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World Television Day



Breyer 1703 Grullo Pinto Model Horse Ethereal Sculpture New For 2013 - Nib For Sale

Breyer 1703 Grullo Pinto Model Horse Ethereal Sculpture New For 2013 - Nib

Breyer Grullo Pinto with Blue Eyes
#1703New for 2013!NOTE: MAAP (Minimum Allowed Advertised Price) for this item is $34.99, meaning dealers are not allowed by the manufacturer to advertise this item for sale at less than $34.99. MAAP policies prohibit dealers from advertising a manufacturer’s products below a certain minimum price. Any Breyer dealer on (or anywhere else, for that matter) advertising this item below MAAP is in clear violation of Breyer MAAP policy. The primary purpose for implementing a MAAP program is to promote fair competition across the manufacturer’s dealer channels. Help enforce this policy by not supporting sellers that have no respect or regard for a program designed to help all online dealers fairly.This Traditional scale model is NEW IN BOX from dealer stock. We examine all Breyer models for significant flaws before they are sold. Perfection cannot be promised, however, we are fairly picky about condition. Models are carefully packed to arrive safely.

The world of horses is full of brilliant colors and coat patterns in endless combinations! This beautiful horse is a shining example of a grullo Pinto. The grullo coat color is in the dun family of colors, and is created when a dun gene dilutes the black gene. This results in a distinct smoky-grey coat that is often referred to as "mouse-colored," with the head being black or very dark brown. The coat will also feature dun characteristics which include a dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on the legs, and striping on the withers.In the American Pinto Horse Association, there are two recognized coat patterns: tobiano and overo. This grullo is displaying the overo coat pattern, which means the horse appears to be mostly colored with white markings. These markings rarely cross the back and are usually located on the horse's side and spread towards the rump or neck. A tobiano pattern appears to be a white coat with large, often overlapping areas of color. Buy with confidence from H&H Winners' Circle.
We have been selling animal themed figurines, toys, and collectibles on the Internet since 1999.Check out other Breyer Horses and Accessories in our store!SHIPPING:We are glad to combine shipping if you purchase multiple fixed price items at the same time (items already offering free shipping are not eligible for further price reduction). We will charge shipping for the most expensive item, then shipping discounts for each item will apply. The shipping discount calculator will only work correctly if you purchase multiple pieces of the same item. It will not correctly calculate combined shipping discounts when purchasing different items. When you add multiple items to your cart, during checkout request that we send you a combined invoice. Doing this will insure you are charged the correct amount for shipping. If you do complete checkout and overpay shipping, we will issue you a refund to your PayPal account before your order is processed. Our posted shipping charges are for the lower 48 states only. If you are shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, military addresses, or US protectorates, there will be additional shipping charges. We do not ship sales internationally. We will make no exceptions.buyers must provide us a shipping address that is deliverable by the US Postal Service. Failure to comply to this will result in the buyer being responsible for additional shipping charges if the item is returned to us for this reason.PAYMENT:The ONLY method of payment we accept is PayPal. We will make no exceptions. All Fixed Price items must be paid for at the time of purchase. RETURN POLICY:The buyer has 14 days to return the item (the buyer pays return shipping fees). There will be a $1 per item restocking fee on all returned items. Any returns originally shipped for FREE will have our shipping and handling charges deducted from refund.If you would like any additional information about this item, combined shipping, condition or anything else, please contact us.We are a family owned business and strive to offer the best prices and best service possible. If for any reason you do not feel you can leave positive response and a 5-star rating, please contact us with any concerns prior to leaving permanent response. We like happy repeat customers and will work with you to resolve issues regarding your purchase. We can only help if we are aware of a problem. We are always glad to help you. Happy ing!
Breyer 1703 Grullo Pinto Model Horse Ethereal Sculpture New For 2013 - Nib

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Breyer 1703 Grullo Pinto Model Horse Ethereal Sculpture New For 2013 - Nib:

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