Antique 1895 Guide Moses King Views New York Steamship Buildings Nyc Broadway

Antique 1895 Guide Moses King Views New York Steamship Buildings Nyc Broadway

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Antique 1895 Guide Moses King Views New York Steamship Buildings Nyc Broadway:

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King's Photographic Views of New York

King's Photographic Views of New York. A Souvenir Companion to King's Handbook of New York City a superb volume of 1008 pages and 1029 illustrations. Published by Moses King, Boston, Mass. 1895. Wonderful 720 pages with color folding map of New York City, "From the Latest Surveys, showing all Ferries and Steamship docks, Elevated, Cable and Cross Town Car Lines." Index and 450 illustrations.

A SERIES OF 450 ILLUSTRATIONS. Arranged progressively from the Harbor to Harlem, showing important institutions, frequented thoroughfares, notable business houses, public buildings, churches, residences, etc., all together forming a collection of views that will have a constantly enhancing value. The preface of this first edition of King’s Photographic Views of New York summarizes its purpose and use: Description of today makes history of the future. Accurate pictures are the most vivid descriptions. The 450 photographic views in this volume tell a simple but entertaining and comprehensive story of New York in 1894-1895. They are so arranged as to form a practical route-guide book. The stranger who will follow the route or order of these pictures will see the city in the easiest and shortest manner.

Content with much of architectural interest, including exterior elements as well as street views of many of the businesses, neighborhoods of the city at the end of the 19th century, interspersed with advertisements; with a very useful alphabetically organized index of names of the places pictured, at the back. Original color-illustrated cloth. Gray-green blocked in dark red decoratively illustrated and gilt titled cloth. Covers are solid with only slightly bumping of the corner. All pages are present. Pages are bright and have no foxing on them. No loose or missing pages. Both hinges broken but still in good condition. Spine top & bottom wear. Measures approx.7 1/2" x 6". Endpapers split. Lacks one (blank) brown endpaper at back. Binding very worn, cloth splitting at back outer hinge between back cover & spine. Contents including Large folding map of New York at p. 476, very good condition, with just a bit of parting at center fold line. The boards fair to good only. An interesting look at the local architecture and a good glimpse of the city scenes at the end of the 19th century and the businesses thriving at that time. The book is in fair condition. Pictures are a part of the description.

Most of these images are unavailable anywhere else!! Whether you’re interested in the architecture, businesses, urban growth or simply the history of New York – this book is an unbelievable resource.




Abbey's Theatre
Academy of Design, National
Adams & Bishop Co., Paper Mrs.
Adams (Peter) Co., Paper Mrs.
"Advertiser" Morning and Afternoon
Ahrcnfeldt (Chas,)& Son, Pottery, etc.
Aldrich Court Building
"America" and "Mercury"
American Bank Note Co.
American Bible Society
American Book Co., School Books
American Champion Gas Lamp Co.
American Exchange National Bank
American Fire Insurance Co.
American Grocery Co.
American Institute of Phrenology
American Line of St'rs
American Museum of Natural History
American Net & Twine Co.
American News Co.
American Specialty Co., Novelties
American Sugar Refining Co., Refineries
American Sugar Ref'g Co.,Wall St. Offices
American Surety Co.
American Tract Society
Amsinck Building
Amsinck(G.) & Co., Shipping Merchants
Ams (Max), Preserves, Fish, etc.
Anglo-American Drug Co.
Ann Street
Ansonia Clock Co.
Anthony (Henry M.), Mfrs'Agent
Apprentices' Library
Aquarium, formerly "Castle Garden
Arch in Central Park
Army Building
Arnold, Constable & Co., Dry Goods
Arnold (Max), Merchant Tailor
Assay Office
Association Hall, Y. M. C. A.
Astor Bronze Doors on Trinity Church
Astor Building
Astor House
Astor's (John Jacob) Residence
Astor Library
Astor Place,
Astor Place Bank
Astor Place Building (O. B. Potter Trust)
Atlantic Coast Line
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co.
Atlas Steamship Line
Australasian Packets, Peabody's


Babbitt (B. T.), Soap Works
Baker Smith & Co.. Heating & Ventila'g
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Banana Unloading Scene
Bank for Savings
Bank of America
Bank of Buffalo, Buffalo, N. Y.
Bank of Commerce
Bank of New Amsterdam
Bank of New York
Bank of North America
Bank of the Metropolis
Bankers' Magazine
Banks & Brothers, Law Publishers
Baptist Tabernacle
Barclay Street Ferry
Barge Office
Baring, Magoun & Co., Bankers
Barnes - A. S. & Co.. Publishers
Bartholdi Liberty Statue
Batjer (H. A.) & Co. Importers
Battery Park and Castle Garden
Battery Park, Elevated R.R , Femes, etc.
Bawo & Dotter. Pottery, China, etc.
Baxter Street
Beach at Coney Island
Beach Street
Beaman (Charles C), Attorney
Beaver Street
Beddall (E. F ), Manager
Bedloe's Island, Liberty Statue
Beethoven Stitue, Central Park
Belgravia Apartment House
Belvedere, Central Park
Benedict Brothers, Jewelers
Benedict Building
Benjamin (William Kvarts), Publisher
Bennett Building
Berkeley Oval
Berkeley School for Boys
Berkshire Life Insurarcc Co.
Berwind's (Edward J.) Residence
Berwind-White Coal Mining Co.
Berwind-White Coal Piers at Jersey City
Best A Co., Liliputian Bazaar
Bible House
Bierman, Heidelberg & Co., Clothiers
Bird's-eye View of New York in 1851
Bird's-eye View of New York in 1895
"Bismarck," Hamburg-Am n Steamship
Bixby (S. M.) & Co , Blacking
Blackwell's Island Projected Bridge
Blackwell's Island Institutions
Blair's Fountain Pen Co.
Blair & Co., Bankers, Mechanics B'k B!d'g
Bleecker St. Building of O. B. Potter Trust
Bliven & Carrington. Oils and Grease
Blizzard Scenes of 1888
blood good (W. E.), Archil ect.
Boat-house on Big Lake, Central Park.
Boat-house and Lake, Central Park
Bogle & Scott, Canned Goods
Bolivar Statue, Central Park
Borgfeldt (Geo.) & Co., Com. Merchants
Boston Belting Co., Rubber Goods
Boston Marine Insurance Co.
"Boston" United States War Ship
"Bourgogne," French Line Steamship
Bouve. Crawford & Co.
Bow Bridge in Central Park
Bowers (Henry E.) Manager
Bowery hire Insurance Co.
Bowery S wings Hank
Bowling Green
Boyle John & C. Duck, Fabrics, etc. Bradley & Currier Co., Woodwork
Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co., Metal Goods
Bradstreet's Journal
Bradstreet Mercantile Agency
Brentano's, Periodicals and Books Bridges
Bristol Hotel
Broad StreetBroadway Building (O. B. Potter)
Broadway Cable Power House
Broadway Central Hotel, Tilly Haynes
Broadway Insurance Co.
Brock's Commercial Agency
Bronze Doors of Trinity Church
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Cable Cars
Brooklyn Life Insurance Co.
Brooks Brothers, Clothiers and Tailors
Brown Brothers & Co., Bankers
Brown (Timothy Y.) Insurance Brown's (Miss) School for Girls
Bryant Building
Buchanan (Dr. J.), DentistBuckingham Hotel, Wetherbee & Fuller
Buffalo, N. Y.
Bulkley, Dunton & Co., Paper Dealers
Burke (H. E.), Hatter
Burns Statue, Central Park
Burt & Packard Shoe Shop, Butler (Wm. H.), Safes and Vaults
Broadway in 1828
Broadway at Murray St. in 1863
Broadway at its beginning
Bird's-eye view of lower part
North from Bowling Green
South from Wall Street
North from Pine Street
North from Cedar Street
North from Liberty Street
South from Cortlandt Street
North from Cortlandc Street
South from D^y Street
North from Dey Street
South from Fulton Street
North from Post-Office
North from Barclay Street
North from Park Place
North from Murray Street
South from Chambers Street
North from Chambers Street
South from Canal Street
North from Grand Street
North from Soring Street
North from Bleecker Strict
North from Bond Street
North from Grace Church
North from nth Street
South from 14th Street
South from 16th Street
North from 16th Street
North from 18th Street
North from 19th Street
South from 20th Street
Washington Building
George W. Sheldon & Co.
Welles Building
United States Check Punch Co.
Standard Oil Building
Columbia Building
Panama R. R.
Columbian Line
Hamburg-American Line
Aldrich Court 60
Berwind-White Coal Min'g Co.
Cons. Stock and Petroleum Exchange
Manhattan Life Insurance Co.
Union Trust Co.
Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co.
William Wilson
Trinity Church
Trinity Bronze Doors
United Bank Building
National Bank of the Republic
Far-son, Leach & Co.
First National Bank
American Surety Co.
Martyr's Monument
Trinity Building
German-American Ins. Co.
Boreel Building
Home Insurance Co.
Equitable Life Building
Kountze Brothers
Niagara Hire Insurance Co.
C. C. Hine:"Insurance Monitor"
Kings County Fire Insurance Co.
Mutual Life, Broadway B'lding
Singer Manufacturing Co.
Williamsburg City Fire Ins. Co.
Citizens' Fire Insurance Co.
L. E. Waterman Co.
Greenwich Insurance Co.
Benedict Brothers
Crawford Shoe Store
Milhau's (J.) Son
Mercantile National Bank
W. U. Telegraph Building
"Mail and Express
"Evening Post"
"The Nation"
New England Mutual Life Ins. Co.
Loew Bridge
St. Paul's Chapel
National Park Bank
Atlantic Coast Line
City Hall
Postal Telegraph Co.
Commercial Cable Co.
Berkshire Life Insurance Co.
Sprague Electic Elevator Co.
A. Schulte
Home Life Building
Merchants' Exchange Nat'l Bank
Preferred Accident Insurance Co.
United States Life Insurance Co.
Chemical National Bank
National Shoe and Leather Bank
Southern Railway Co.
"Piedmont Air Line"
Bradstreel Mercantile Ag'ncy
Washington Trust Co.
Stewart Building
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass'n
Tower Manuf'g & Novelty Co.
Franklin Typewriter Co.
Central National Bank
Teffi, Weller & Co.
Southern Pacific Co.
"Morgan Line"
New York Life Insurance Co.
Calhoun, Robbing Ht Co.
Gustav G. Lansing
Ninth National Bank
Mills & Gibb
Charles Broadway Rouss
Frecdman Brothers
Cable Building
Brodway Central Hotel
Hornthal, Weissman & Co.
Grace Church
Grace Church Rectory
O. B. Potter, Broadway Building
Gustav E. Stechert
B. Wes'ermann & Co.
James McCreery & Co.
Crawford Shoe Store
Roosevelt Building
Longley Brothers
Crawford Shoe Store
Raritan Hollow & Porous Brick Co.
Mclntyre Building
Arnold, Constable & Co.
Gorham Manufacturing Co.
Edward A. Morrison & Son
Lord & Taylor
Brooks Brothers
Fifth Avenue Hotel
Second National Bank
Hoffman House
Charles T. Jones
Palmer's Theatre
Imperial Hotel
Union Dime Sa'gs Institution
Greeley Square
Standard Theatre
Herald Square
35th St. "New York Herald"
38th St. Abbey's Theatre
39th St. Casino
40th St. Metropolitan Opera House
42d St. St. Cloud Hotel


Cable Building
Cable Carson Brooklyn Bridge
Cable Power House of Broadway Cable
Cable Power House of Lex'gton Av. Cable
Cady (J. C.) & Co., Architects
Caesar Brothers, Enameled Letters
Cafe Savarin, Equitable Building
Calhoun, Robbins & Co., Dry Goods
Calvary Church, Protestant Episcopal
Cambridge Hotel, H. Walter, Prop.
Cammann (H. H.) & Co., Real Estate
"Campania," Cunard Line Steamer
Carrere & Hastings, Architects
Carter, Hawley & Co., Shipping and Com
Casino Theatre
Casino in Central Park
Cassidy (John), Blank Books, Ruling, etc.
Cassidy Son, Gas & Electric Fixtures
Cass Realty Corporation
Cass Realty Corporation, E. 23d St. Block
Cass Realty Corporation, Lex. Ave. Block
Castle Garden
Castle Williams
Castleton Hotel, Staten Island
Cave, Central Park
Cedar Street
Central Building
Central National Bank
Central Park Apartment Buildings
Central Park Safe Deposit Co.
Central Park Views
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Central Stores, Terminal Ware'se Co., Central Trust Building
Century Building
Chambers StreetChamplain Hotel, Lake Champlain
Charities Building
Chase National BankChitham Square
Chelsea Square
Chemical National Bank
Chesebrough Building "Chicago, United Staus War Ship
Choate (Joseph H.), Lawyer
"Christian Advocate" (Methodisn)
"Christian Herald," Bible House
Christman (John), Piano Manufacturer
Churches"Churchman," M. H. Mallory & Co.
Church of the Heavenly Rest, EpiscopalChurch Street
Citizens Insurance Company
City Hall
City Hall Park
Clatlin (H. B.) Co., Wholesale Dry Goods
Clark Building, Park Row
Clapp (E. E.), Kid'ty & Casualty Co.
Clearing House, newClearing House, old
Clews (Henry) & Co. Bankers, Mills Bldg
Clinton (C. W.), Architect Clinton Hall, Mercantile Library
Coal and Iron Exchange
"Coal Trade Journal, F. E. Saward
Coenties Slip
Coffee Exchange
Coffee Exchange, The Old, on Beaver St.
Coleman House
Collamore (Oilman) & Co., China, etc.
Collegiate Church at 5th Ave. and 48th Collegiate Church at 5th Ave. & 29th St.
Collegiate Church, West and Av. & 77th St. Colonnade Row
"Columbia Bicycles," Pope Mfg. Co.
Columbia Restaurant
Columbia Building, Columbia Rubber Works
Columbian Steamship Line
Commerce Monument, Central Park, "Commercial Advertiser," Daily
"Commercial & Financial Chronicle,"
"Commercial Bulletin,"
Commercial Cable Company
Commercial Union Assurance Co.
Compagnie Generate Transatlantiquc
Coney Island
Connecticut, Capitol at Hartford
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co.
"Connecticut" (Providence Line Steamer)
Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Ex.
Constable Brothers, Architecls
Constable Building
Continental Building
Cooper Union
Corbin (P. & F.) Cabinet Hardware
Corn Exchange Bank
Cortlandt Street Ferry (Penn. R.R)
Cotton Exchange
Coudert Brothers, Lawyers
County Court House
Court of General Sessions
Cox (Samuel S.) Statue
Crane Co., Elevators, Tribune Building
Crane & Co., Paper Manufacturers
Crawford Shoe Store
Crawford Shoe Store, at B'way and 12th St.
Crawford Shoe Store, at B'way and 14th St.
Crawford Shoe Store in Harlem
Criminal Law Courts
Crosley (Thos. H.) Co., Electrotypers
Croton Aqueduct Bridge, High Bridge
Crouch & Fitzgerald, Trunks and Bags
Cunard Line of Steamships
Custom House
Cutler U. S. Mail Chute
Cutler Manufacturing Company
Cypress Hills Cemetery Offices


Dakota Apartment House
Darmstadt & Scott, Paper
Dauchy & Co., Advertising Agency
Davis (John H.) & Co. Bankers
Davis (Samuel D.) & Co., Bankers
Dean (W. G.) & Son, Mustard, etc.
Decker Brothers, Piano Mfrs.
Decker Building. Union Squire Delaware & Hudson Canal Co's Building
Delaware & Hudson Railroad
Delaware, Lackawana & W Building
De Lemos & Cordes, Architects
Dc Lima(D. A.) & Co., Foreign Merchants
Delmonico's in Beaver Street
Demarest (A.) & Son, Engravers
Democratic Club
Dennett's Coffee Rooms. Park Row.
Depew (Hon. Chauncey M ), President
Desbrosses Street Ferry (Penn. R.R.) Deutsch & Co., Ladies' Garments
Devoe (F. W.) & C. T. Raynolds Co., Paints, Varnishes, Brushes
Dick & Fitzgerald, Publishers
Diemer (John F.), Document Filing Cases
Diocesan House, Episcopal
Dock at Jersey City of Central R.R. of N. J.
Dock at Jersey City of Pennsylvania R. R.
Downing Building
Down-Town Club
Drexel Building, Site of
Drexel Building
Duane Street
Duncan Hanover Bank Building Duncan's (John) Sons, Importers
Durkee (E. R.) & Co., Condiments
Dutch Cottage in 1679
Dutton (E. P.) & Co., Soule's Photo's
Dwight (John) & Co., Soda Mfrs.
Dyckerhoff Portland Cement, E. Thiele


Eagle Cage, Central Pane
Eagle Fire Building
Eaglfs, Monument; Central Park
Earl & Wilson, Collars and Cuffs
East River
East River Bridge (see Brooklyn Bridge)
East River National Bank
Edison Building
Eidlitz (Charles L.) Electrical Contractor
Eidlitz (Cyrus L. W.) Architect
Eidlitz (Marc) & Son, Contractors
Eighteenth Street East
Elevated Railroads
"Electrical Review,"
"Electrical World," Postal Teleg. Bldg.
Eighth Street Theatre
Elevated Railroad, City Hall Branch
Elizabeth. N. J.
Elliott (James) & Co., Linens
Ellis Island, Landing for Emigrantsand Dining Hall,Surgeon Home,Detention Room
"ElSud," Steamship, Southern Pacific Co. Emanu-El Temple, Synagogue
Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank
Episcopal Diocesan House, Episcopal M issions House
Episcopal Theological Seminary
Equitable Life Building"Era Druggists' Directory
"Evening Post" Building
Everett House. B. L. M. Batrs
Evarts (Hon.William M.), Lawyer
Excelsior Power Building Excelsior Umbrella Mfg. Co.
Exchange Place

Fabric Fire Hose Co.
Fahys Building
Fahys(Jos.) & Co., Watches and Cases Fairchild (Samuel W.)
Falconer, Statue in Central Park
Fall River Line
Farlee (J. S.) & Bro., Invest. Bankers
Farmers' and West Washington Markets
Farmers' Loan and Trust Co.
Farragut Fire Insurance Co.
Farragut Monument
Farson, Leach & Co.,Bankers, Public Bonds
Federal Hall, Old City Hall
Ferries Ferris (F. A.) & Co., Packers
Ferris's Fine Shoes
Fidelity & Casualty Co.Fifteenth Street West
Fifteenth Street East
Fifth Ave
Fifth Avenue Bank
Fifth Avenue Hotel, Hitchcock, Darling & Co., Props.
Fifth Avenue Safe Deposit Co.
First Avenue Fischer (B.) & Co., Coffees, Spices, etc.
Fisk & Hatch, Bankers
Fisk (Harvey) & Sons, B'k' fr'tcov.
Fiss & Doerr's Horse Marts at Buffalo
Fiss & Doerr's Horse Marts at N. York
Fleischmann's Vienna Bakery
Flint (Geo. C.) Co., Furniture
Floyd (John G.), Pub. Banker's Magazine
Forbes Lithog. M'f'g Co., inside of back cover. Fort, Old, Central Park
Fort Wadsworth
Forty-eighth Street West
"Forum Magazine," Jackson Building
Fourteenth St. Bridge, E. River (projected)
Fourteenth Street East, West
Fourth Avenue
Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Fourth National Bank
Fowler A Wells Co., Phrenologists
Fox (Matthew J.), Tailor
Frank, Kahn & Frank, Shirt Mfrs.
Frank (A.) & Co., Advertising Agency
Frankfort StreetFranklin Bank Note Co.
Franklin Street
Franklin Typewriter
Freedman Bros., Cloaksand Suits
French (H. Q.) Mausoleumsand Monum'ts
French Line SteamshipsFrench, Schriner & Urner, Shoe Manfrs.
Fulton Street
"Furst Bismarck," Hamb'g-Amencan Line


Gallatin National Bank
Gardiner Binding and Mailing Co.
Garner & Co., Dry Goods Commission
Gedney House
Gelston & Bussing, Bankers
General Electric Co., Edison Building
General Theological Seminary, Prot. Epis.
Genesee Fruit Co., Ciders& Beverages
Gerlach Hotel, Chas. A. Gerlach
German American Bank, Mills Building
German American Insurance Co.
German Savings Institution
Germania Fire Insurance Co.
Germama Life Insurance Co.
Gerry (Elbridge T.) Residence of
Gibson (R. W.), Architect
Gill Engraving Co., Half-tone Plates
Goddard (J. W.) & Sons, Tailors' Trimm'gs
Golding (John N.) Real Estate
Gorham Manuf'gCo., Silversmiths
Gould's (Jay) Mausoleum
Gould's (Jay) Res., 5th Ave. and 47th St.
Governor's Island
Grace Church, Protestant Epis
Grace Church Rectory
Grand Central St'n (N.Y. C. A. H.R.R.)
Grand Street
Grand Street Bridge, East River (projected)
Grand Union Hotel, Ford & Co.
Grant's Tomb, Graves (Rob't) & Son, Wall Paper
Greeley Square
Greenwich Insurance Co. Greenwich Street
Greenwood Cemetery Offices
Guernsey Building


Habcrstroh (L.) & Son, Decor, and Painters
Hackett, Carhart & Co., Clothiers
Haight (C. C.t, Architect
Haight (David L.), Agent, Vanderbilt B'g
Hale (Nathan) Statue, City Hall Park
Halleck Statue, Central Park
Hall (John P.), Electrical Contractor
Hall & Henshaw, Insurance
Hall's (Dr.John) Church, Presbyt'n
Hall of Records
Hamburg-American Steamship Co.
Hamilton Statue, Central Park
Hannigan & Bouillon, Dry Goods
Hanover Fire Insurance Co.
Hanover National Bank
Hanover Square Hanover Street
Harding (Geo. Ed.) &, Arch'ts
Harlem River
Harris (N. W.) & Co., Bankers
Hartford, Conn., Soldiers' Arch and Capitol
Hartford, Conn., View in
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
Hartford Steam Boiler Insp. and Ins. Co.
Hatch (W. T.) & Son, Bankers
Havemeyer Building
Haynes(D. O.) & Co., Publishers
Haynes (Tilly), Hotels, Hays Building, Maiden Lane
Healy Building
Hegeman (J. N.) & Co., Druggists
Hegger's Photograph Establishment
Heins A La Farge, Architects
Herald Building, Old
Herald Square
Herring & Co., Safes
Herzog Teleseme Co., Electricians
Hess (D. S.) & Co., Furniture
Hevert (William), Restaurant
High Bridge (Croton Aqueduct Bridge)
Hine (C. C), Insurance Publisher
Hitchcock, Darling Co.,Fifth Ave. Hotel
Hitchcock's Music Store
Hoe (R.) & Co., Printing Presses and Saws
Hoffman House
Hojer & Graham, Painters
Holland House, Kinsley & Baumann
Hollins (H. B.) & Co., Bankers
Home Life Building
Hornthal Weissman & Co., Clothiers
Horse MartsHorsford's Acid Phosphate
Hotel Castleton, Staten L, Geo. Murray
Hotel Champlain, on Lake Champlain
Hotel Majestic
Hotel Sherwood, Geo. Murray
Hotel Wellington, Geo. Murray, How (Hall J.) & Co., Real Estate
Howe, Balch & Co., Merchants
Hubley Manufacturing Co., Hardware
Hudson Street
Humboldt Statue, Central Park
Hume (W. H.). Architect
Hunt (Richard M.), Architect
Hunt & Eaton, PublishersHuyler's Confectionery


Immigrant Station, Ellis Island
Imperial Hotel, Siafford & Whitaker Imperial Insurance Co. of London
Importers'and frad'rs' Nat. B'k
Indian Hunter, Statue, Central Park
Ingersoll (Robt. G.), Lawyer and Orator
"Insurance Monitor,"C. C. Hine, Pub.
International Navigation Co.
International News Co.
"Iron Age," David Williams
Iron Clad Mfg. Co., Stamped Metal Wares
Iron Pier at Coney Island
Irving Place


Jackson Building
Jane Street.
Jarden Brick Co.
Jannette Park
Jefferson Market Police Court
Jersey City
Jersey City Station of Cen. R. R. and N. I.
Jersey City Station of Pennsylvania R.R.
"Jewelers Circular"
Johnston (W. J.) & Co., Publishers
Jones (Chas. T.), Gloves, Hosiery, etc., "Journal of Commerce and Commercial Bulletin"
Judson Memorial Baptist Church

"Kaiser Wilhelm," Noth-Ger. Lloyd
Keep Mig. Co., Men's Furnishings
Kellogg (Andrew H.), Printer
Kemp Belgravia Apartment House
Kemp Building on Fifth Avenue
Kemp Building at William and Cedar Sts.
Kemp Residence on Fifth Avenue
Kennedy Building
Kensico Cemetery
Keuffel & Esser Co., Drawing Instruments
Kimball (Francis H.), Architect
King A Purcell, Painters
Kings County Fire Insurance Co.
King's Handbook of Boston
King's Handbook of New Yok
King's Handbook of the United States
King's (John G.) Sons, Bankers
King (Moses), Publisher
Kind's Photographic Views of N. Y.
King's " Where to Stop,"
Kirby (A. Eugene), Marie Antoinette
Knabe (Wm.) k Co., Pianos, s39Knauth, Nachod & Kuhne, Bankers Knobloch (Henry), Neckwear Mfr.
Knox (Edward M.), Hatter
Kohn (Theo. A.) At Son, Jewelers
Kountzc Brothers, Bankers
Kuhn, Loeb & Co., Bankers


La Bourgogne," French Line Steamship
La Bretagne," French Lins Steamship
La Champagne," French Line Steamship
Ladd & Collin, Lundborg's Perfumes
Ladd (William R.R.) Clocks and Jewelry
Ladenburg, Thalminn & Co., For Bankers
Lafayette Place
"Lahn," North-German Lloyd Steamship
Lamb's History of New York City
Lancashire Ins. Co. of Manchester, Lannian & Kemp, Florida Water
La Normandic," French Line Steamship
Lansing (Gustav. G.), Ticket Agent
"La Touraine," French Line Steamship
Lawrence, Frazier Co., Bankers
Lawyers' Mortgage Insurance Co.
Lawyers' Title Building
Lawyers' Title Ins. Co. of New York
Lazard Frfcres, Bankers
Leather Manufacturers National Bank
Le Brun (Napoleon) & Sons, Architects
Lee (Homer) Bank Note Co.Leeson (J. R.) & Co., Linen Thread Imp'rs
Leggat Brothers, Booksellers
Leggett (Francis H.) & Co., Wn'ale Gro'rs
Lemcke & Bucchner, For'n Publca's
Leo Immigrant House
Leonard Street
Leslie's (Frank) Monument
Lewinson & Just, Contractors
Lexington Ave., Block of Cass Realty Corp.
Lexington Ave. Cable Power House
Liberty National Bank
Liberty Statue
Liberty Street
Libby (James L.) & Son, Real Estate
Lilley (M. C.) & Co., Society Outfitters
Lindenmeyr Henry & Sons, Paper Mer's
Lindcnthal (Gustav), Engineer
Linscott (John A.), Real Estate
Lioness Monument, Central Park
Lipton (Oscar M.), Cafe, "Times"
Litchfield (Edward), Mgr. Lanca're Ins. Co.
Literary Gallerv, Wm. E. Benjamin
Little (J. J.) & Co., Printers
Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co.
Lloyds, of New York, D. R. Satterlee & Co.
Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Co.
Loeb Building
Loew Bridge, Broadway and Fulton St.
London and Lancashire Insurance Co.
London Harness and Saddlery Co.
Longley Bros., Woolens and Worsteds
Lord & Taylor's B'way Dry Goods Estab.
Lord & Taylor's Grand St Dry Goods Estab.
Lorillard Brick Works Company
Lovers' Walk, Central Park
"Lucania," Cunard Line Steamship
Lupton F. M., Publisher
Lutheran Emigrant House
Lyceum Theatre


McCreery (James) & Co., Dry G'ds
Mclntyre Building
McKim, Mead & White, Architects
McLoughlin Bros.. Publishers
Macy & Jenkins, Wines
Madison Avenue, Madison Square
Madison Square Garden
Madisrn Square Garden Tower Views
Maiden Lane
"Mail and Express"Maitland, Phelps & Co., Bankers
Mall, Central Park
Mallory (C. H. & Co.)Mallory S. S. Lines
Manhattan Company Bank
Manhattan Life Ins. Bldg.Manhattan Life Tower Views
Manhattan Safe Deposit & Storage Co.Manhattan Storage & Warehouse Co.
Manhattan Trust Company
Manfred & Traders' Bank Buffalo, N. V.
Mann (William) Co. Stationers
Map of New York City
Margaret Louisa Home
Mane Antoinette Hotel, A. Eug. Kirby
Market and Fulton Bank BuildingMarquand & Parmly. Bankers
Marquand's (Henry G.) Residence
Martyr's Monument
Maryland Title, Insurance and Trust Co.
Massachusetts Benefit Life Association
Masters (W. F.), Piano Moving
Mayor, Lane & Co., Plumbers' Supplies
Mazzini Statue in Central Park
Mechanical Rubber Company
Mechanics' National Bank
Mellen (Nat. C), Architect
Mercantile Library
Mercantile National Bank
Mercantile Real Estate Co.'s Building
Merchants' and Manhattan Building
Merchants' Exchange Nat. Bank, Merchants' National Bank
Methodist Book Concern
Metropolitan Club
Metropolitan Life Building
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Opera House Metropolitan Police Annual Parade
Metropolitan Realty BuildingMetropolitan Telephone Building
Metropolitan Traction Company
Metropolitan Trust Company, Miles Brothers & Co., Brushes
Milhou's (J.) Son, PharmacyMiller (Henry), Bookseller
Millionaires' Club—Metropolitan Club
Mills BuildingMills (D. O.)
Mills & Gibb, Laces and Fine Dry Good
Mission House
Mission House of Mcth. Epis'l Church
Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry.
Montgomery sale and Comm. Co. Montgomery Building
Montgomery (Richard M.)
Monuments Moore Statue, Central Park
Moore & Schley, Bankers
"Morgan Line1' Steamships"Morgen-Journal,"
"Morning Journal,"
Morningside HeightsMorningside Park
Morris Heights
Morrison (David M.)
Morrison (E.A.) & Son, D. G'ds
Morse Building
Moore Statue, Central Park
Mortimer Building
Morton House
Moss Engraving Co., "Puck" Building
Mott Street, 435. Munroe (John) & Co., Bankers
Murray Street
Music Stand, Central Park
Mutual Benefit Life Ins.Co. of Newark. N.J.
Mutual Life (Broadway) Building
Mutual Life Building Views
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Mutual Life (Nassau Street) Building
Mutual Reserve Building
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Ass'n
Myers Building
Myers (S. F.) Co.Wh'le Jewelers


Nassau Bank, Temple Court
Nassau Street
"Nation " The
National Academy of Design
National Bank of Commerce
National Bank of North America
National Hank of the Republic
National Butchers' and Drovers' B'k
National City Bank
National Express Co.
National Lead Co., Washington Building
National Park Bank
National Shoe & Leather Bank
Netherland Hotel, Stafford & Whitakcr, Pr's
"Newark," United States War Ship
New England Mutual Life Ins. Co.
New Jersey side of North River
"News" and "News Building,"
Newspaper Row
New Street
"New York," American Line Steamship
New York and New Jersey Bridge projec'd
New York Belting & Packing Co.
New York Biscuit Company
New York Build' gand Land Apprais't Co.
New York Cent'l & Hud'n River R.R.
New York City, lower part, N. River side
New York Coal Tar Chemical Co.
New York Coffee Exchange
New York College of Pharmacy
New York Cotton Exchange
New York Daily News
New York Harbor
New York Heat, Light and Power Co.
"New York Herald,"
New York Historical Society
New York in 1851, Bird's-eye View
New York in 1895, Bird's-eye View
New York City, lower part
New York Life Ins. Co.
New York Life Ins. and Trust Co.
"New York Mercury
New York Photogravure Company
New York price Current
New York Produce Exchange
New York Real Estate Exchange
New York Safety Steam Power Co.New York Security & Trust Co.
New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange (interior)
New York V'nderwriters' Agency
New York Wool Exchange
Niagara Fire Insurance Company
Nineteenth Street East
Nineteenth Ward Bank
Ninth National Bank
Nordine (J.), Tailor
Normal College
Normandie HotelNorth British and Mercantile Ins. Co.
Northern Assurance Company
North-German Lloyd Steamship Co.
North Moore Street
North (or Hudson) RiverNorth River Bridge (projected)
North River Fire Insurance Co.
Northwest Consolidated Milling Co.


"Observer," The, New York
Oelrichs & Co., Agts. North-German Lloyds
Office Specialty Co.
Okonite Company, Wire and Cables
Old Slip
One Hundred and Twelfth Street
Osborn (John), Son & Co., Importers
Otis Brothers & Co., Elevators
Otis Elevator Works at Yonkers
Ottmann (J.) Lithographing Establishment
Our Lady of the Rosary Mission House"Outlook," A Religious Weekly


Pacific & Atlantic Telegraph Co.
Pacific Bank
Packard's Business College
Paillard (M, J.) & Co., Music Boxes
Palmer's Theatre
Panama Railroad Co.
"Paris," American Line Steamship
Park & Tilford, Grocers
Park Avenue Hotel, W. H. Earle
Park Avenue Tunnel
Park Engraving and Printing Co.
Parkinson, Photographer
Park Place
Park Row
Pilterson Brothers, Hardware
Peabody (H. W.) & Co. Australia Packets
Peabody & Stearns, Architects
Pearl Street
Pearmain & Brooks, Boston, Bankers
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Phila.
Pennsylvania Railroad
Perry's Pharmacies
Petroleum Exchange
Pfotenhauer & Nesbit, Brick M'nf'rs
Pharmaceutical Era, D. O. Haynes & Co.
Pharmacy, New York College of
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad
Phipps & Bullen, Hat Manufacturers
Photogravure Co.
"Phrenological Journal
Piedmont Air Line
Pilgrim Fathers' Monument, Central Park
Pim, Forwood & Kellock, Agts. Atlas Line
Pine Street
Plaza Hotel, F. A. Hammond, Prop.
Poggenburg & Bro., Insurance
Police Parade
Pontifex Apparatus of F. A. Ferris & Co.
Poor & Greenough, Bankers
Pope M'f'g Co., Columbia Bicycles
Post (George B.), Architect
Post Building, Exchange Place
Postal Telegraph Building
Postal Telegraph Cable Co.
Potter Buildin (0. B. Potter Tr.)Potter-Parlin Company, Grocers
Potter (O. B.) Trust
Pottier & Stymus Co., Furn. & Decor
Powers & weightman. Chemists
Preferred Accident Insurance Co.
Presbyterian Hospital
"Press," Morning Rep. Newspaper
Prevention of Cruelty to Children Bldg
Prince. Photographer
Price (Bruce), Architect
Printing House Square
Priscilla " Fall River Line Steamer
Proctor's Theatre
Produce Exchange
Produce Exchange Tower
Promenade on Brooklyn Bridge
"Providence Line of Steamers
Providence & Stonington S. S. Co.
Prov. Washington Ins. Co., Prov.
Provident Life & Trust Co.
"Puck" Building
Pulitzer Building


Ralli & Co., Foreign Merchants
Randel, Baremore& Billings, Diam'ds
Raritan Hollow & Porous Brick Co.
Raymond (A.) & Co., Clothieis
Read (G. R.), R'l Est.
Reade Street
Real Estate Exchange
Redmond, Kerr & Co.. Bankers
Red Star Line of Steamships
Reservoir, Old
Rhode Island Hosp'l Trust Co., Prov., R. I.
Rice & Duval, Tailors
Richards (Sam'l W.), Ladies Outfitter
Richardson, Hill & Co., Boston, Bankers
Ricksecker (Theodore) Perfumes
Ringler (F. A.) Co., Engravers
Riordan & Co., Cotton Brokers
Ritlenhouse (Geo. M.) ButterRiverside Park
Robertson (R. H.), Architect
Robinson (Douglas) & Co. Real EstateRock Tunnel in Central Park
Rogers, Peet & Co., Clothiers
Roof (Clarence M.) Liquors
Roosevelt Building
Rossiter Stores, Terminal Warehouse
Rothschild Building
Rothschild (V. Henry) & Co.,Shirt Mfrs.
Rouss Building
Rouss Charles Broadway Merchant
Royal Blue Line (Central R. R. of New J'y.)
Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool
Ruland tV Whiting, Real Estate
Rumford Chemical Works
Rutgers Fire Insurance Co.


Safe Deposit Co. of New York
St. Cloud Hotel, N. B. Barry, Prop.
St. James Hotel
St. John-Kirkham Shoe Co.
St. John the Divine. Cathedral. Prot. Epis.
"St. Louis." American Line Steamship
St. Luke's Church, Protestant Episcopal
St. Mark's Place,
St. Mary the Virgin, Protestant Episcopal
"St. Mary's," U. S. Navy School Ship
St. Michael's Church. Protestant Episcopal
"St. Nicholas," Children's Magazine
St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rom. Cath.
St. Patrick's Cathedral, High Altar
St. Paul's ChapelSt. Thomas' Church, Prot. Ep.
St. Timothy and Zion Church, Prot. Ep. Sanford (S.) Sons, Carpets
Sanxay (J. F.) & Co., Men's Furnishings
Sargent (George F.) Co., Furniture
Sarony (Napoleon), Photographer
Sittcrlee (D. R.), Underwrites, Savoy Hotel
Saward(F. E.), "Coal Trade Jour"
Schaffer Brothers, Bankers
Schieren (C. A.) & Co., Leather Belting
Schiller, Statue in Central Park
Schirmer (G.), Music Publisher
Schmickl (T.) & Co., Leather Goods
School Ship " St. Marys," V. S. N.
Schroeder (J. H.), Music and Pianos
Schultc (A.), Cigars
Scott & Bowne Building
Scott Stamp & Coin Co.
Scott Statue in Central Park
Scribner's (Charles) Sons, Publishers
Scribner's Magazine
Seabury Building
Sears & White, Stationers
Second National Bank
Seligman (J. W.) & Co., B'k'rs, Mills Bldg.
Seventeenth Street East
Seventh Regiment Armory
Seventh Regiment War Monument
Sewell (Charles), Manager
Shakespcrc Statue in Central Park
Sheldon Building
Sheldon (G. W.) & Co., Custom Brokers
Shepard, Mrs. Elliott F.
Sherwood Hotel, George Murray, Prop.
Shickel (Wm.) & Co., Architects
Schiebler (Geo. W.) Co., SilversmithsShipping Scenes
"Snipping and Commercial List,"
Simpson. Hall, Miller & Co., Plated Ware
Simpsons Confectionery and Rest'nt
Singer Mfg. Co., Sewing Machines Sixteenth Street East
Sixteenth Street WestSkating Pond in Central Park
Sloane (William D.), Residence of
Sloane W. & J., Carpet House, Smith Granite Co., Monuments
Smith, Gray & Co., Clothiers
Smith. Hogg & Gardner, Dry roods
Snow's Candy Store, Potter Building
Snow, Church & Co., Collections
"Social Economist,"
Solomon's (B. L.) Sons, Upholstery
Soule Photograph Co., Art PublishersSouthern Pacific Company
Southern Paciric Morgan Line Pier
Southern RailwaySouth Kerry
South Street
South Street and Harbor
South William Street Spectator Company, The Spectator
Spencerian Pen Company, Steel Pens
Spraguc Electric Elevator Co.
Sprague Elec. Elev'or Works at Watsessing
"Spree," North German Lloyd Steamship
"Staats Zcitung,"
Stafford A. Whitaker. Hotels
Stamford-Parry, Herron & Co.
Standard Oil Company
Standard Theatre
Stanley & Hall. Electric BellsStaten Island Kerry
State Trust Co., Gallatin Bank Building
Station at Coney IslandStatues
Steamship Row
Stechert Gustav E., Importer
Stein wender, Stoffreeen & Co.,Coffees
Stemmler (T. W.) & Co., Importers
Stewart (Alex'r T.), Cut of his First Store
Stewart Building
Still Hunt Statue in Central Park
Stock Exchange
Stoddart (Alexander), General Agent New York Underwriters' Agency
Stonington Line of Steamers
Stuyvesant Fire Insurance Co.Stuyvesant Hotel
Stuyvesant Place
Sub-Treasury of U. S.
Sun "The Sun" Building
Sun and Shade, Photogravure Co.Sunday Mercury
Sunday School Journal, Methodist
Swezey's (N. T.) Son & Co., Flour Merchants


Talmage's(Dan) Sons, Rice Merchants
Tattersalls of New York, Ltd., Horses
Tefft, Weller & Co., Dry Goods
Telephone Building, Cortlandt Street
Telephone Building, 38th Street
Temple Court
Temple Emanu-el, Hebrew Synagogue
Tension Envelope Company
Tenth Avenue
Tenth Avenue west
Terminal Warehouse CompanyThames Street
Thibaut (Richard E.), Wall Papers
Thiele (E.), Dyckerhoff Portland Cement
Third Avenue Elevated R. R.
Thirty-eighth Street Telephone Building
Thompson Building
Thompson (E.O.) Tailor & Clothier
Thompson (G. Kramer), Architect
Thompson (J. Walter), Advertising Agt.
Thorley, Florist
Throckmorton (Job), Merchant Tailor
Tiffany & Co., Jewelers
Tiffany (Charles L.)
Tiffany Glass & Decorating Co.
"Times" Building
"Times" Building View
Tontine Building
Tombs, The City Prison
Tower Building
Tower M'f'g and Novelty Co.
Tract Society Building
Tradesmen's National Bank
Travelers' Insurance Co., Accident & Life
Trask (Spencer) & Co . Bankers
Trinity Building
Trinity Church, Protestant Episcopal
Trinity Church Bronze Doors
Trinity Church SpireTrinity Place
Tubby (William B.), Architect
Tucker & Fiske Stationery Co.
Twelfth Regiment Armory
Twentieth Street East
Twentieth Street West
Twenty-first Street East. Twenty-fourth Street West
Twenty-second Street East
Twenty-third Street East Twenty-third Street West
Twenty-sixth Street East


Union Building
Union Dime Savings Institution
Union League Club
Union Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Union Pacific Tea Co.
Union Square
Union Square Hotel, J. H. Fife, Man'r
Union Square West
Union Trust Company
United Bank Building
United Charities Building
United States Branch Bank Corner Stone
United States Check Punch Company
United Slates Hotel in Boston
United States Life Ins. Co.
United States Mutual Accident Association
United States National Bank
United States Trust Co.
Unloading Bananas from Fruit Vessels
Upham (H. H.) & Co., Painters

Vandcrbilt Building
Vanderbilt (Cornelius). Residence of
Vandcrbilt Mansions
Vanderbilt (Mrs. William H.). Residence of
Vanderbilt (William K.), Residence of
Vanderlip (Perry), Show Cards
Van Houtcn (C. J.) & Zoon, Cocoa
Van Houten's Cocoa
Varick Street
Vermilye & Co., Bankers
Victoria Hotel
Von Graef Medical Co.


Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co.
William Wilson
Farson, Leach & Co.
United Bank Building
National Bank of the Republic
First National Bank
Astor Building
John H. Davis & Co.
George R. Read
Mortimer Building
J. S. Farlcc & Bro.
Stock Exchange
N. W. Harris & Co.
Wilks Building
Continental Trust Co.
Robert W. Gibson
Manhattan Trust Company
Federal Hall in 1789
Washington Centennial Exercises
Washington Statue
Drexel Building Site
Leather Manufacturers' Bank
Assay Office
Mechanics Nat. Bank
Gallatin National Bank
Mills Building on Wall Street
Metropolitan Trust Co.
Thompson Building
Manhattan Co. Bank
United States Nat. Bank
Redmond. Kerr & Co.
Merchants Nat. Bank
Bank of America
New York Security and Trust Co.
United States Trust Co.
Hank of New York
Phenix National Bank
Atlantic Mutual ins. Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
N. Y. Life Ins. & T. Co.
Evarts, Choate & Beaman
National City Bank
Ger. American Invest. Co.
Central Trust Co.
Carter, Hawley & Co.
Custom House
Rutgers Fire Insurance Co.
Brown Brothers & Co.
Eagle Fire Company
Steinwender, Stoffregen & Co.
Hard & Rand
James E. Ward & Co.
Dan Talmage's Sons
American Sugar Refining' Co.


Wabash Railway, 9th National B'k Bldg
Wade (H. D.) & Co., Printing Inks
Waldorf Hotel, George C. Boldi, Prop.
Wallace Building
Wallace R. & Sons M'fg. Co., Sil'smiths
Wall Street Ferry
Wall Street, old
Warren Chemical & Mfg Co., Roofing & Paving, General Offices Works at Long Island CityWarren-Scharff Asphalt Paving Co.
Warren Street
War Vessels, U. S. Navy
Washington Arch. Washington Square
Washington Bridge
Washington Building
Washington Building. Views from
Washington Centennial Exercises in 1859
Washington Life Insurance Co.
Washington Memorial Arch
Washington Monument
Washington Street
Washington Square
Washington Statue
Washington Trust Co.
Waterman (L. E.) Co., Waterman's Pens.
Water Street
Waters (W.) A Son, Bookbinders,
Watts (WD.), Carpenter.
Webster Statue Central Park
Welles Building, 18 Broadway
Wellington Hotel. G. Murray, Prop.
West Broadway
West Street
Westchester Fire Insurance Co.
Westermann (B.)& Co., Books, etc.
West Electric Building
West U. Telegraph Building
Westminster Hotel, E. N. Anable, Prop.
West Shore Railroad
West Shore Stores, Term. Warehouse Co.
West Washington Market
"Where to Stop," Hotel Guide, White Squadron, U. S. War Vessels
White (Loom L.) & Co., Bankers
White & Major, Umbrellas
Whitney (William C), Residence of
Whittaker (Thos.), Pub. and Bookseller
Whittier Machine Co., Elevators
Wilde's (Samuel) Sons, Coffee
Wilks Building
Williamsburgh City Fire Ins. Co.
William Street
Wilson (William), Druggist
Windsor Castle
Windsor Hotel, Hawk & Wetherbce
Winser & Donnitxer, Labels and Boxes
Winslow's (Mrs.) Soothing Syrup
Wirz (Oswald), Architect
Wood & SelicK, Confectioners' Supplies
Woodlawn Cemetery
Woodworth (C. A.) & Co.
Wool Exchange
World Tower Views
Worthington (Henry R ), Pumps
Worthingion, Smith & Co , Millinery
Worth Monument, Madison Square
Worth Street


Yergason (E. S.), Furnishings
Yonkers, Otis Elevator Works
Yorston Brothers, Art Publishers
Young Men's Christian Association
Young Women's Christian Association
Younker (L. M.) Son & Co., Pants Mfrs.


Zimmerman & Forshay, Money Brokers
Zion and St. Timothy Church, Prot. Epis.
Zucker (Alfred), Architec

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Antique 1895 Guide Moses King Views New York Steamship Buildings Nyc Broadway:

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