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Canada 2012 Toonie "war Of 1812" Mint For Sale

Canada 2012 Toonie

Commemorative ToonieMint state uncirculated conditionTaxes includedFirst coin release of the 5 coin series. This is for one (1) commemorative coin.Beautiful depiction of the HMS Shannon.A must have to add to you new 5 coin series.
See these beautiful scans for your viewing;

Historic Footnote for though:The War of 1812 was a fundamental turning point in Canada's history. Its history—including that of theLeda-class frigate, HMSShannon—has become important chapters in the narrative of Canada's evolution from colony to sovereign nation. The two-dollar coin featuring HMSShannoncommemorates the historic 11-minute battle with USSChesapeakeoff the coast of Boston. The capture of theChesapeakemarked a decisive naval victory for the British at a time when morale was waning.
The British Navy was thought to be the most powerful in the world. But after five surprising defeats at the hands of the US Navy, it was feared morale was weakening. Aboard HMSShannon, Captain Philip Broke was eager to secure a victory and had implemented a rigorous training schedule for his crew. The US frigate sailed to meet theShannonon June 1, 1813. The battle lasted only 11 minutes, but was a decisive victory that helped bolster confidence in the British Navy. HMSShannonescorted USSChesapeakeinto the Halifax harbour on June 6, 1813
On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain, initiating two years of intense fighting. British North American forces fought tenaciously to preserve the way of life of a future Canada. In recognition of their bravery, the Mint has created five circulation coins to commemorate these defining moments of the War of 1812.
Shipping & Handling:Note: please request payment for shipping charge adjustments before making payment:(registered mailmandatory over $50 purchase)
Across Canada - CAD.$ FREE (CANADA POST )
United States - CAD.$ 1.50Ask if you want to purchase more and i can arrange something.(CANADA POST USA)International - CAD.$ 2.50 per (CANADA POST INTERNATIONAL)
I do ship within 1 day, 5 days max after payment is received
and/or merchandise is in stock.
Your collector item will be carefully packaged (handling coins with cotton gloves) and sent via Canada PostPayment Method:PAYPAL ONLYReturn Policy:All sales are final. Once it leaves my hand I take no responsibility for the item getting damaged or lost during delivery. Returns and refunds not accepted. REMEMBER, HAVE A LOOK AT MY response. ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN RECEIVED WITH SATISFACTION.

Canada 2012 Toonie

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Canada 2012 Toonie "war Of 1812" Mint:

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