struggles of the colonies of Yamacutah, Groaning Rock, Fort Yargo, Stonethrow and Thomocoggan by Gustavus James Nash Wilson - (1914) – 342 pages

The first Colored Baptist Church in North America : constituted at Savannah, Georgia, January 20, A.D. 1788, with biographical sketches of the pastors by James Meriles Simms - (1888) – 264 pages

The Georgia Historical Quarterly by Georgia historical Society - (1917) – 226 pages

The Hills of Wilkes County, Georgia, and Allied Families by Lodowick Johnson Hill - (1922) – 300 pages

The History of Georgia by Charles C. Jones - (1883) – 554 pages

The History of Georgia in the Eighteenth Century by Orville Augustus Park - (1921) – 142 pages

The History of Georgia Methodism from 1786 to 1866 by George Gilman Smith - (1913) – 428 pages

The history of Georgia, containing brief sketches of the most remarkable events up to the present day, by Hugh McCall - (1909) – 562 pages

The History of Georgia, from its earliest settlement to the present time by T.S. Arthur & D.L. Clark- (1852) – 330 pages

The History of the State of Georgia from 1850 to 1881, embracing the three important epochs: the decade before the war of 1861-5; the war; the period of Reconstruction by Isaac Wheeler Avery & R. Iguana- (1881) – 742 pages

The industries of Columbus, Georgia. Her advantages as a business centre, manufacturing locality and healthful habitation by J.A. Walker - (1887) – 80 pages

The Jews of Georgia from the outbreak of the American revolution to the close of the 18th century by Leon Huhner - (1909) – 108 pages

The Life and Times of William Harris Crawford, of Georgia by Charles N. West - (1892) – 45 pages

The Moravians in Georgia, 1735-1740 by Adelaide L. Fries - (1905) – 292 pages

The Mountain Campaigns in Georgia by Joseph M. Brown - (1895) – 70 pages

The Nacoochee Mound in Georgia by George G. Heye - (1918) – 102 pages

The Negroes of Clarke County, Georgia, during the Great War by Francis Taylor Long - (1919) – 56 pages

The Reconstruction of Georgia by Edwin Campbell - (1901) – 112 pages

The Removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia, Volumes 1 & 2 by Wilson Lumpkin - (1907) – 696 pages

The Revolutionary records of the State of Georgia, Volume 1 by the Georgia General Assembly - (1908) – 674 pages

The Salzburgers and their descendants : being the history of a colony of German (Lutheran) Protestants, who emigrated to Georgia in 1734 and settled at Ebenezer, twenty-five miles above the city of Savannah by P.A. Strobel - (1855) – 308 pages

The settlement of the Jews in Georgia by Charles Colcock Jones - (1893) – 12 pages

The Shelleys of Georgia by Beatrice York Houghton - (1917) – 406 pages

The South Georgia Historical and Genealogical Quarterly by Folks Huxford - (1922) – 41 pages

The Story of Georgia and the Georgia People, 1732 to 1860 by George Gilman Smith - (1900) – 646 pages

Under the stars and bars; or, Memories of four years service with the Oglethorpes, of Augusta, Georgia by Walter A. Clark - (1900) – 238 pages

Attention Staff: The book or books on this media were copyrighted prior to January 1, 1923 and/or are Government publications which are free of copyright restrictions. This media resides within the Public Domain as defined by the United States Copyright Office. This ad complies with all rules and regulations.

96 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Georgia Ga

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96 Old Books History & Genealogy Of Georgia Ga:

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