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Amish Made Biothane Draft Horse Team Parade Harness For Sale

Amish Made Biothane Draft Horse Team Parade Harness

Brand new Amish made draft team set of biothane carriage parade harness with hames - harness is super biothane - about 5 times stronger than leather - all hardware is stainless steel except the hames and heel chains. This harness is adjustable and is full draft size for horses from about 1600 to 2600 pounds. This harness can be made for any size horse - just call us. Heavy duty traces with chain ends. Bridle with blinders, standard breeching, driving lines - customer may choose hame size - collar not included but available for purchase. This is the typical type of harness used by commercial carriage operators - it is super strong for safety and simply hose it off after you use it - water has no affect on it.Full customization is available on this harness - also you can have it made in beta granite if you want for the same price. The hames will be standard black heavy farm style black steel hames with chrome tops. You can also get round spots in place of thediamond spots for the same price. Please note that while we try to keep a couple of these harness in stock most are made when we take an order which takes2 to 4weeks in most cases depending on many harness sets are already in production. This harness can be shipped worlwide - please contact us for a ship quote for international. RETURN POLICY All items unless otherwise noted may be returned for refund of purchase price less shipping with no restocking fee. Items must be unused, ungirthed and unsoiled in any way. Any item returned showing any evidence of use or damage will be charged a 35 % restocking fee. You must have a return auth number by calling 417-394-2298 and must make the return within 7 days of receipt of item. . We accept all major credit cards and Paypal too. We value your business - PLEASE COMPARE OUR response AND offer WITH CONFIDENCE - Frontier Equestrian - A name that stands for honesty and integrity!

Due to new shipping costs we will no longer offer international shipping unless you first email for a shipping quote before offerding on the the item.
Amish Made Biothane Draft Horse Team Parade Harness

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Amish Made Biothane Draft Horse Team Parade Harness:

Nose Band Beta - Black picture
Nose Band Beta - Black

Crupper (fits 11701) - Black picture
Crupper (fits 11701) - Black

Fleece Saddle Pad - Dark Blue picture
Fleece Saddle Pad - Dark Blue

Tough-1 Replacement Driving Cart Parts - Seat - Minature picture
Tough-1 Replacement Driving Cart Parts - Seat - Minature

Buxton Breast Collar - Red-gold picture
Buxton Breast Collar - Red-gold

Lines Synthetic (beta) - Black - Medium picture
Lines Synthetic (beta) - Black - Medium

Shadow Roll - White - Cob picture
Shadow Roll - White - Cob

Saddle Pad Elite - Dark Red-black-white picture
Saddle Pad Elite - Dark Red-black-white

Beta Throat Pro (11586 11590) - Black - Cob picture
Beta Throat Pro (11586 11590) - Black - Cob

Buxton Breast Collar - Blue-silver picture
Buxton Breast Collar - Blue-silver