Bruce Lee - 1976 "the Dragon Dies Hard" Movie Photo W/ Credits (allied) Rare

Bruce Lee  - 1976

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Bruce Lee - 1976 "the Dragon Dies Hard" Movie Photo W/ Credits (allied) Rare:

BRUCE LEE - 1976 "The Dragon Dies Hard" movie photo w/ credits (Allied) RARE!

Inventory number: SM/MB - 7271


Movie The Dragon Dies Hard

Country : United States

National Screen

Service Number: none

Excellent - light edge/corner creases; mild edge tanning; number written on back in pen


Vintage photo of BRUCE LEE as he appeared in the 1976 film "The Dragon Dies Hard" ... a softly detailed 8x10 in nice condition ... please be sure to see the 100s of other Hollywood & TV related photos I'm currently offering.


PLEASE NOTE: Mostphotos are much more detailed than my digital camera images would indicate!

They came from a collection of over 10,000movie/celebrity stills I purchased around 10 years ago. With a few exceptions, all are vintage 1920s - 1970sphotos printed from original negatives (NOT the cheap photo copy "re-strikes" that abound on ). Most are highly detailed (softer, less detailed images will be noted)and in excellent condition. I will be saleing many more over the next

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Bruce Lee - 1976 "the Dragon Dies Hard" Movie Photo W/ Credits (allied) Rare:

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