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Budweiser Shamrock Neon Beer Bar Light Sign Bud St Patricks Day Irish Ireland For Sale

Budweiser Shamrock Neon Beer Bar Light Sign Bud St Patricks Day Irish Ireland

This item is an Authentic Beer Distributed Budweiser Shamrock Neon Beer Bar Sign.
This hard to find sign is Brand New and in its original box.
An absolute must have collectible for your Game Room, bar or Man cave!
Be sure to check out the other great Budweiser items available in our ever ~ expanding store; Neons, Mirrors, Tins, Banners, Glasses, and much more.*Dimensions are approx: 30" wide by 24"tall.

~ Shipping neon signs ~ Greyhound Shipping available only on this great sign. Which means you must pick the sign up from the Greyhound station of your choice. Please confirm your local greyhound station accepts GPX packages before purchasing. Pick up is the only other option. Ups unfortunately is absolutely nothing short of brutal when it comes to shipping Fragile items and a huge hassle to get them to honor their insurance claims. USPS is also very inconsistent with delivering fragile packages and have very expensive Balloon rate for shipping larger signs. So again GREYHOUND only when it comes to shipping the NEON signs. They are an EXCELLENT carrier for fragile items and the package is handled only a few times and gently placed on bus. If your anywhere near the West Coast you will often times have your sign much quicker than any Parcel post shipping methods.... East coast takes about 5-7 days. You must also provide a direct contact phone number for greyhound to call you when the package arrives for pick up. Any questions please ask before purchasing.... ...PLEASE!! D O N O T B I D if you are not willing to pick the sign up from Greyhound.
ON the bright side...You will receive a safely delivered CUSTOM crated for protection NEON sign. Greyhound items are more size sensitive when it comes to shipping price which means ~ We are already building a custom crate for your neon sign we can add just about anything to your shipment at no additional shipping cost. FREE shipping on just about anything except additional neons signs obviously and Mirrors. If you would like to Combine a mirror with the shipment it would only be around $10 more. Inquire about combined shipments on heavier items ...Tap handles , string banners, tin tackers, and any other like items Free shipping on additional items with your NEON sign purchase. See thumbnail photos for some examples of quality packing that you can expect when purchasing a neon sign from us. We custom build a crate for each Neon Sign . A durable custom wooden frame and very thick cardboard or Hardboard face to protect the very fragile contents acts as a protective barrier while internally each glass tube is supported and protected by extensive amounts of Bubble wrap, Popcorn , Foam and more cardboard all help protect from rough handling from the postal services. I have been packing and shipping neon signs for over 10 years. I am also an affiliate of Suicidaldiscounts a very reputable beer Neon sign dealer here on with over 2500 positive responses. Each sign is fully insured for its purchase price. When buying neon signs online from an amateur neon seller you run a tremendous risk of your sign not only arriving broken but even worse is that because the sign was poorly packed the postal service will honor the insurance claim. I have never had an issue getting my customers insurance claims paid in the event the unfortunate rarely happens. Purchase my signs with confidence. I'm here to answer all and any questions you may have before, during, and after all transactions. Im available both by phone and email.
I also only sell 100% authentic beer distributed merchandise.
Be sure to check out my Upcoming ever expanding store...Only top quality Beer swag! Neon signs are my specialty.. See photo for example of a recent shipped sign...Each sign is custom crated specifically for each individual sign...Extensive internal packing to each Neon sign....Check my response on recently shipped signs on a previous account Suicidaldiscounts...
~ Welcome to HappyHourBeerSwag ~
A one stop place for all your Neon and beer swag needs...
I sell beer Swag! Neons
Tin Tackers
Tap Handles
Led Signs
and tons of other merchandise from all your Favorite beer brands!Ive been doing business with the Beer industry for over 15 yrs... Feel free to contact me~


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Budweiser Shamrock Neon Beer Bar Light Sign Bud St Patricks Day Irish Ireland

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Budweiser Shamrock Neon Beer Bar Light Sign Bud St Patricks Day Irish Ireland:

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