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AMBUSH mission conversion 'FALLSCHIRMJAGER' Avalon Hill

Fallschirmjager Conversion: Created by Wayne C. Close

You must own Ambush by Victory Games to play these missions.

The item you are offerding on is a full conversion of the original 8 Ambush missions, allowing you to play from the perspective of the German Fallschirmjager (Airborne) troops.

In this packet you receive three pages of rules covering the Germans, Special Weapons notes and details on the use of Panzerfausts and some other general notes on how to properly convert the first 8 Ambush missions from the American perspective into the Fallschirmjager point of view.

You will also receive 8 mission briefings:

Mission 1: Blutig St. Michaux
Mission 2: Retreat through Chasoul
Mission 3: Cold Morning in Belgium
Mission 4: Fallschirmjager
Mission 5: Fall Taschendieh
Mission 6: Assault on Fortress Belgium
Mission 7: To the Last Bullet
Mission 8: Battle of the Ardennes

These briefings give the detail of the mission and the change in rules from the original mission. Each mission number mirrors the original Ambush mission.

Also included is a player aid sheet printed on hard card stock. This includes charts on German Equipment/weapons cost, squad member cost, a special German weapons chart showing the ranges and kill ratios for flamethrowers, panzerbucshe, panzerfaust, explosives, mortars and shaped charges. The player aid also includes a map of the conflict area and numbers corresponding with each mission are placed on the map showing where each mission takes place. I've also included my favorite Fallschirmjager photo (he looks like he could take care of business). I've used a hue of blue to offset each line on the chart and color coded wound numbers making the chart easier to read.

Shipping will be the actual cost with a $2.00 handling fee. If you win multiple items I charge the full shipping price on the heaviest item and $1.00 on each additional item.

These missions are playable on VASSAL. Be sure to check out VASSAL. You can Google it. It's a place on the web that allows you to play almost any board game on your computer including Ambush.

If you have any questions please ask.

Ambush Mission Conversion 'fallschirmjager' Avalon Hill

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Ambush Mission Conversion 'fallschirmjager' Avalon Hill: