Buckner Rainmobile Jr.~ Walking Water Sprinkler.,very Rare & Highly Collectible

Buckner Rainmobile Jr.~ Walking Water Sprinkler.,very  Rare & Highly Collectible

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Buckner Rainmobile Jr.~ Walking Water Sprinkler.,very Rare & Highly Collectible:

be sure to see all 12 pictures for more detail and condition. last picture shown my other ones in my collection/

here is a vintage used walking water sprinkler. on it is ........... BUCKNER RAINMOBILE .... --JR.-- ... MFG. CO. FRESNO CALIF. ...... this came from part of my vintage collection ( see the last picture ) . i did some reserch on it and found new they sell for $350.00 . parts can still be bought. do some reserch and then come back and offer on it. i do not know if its compele or if its in working order. so that is why i am selling it as-is. has lots of BRASS fitting as shown.

its very rare and hard to find. highly collectible . in all my collection years i have never seen one listed . this is the only one i have found in the last 25 years.

the rubber on the right rear wheel is missing.

i do mail out fassssssssssssssssst.

have you seen my other great listings ?

Please see all my Great responses and then offer with confidence .""" OVER "5600" """ responseS , 99.9% positive. also , all sales are final . my reponsibility to you ends when i mail the item. if an item is over $20.00 i will automatic add insurance to the POSTAGE & HANDLING price if mailed in the U.S.A. please note that priority mail is by Air ,less handling 2-3 days . (IF AN ITEM IS OVER $20.00 MAILED OUTSIDE THE U.S.A IT HAS TO BE MAILED PRIORITY INTRL. MAIL . that is to protect you and me from loss ) mail me with any questions. I NEVER HAVE ANY ''RESERVE'' ON ANY OF MY ITEMS. and i will E-Mail you to let you know when the item is in the mail . I WILL POST response AFTER I RECEIVE ONE. AS ALOT OF BUYER'S ARE NOT EVEN BOTHERING TO . AS SOON AS I GET response I WILL POST ONE FOR YOU WITHIN 4-HOURS OR LESS...IF YOU DO NOT SEE AN ORIGINAL BOX IN THE PICTURES , THEN THEIR IS NOME, """WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET """ THANKS FOR LOOKING AND START THE offerDING. AND REMEMBER TO ADD ME TO YUR FAVORITE LIST. I GOT THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN. and THE MOST DIFFERENT items. WIDE SELECTION OF EVERYTHING, FROM WOMEN SOCK'S TO ELEPHANT SHOES I LIST THEM. """I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING LISTED""""

"" I ALWAY HAVE SOMETHING LISTED "" . I try to describe the item the best that i can , SO PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS before you offer. i try NOT to overlook anything. every item is sold "AS-IS CONDITION ". check out my OTHER ITEMS and please add me to your FAVORITE LIST. I DO NOT CHARGE FOR ANY boxes or boxing material. i AUTOMATIC refund over actual postage , if the refund is more than $1.80. IF less than that i will refund ONLY IF YOU ASK FOR IT.NO PROBLEM ..I SHIP OUT THE SAME DAY IF PAID BY 2:00pm Pacific Time. i am FAST IN DELIVERING TO YOU ... LESS WORRY ON YOUR PART , I JUST WANT IT OUT OF MY HOUSE FAST. i will let you know when its shipped by e-mail. THANKS & YU ARE GREAT FOR offerDING .

Buckner Rainmobile Jr.~ Walking Water Sprinkler.,very Rare & Highly Collectible:

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