Acrylic Display Case & Stand For Cgc Graded Comic Books

Acrylic Display Case & Stand For Cgc Graded Comic Books

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Acrylic Display Case & Stand For Cgc Graded Comic Books:

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Specific Case Information

This case has been designed to fit most standard size comic books which have been graded by CGC*.

This sale is for (1) display stand style, CP acrylic display case designed for a standard size graded comic book.

Case Thickness Measures: 1/8 inch

Internal Height: 12 15/16inches

Internal Width: 8 1/8inches

Internal Depth:7/16 inch

Our special hand-crafted cases were designed to offer added protection and enhanced display options for your standard size graded comic books. Please check your graded comics carefully to ensure this is the correct size case for your particular comic book. Many golden age and oversize graded comic books require our oversize case with a depth of 3/4". This case is also available in two different styles, one which includes a display stand and a bottom door, and another which includes a wall hanger** and a top door. Additionally, cases are available in two material options, standard (CP) acrylic which provides some UV protection, and archival (UF-5 or OP-3) acrylic which provides approximately 99% UV protection for an additional fee.

*CGA has no affiliation with CGC which is a registered trademark of Certified Collectibles Group.

**CGA assumes no liability for providing wall hanger display options. Please ensure the stability of any surface you choose to hang these cases on and test to make sure the case is secure prior to the completion of the case installation. Warning: Improper installation or excessive vibration can cause items to fall from any wall.

General Case Information

CGA offers the finest quality acrylic display cases on the market today. If you take a moment to compare the quality of our acrylic cases with the quality of all other acrylic case competitors worldwide, the difference is instantly clear. We use only the highest quality acrylic with acrylic thickness ranging from 1/8” (3.2 mm) to 1/4" (6.4 mm) while many competitors use lower quality acrylic as thin as 2 mm. When viewing one of our cases, you will notice that every edge (including internal edges) is polished to a clear, glossy sheen using a high heat hydrogen-oxygen flame. In addition, the bending angles we use help to better light any item within one of our cases. These are just a few of the differences which clearly identify any CGA case as the world’s front runner in both quality and durability.

offer with confidence. You won’t find higher quality cases anywhere on the planet!

Important Note: Please be advised that depending on our stock levels and the size of each order, it can take as long as 1-2 weeks for case orders to ship due to the fabrication process involved in certain instances. However, most orders will ship in 3-5 days.

Regarding Custom Cases: We can create virtually any custom style or size case, and will gladly create fixed price listings for these or for larger quantities of in-stock cases at discounted prices.

About CGA Cases

Collectible Grading Authority (CGA) is the parent company of the well-known and established grading company, Action Figure Authority (AFA), as well as the Collectible Doll Authority (CDA), Die-Cast Authority (DCA), and Video Game Authority (VGA). Since our inception, the main goal of our company has been to grade, authenticate, and preserve your treasured collectibles. We understand that there are multiple reasons why some collectors prefer not to send their items away for grading, so we’ve expanded our product line to include high quality sliding-door acrylic cases which provide increased protection and improved visual aesthetics for all types of collectibles. These sliding-door cases are designed for collectors who want to periodically remove their items from their protective acrylic shell, contrasting the sealed cases used to permanently seal graded items.

Our high quality sliding-door acrylic cases are designed and handcrafted on-site in the United States by our team of expert acrylic craftsmen. The leader of our acrylic team is a master craftsman with over 20 years of experience. His talent is widely recognized and over the last few decades, he’s trained many of the most experienced acrylic craftsmen in the SouthEastern United States. If you are familiar with our grading services and the high quality acrylic display cases we provide, then it will comfort you to know that our sliding-door acrylic cases are made by the same craftsmen, from the same high quality acrylic materials, and in the same style as our graded cases. Like our graded acrylic cases, these cases are available in both standard CP acrylic with some UV resistance, as well as archival UF-5 or OP-3 acrylic with over 99% UV resistance.

You can buy from CGA with absolute confidence because we guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 14 day money-back guarantee on all in-stock sliding-door acrylic cases.*

*money-back guarantee excludes shipping charges.

Please check out theCGA online storeif you have any additional questions, would like to inquire about other cases, volume discounts, or would like to request a quote for any custom-size acrylic display case. We can create virtually any custom style or size case, and will gladly create fixed price listings for these or for larger quantities of in-stock cases at discounted prices.

Shipping Information

Please note that if you make multiple purchases on the same day please let us invoice you for combined shipping, otherwise you will be paying for separate shipping.

Typically cases ship within 3-5 business days, but it can take as long as 2 weeks depending on product availability and the fabrication process involved in replenishing our stock, or fulfilling high volume orders.

All CGA acrylic cases are shipped via UPS Ground delivery service within the continental United States. For most international orders, we use USPS Priority Mail International service which averages 3-7 days for delivery. International shipping is estimated at time of invoicing. If additional payment is necessary, it will be billed upon completion of order. All items will be shipped in brand new, sturdy boxes with packing peanuts and bubble wrap used to secure your items.

Payment Information

We accept payments in the form of credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) as well as PayPal. We ask that international buyers wait to remit payment until we send an invoice with the correct total for shipping.

Acrylic Display Case & Stand For Cgc Graded Comic Books:

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