Can Do Pz. Iv - D 144 Dragon 21 Panzer Div. North Afrika 1941 Pristine Oop A 2

Can Do Pz. Iv - D 144 Dragon 21 Panzer Div. North Afrika 1941  Pristine Oop A 2

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Can Do Pz. Iv - D 144 Dragon 21 Panzer Div. North Afrika 1941 Pristine Oop A 2:

You are offerding on an original DRAGON CAN DO POCKET ARMY Pz. IV D Tank in desert yellow camouFlage color and in 1/144 scale. This is based on a Pz. tank of the 21 Pz. Div. stationed in North Africa, in 1941. It is based on a real tank in the German Panzertruppe.These have become quite rare and hard to find. Just do a search....
These tanks come in excellent, like new condition. See the photos. They were first manufactured by Dragon Armor in ~2005 and are now out of production, as is the entire line. The tracks are rubber. They do not turn. The turrets do turn 180*. You will receive exactly what you see.
They were used in 144-scale war gaming, were carefully handled and stored. They were purchased new by myself, have had only one owner in a smoke free house. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.For price comparisons feel free to explore and the internet.At the end of this description is a little essay on the development and use of the Pz. IV tank in WW2 and the development of the Dragon Armor/Can Do Pocket Army lines.Please note. Now that charges fees for the entire purchase price, including shipping, I considered just offering "free" shipping and folding the S&H into the item price. This, however, would preclude me from offering a combined shipping discount, so I have forsworn doing so. This does leave me at the buyer's mercy in the DSR ratings so if you have a question about my S&H please feel free to contact me regarding it. Thank you.This item may not be mailed to Italy. If you are in Italy please contact me prior to offerding. Caveat Emptor?: Not really, more 'buyer be aware.' I am a private collector and a personal consumer. I am NOT a retailer. I do not have a stock of "inventory" or buy things wholesale. Everything I sell, whether as New, Used or 'Other' has been bought and paid for at retail and often with taxes and/or shipping as well. I price at close to what I paid and so do not have much of a margin. Everything I sell must be considered as pre-owned and comes as-is. I provide a photo, will gladly provide more and give a full and accurate description of each item including any known defects. I do not have a return policy because I am NOT a business, just a private person, and simply cannot afford to deal with returns. My shipping department is me and three cats who are shiftless and lazy and have the finest union contract on earth with free food, board and 100% medical. Their motto is "knock it under the sofa and fuggedaboutit." I ship everything within 24 hours of receipt of payment (unless received the day before a Sunday or holiday) because that is what I want for myself. I usually ship USPS Priority and always include a tracking/confirmation number; you will invariably receive your item in less than a week, CONUS.
A Short History of the Panzer IV:In the mid-1930 Germany began to rearm itself and one of the priorities was creating an armored force to lead the wehrmacht into battle. heinz Guderian proposed two tanks, the Panzer-III with a 50mm high-velocity cannon to act in the role of main-battle-tank and the Panzer IV as an infantry support tank with a short, low-velocity 75mm main gun. This model. the F-1, was the last Pz. IV to carry this armament.As the war began and progressed it was discovered that the Pz-III, initially armed with a 37mm gun, later a 50mm was both undergunned and inadequately armored and there was no way to upgrade it further. It’s very reliable chassis was re-dedicated to use as a mobile assault gun.
On the other hand the Pz-IV was capable of upgrading and a longer, high velocity 75mm gun was installed in the Spring of 1942 (F-2, G, H & J models) and the Panzer IV was now able to meet Soviet armor, KV and T-34 tanks on even terms. Older variants were up-gunned as called for. Additional armor was attached to the glacis and, to counter hand-held infantry anti-tank weapons, side skirts (schurtzen) were added to the turret and hull of the later variants (“H” & “J” models).All together approximately 8,600 Panzer IVs of all variants were produced. They were the most numerous of the German tanks and were nicknamed, “The Workhorse of the Panzertruppe.” They saw service on all fronts and in all campaigns from Poland in 1939, through North Africa to the defense of Berlin in 1945.For the Russians captured Tigers and Panthers were used until they broke down. They were simply too complex for easy repair and spare parts were rare. The Pz-IV, however, was simple to fix and comparatively reliable while spare parts were plentiful.A few hundred survived the war being exported to Finland, others captured by The Soviet Union for their own and Warsaw Pact use while still others were integrated into the reconstituted French military. One hundred or so ( 100+/-) found their way to the mid-east, Turkey and Syria where they were involved in the 1967 “Six Day War” between Israeli and Syria. The 30+ year run of the Panzer IV in continuous use exceeds that of any other tank. Especially impressive as no new Pz-IVs were built after March 1945.
The Can-Do Line of “Pocket Army” Tanks; A Short history:In 2003 Dragon Ltd came out with two lines of new toy tanks, one in 1/72 scale and the other in 1/144. While the 1/72 scale had been around for a long time the 144 scale was relatively new and untested commercially. Initially the offerings in both lines were were quite similar. Tigers, Panthers, King Tigers, Jagd-Panthers and Jagd-Tigers, Abrams and Bradleys.As the 1/72 Dragon Armor line continued in this vein, advertising itself as “die-cast” the (the “new” die-cast which had a very significant % of plastic), Can-Do “Pocket Army” (The Can-Do line was advertised as the "pocket army" because their small size allowed you to carry them in your pocket. They're being all plastic meant that if you did so the main gun would snap off, usually at the base. So my recommendation is- don't have an “in your pocket” army.)branched out into Panzer IIs, -IIIs, -IVs, Marders, Hummels and more. It was a relatively cheap way to test the 144 waters in plastic. The waters were relatively deep and the Dragon Armor 1/72 line began expanding exponentially and the less expensive (1/2 - 1/4 and lower retail price) and smaller (1/8 the volume) Can-Do series has seemingly gone out of production. In consequence their prices have increased dramatically. Other companies attempted to cash-in on the new 144 scale craze including Takara and their very extensive ‘World Tank Museum’ line, 21st Century Toys (out of business) and their ‘New Millennium Classic Armor’ series (which were poorly done and cheap looking) along with many others (F-Toys, Trumpeter, et al). None of which supply display cases with their vehicles and the prices of the vehicles have sky-rocketed. Just search .The Can-Do models were different in a special way. Their suspensions were multi-piece, each road-wheel molded separately and the tracks were rubber. WTM and others had single piece molded tracks and wheels. You can actually see light through the road wheels on the Can-Dos. A very complicated production.The display cases will work with any of the extant WTM et al 144 scale vehicles.
Dragon Armor 1/72: A Recap-In 2004 Dragon Ltd announced that they would be coming out with a new 1/72 scale die-cast line with extreme detail and each offering would be based upon an actual tank with details and paint-scheme drawn from color photographs taken during the war. At the time die-cast was taken to mean actual all metal except for a few parts. The first tank produced, #60001, was a Tiger tank based on one Michael Whitmann commanded and the line proceeded forward with more Tigers, King Tigers, Jagd Tigers, JagdPanthers and JagdTigers than you could shake a stick at. They weren’t quite die-cast, Panther’s turrets and Tigers hulls were, but the detail was awesome and the paint jobs really beautiful in a 1/72 scale sort of way. They basically came out mirroring what Dragon called their 1/144 scale “Can-Do Pocket Army” which was all plastic, incredibly detailed and shared paint schemes with their bigger 1/72 brothers. The two lines paralleled each other for about the next two years. By around 2007 the Can-Do line came to an end but the larger 1/72 products kept expanding into British, Russian, and American vehicles, armored cars and assault guns, Marders and s-p artillery, mirroring the Can-Dos and then going far beyond them. It was apparent the the profit was in 1/72 scale. As new items were introduced their molds became the basis for new specific, individualized (similar) vehicles. The Can-Do line had paved the way but the Dragon Armor flew higher and farther.Initially produced with either a metal hull and plastic turret or visa-versa later models had a metal insert in an all plastic hull, to provide “heft” that all plastic couldn’t, and eventually seems to have devolved into what is now an all plastic line. “Die-cast” redefined.New models keep being produced and older ones accrue in value as they are and always will be, out-of-production. The marvelous detail of all their product and beautiful reproductions continue to carry this line despite prices (inflation adjusted) that rival what the original, real ones cost to produce.

Can Do Pz. Iv - D 144 Dragon 21 Panzer Div. North Afrika 1941 Pristine Oop A 2:

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