Authentic Navajo Zuni Rain Priest Kachina Doll 6 Inches

Authentic Navajo Zuni Rain Priest Kachina Doll 6 Inches

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Authentic Navajo Zuni Rain Priest Kachina Doll 6 Inches:

Zuni Rain Priest: This Kachina is said to have power over the rain,
but his main purpose is to accompany the Shalako during the Rain Dance.

Kachina Dolls: Authentic Native American Navajo

Authentic Native American Kachina Dolls: Navajo dolls are used to represent our spiritual connection. These are not manufactured in China but are the genuine article made by Navajo Native Americans,using real feather, fur, etc.

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Badger (south)—healers, aggressiveness, perseverance

Bear (west)—healer, strength, introspection

Buffalo—strength, endurance to rise above one’s weaknesses

Butterfly--Butterfly directs the medicine man to ingredients that can be used in medicine. The Butterfly Kachina brings together unmarried men and women. During the butterfly social dance they appear as a pair, one female and one male.

Deer—abundance in the natural world

Eagle (zenith or sky)—spirit, a connection to the Divine

Hawk—see things differenlty, Change

Owl—wise, smart, patient, the unseen


Snake—a force in life, death and rebirth

Wolf (east)—teacher, pathfinder on the journey of survival, familly

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Eagle: Spirit Connection, Strength & Protection

Star:Control Planet & star influence

Butterfly: Soul Mate

Bear: Healing

Buffalo:Strength & Endurance

Deer: Abundance

Badger: Healing & Perseverance

Owl: Wisdom

Rainbow: Peace & Harmony


Snake: Re-birth

Crow Mother

Medicine Man: Healing

Kokopelli: Fertility

Red Tail Hawk: Change (RED ONLY)

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Authentic Navajo Zuni Rain Priest Kachina Doll 6 Inches:

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