Case Oil I Kai Kuman Thong Gold Ghost Wat Chedi Charm Luck Magic Amulet #aa2147a

Case Oil I Kai Kuman Thong Gold Ghost Wat Chedi Charm Luck Magic Amulet #aa2147a

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Case Oil I Kai Kuman Thong Gold Ghost Wat Chedi Charm Luck Magic Amulet #aa2147a:

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Kuman Thong

Kuman thong
Have you wonder where do kids go after they passed away?
Why Master or Monks make Kumanthongs?
We believe that once a pregnant mummy aborted or miscarriage, she would have sins whether its on purpose or not.. When Parents have sins, their karma will be brought over to their decendents. Even when their kids is in Hell, they will have to suffer on behalf on their parents.. This is why the child spirits only gets to come back after they finish their sentence in Hell.

Its also a sin to pass away at young age
Those who really gets to finish their pagoda will be the luckiest ones.. This is why alot of pple abortion but only gets to feel their lost child's presense after afew years.. But some parents will never get to see their lost child..

But there are some who really gets to finish everything and swim across the currents and in the cold... Just to survive so that they can come come back to find their parents.. But by that time they are here.. It would be a few years already.. And most of the parents are already with Newborn kids.. And that is why, we have cases like Child spirits hating and hold grudges as they never gets the chance to live as the newborns.. And this is where we will have child spirits cannot leave in peace and following their parents where ever they go.. Some children can understand..

But some cannot There are Parents who do not know that the child have suffered so much because of them.. In fact fearing their own child spirit and even go to an extend to employ Masters to kill their own child or prevent the child spirits from going near them.. So heartless..
This is why we will have Great Monks or Ajahns helping them to relief their pain.. Giving them chance to be loved once again. A chance for them to accumulate merits and help others can redeem their sins so that they can go for recarination as a Deity. Great Monks and Ajahns uses Buddha Scriptures with their password to invite the children into statue or pendent as a Kumanthong.

A real Kuman Thong is not one of the smiling plastic statues that you see on so many shrines around Thailand. The original and true Kuman Thong is something entirely more sinister and taboo—the art of black magic at its darkest.

To make Kuman Thong, one first has to surgically remove a stillborn fetus from its mother’s womb. A ceremony must then be performed by someone well-trained in the ancient secrets of Thai animist necromancy. In a cemetery, at night, the dead baby is dry-roasted over a fire while the necromancer chants the necessary mantras and secret incantations that will bind the spirit of the stillborn child to it.

Once dried, the corpse is covered in lacquer and gold foil, which is the original reason for the name Kuman Thong.In the most authentic version of the ceremony, a substance called Nam-man phrai is also applied to the corpse. The method of collecting Nam-man phrai is quite spooky in itself. It involves burning a candle under the chin of the corpse of a woman who died while pregnant, and collecting the oil that comes out of the skin. It is said to be powerful stuff and is used in all sorts of folk magic such as crafting love charms, though genuine Nam-man phrai is illegal.

The origin of making Kuman Thong seems to be found in the folk legend Khun Chang Khun Phaen, which is based on the life of a soldier in the Ayutthaya era. In the story, Khun Phaen makes the first Kuman Thong from the fetus of his dead wife’s unborn child.
Nowadays, genuine Kuman Thong have been mostly replaced by symbolic statues that depict a young boy in traditional Ayutthaya era attire. Kuman has his hair done up in a little topknot and will often be holding a small sack of gold.

Product Description

Case Oil I Khi Kuman Thong Gold Ghost Wat Chedi Charm Luck Magic Amulet #aa2147a

Case Oil I Khi Kuman Thong Gold Ghost Wat Chedi Charm Luck Magic Amulet #aa2147a

Size : 6 cm See Pic

Material :

LP Tae

LP Tae Khong Thong (15 June 1891 - December 25, 1981).
Jump to the top of the city of Nakhon Pathom another. With expertise on the magic He was a pupil of the eye LP Chaem echoes of Genesis, by followers of the magic formula to derive the LP Yaem.

LP Tae Khong Thong you were born on June 15, 1891 with the reign of King Rama V (King 5), at home, the son of Mr. Chan and Mrs. Samngam Bu currency Samngam Noi on when she was young. When you are 7 years old uncle who is a famous spiritual teacher. He is the grandson came to see it. And invited to stay at Wat Kalong to study magic. And studied theology with his uncle when I was 3 years old and could read and write very well at the age of 15 years was ordained as a novice. And study the Bible with Luang Lung Daeng and sciences have inherited from your uncle. And jointly build a new temple at the same time. And the other one. You have me as a true descendant of Luang Lung Daeng,

he inherited a magic formula. You until the end of occultism.
Since 1911 he has been ordained as a Buddhist monk Luang Pho Tha Wat Phaniang Taek as a preceptor. Has been nicknamed the wrong way to Khong Thong (later changed to Khong Su Wan No, but people continue to hit the Khong Thong After ordination LP Tae set out to hike between 1912 to 1929 for 17 years and has been studying magic for the. faculty and many of Luang Lung Daeng, LP Tha after LP Tha die, you have to study more about Luang Pho Chaem Wat Ta Kong and it has been studied further with the faculty, the image, then you have to temple is. The three-pronged test. A period of up to three years to build the temple. It is recommendable to red before I die, you are equipped with LP Tae. Compassion for students. And efforts will be renovated to better measure.

Position of the clergy.
By 1932, the ecclesiastical province. God's hand to measure the drug affection, primate, Nakhon Pathom Province. LP Tae was appointed to the abbot of Wat Sam.
1933, he appointed Acting Dean District. The rule is based on the five temples Wat Samngam, Wat Lam Luk Bua, Wat Laem Makluea, Wat Thung Si Long Lae, Wat Tako Sung.
The sacred talisman.

LP Tae, you can create a sacred object that comprises both the prevention of World War 2, and sacred objects that you create a well-known to this day the Academy, or popularly called Kuman Thong texts, creating a royal uncle. Pong Pong consists of seven red clay soil, dust cover, the cemetery seven Oscar statues (Kuman Thong) Welcome to the home is protected. The soil will be the Angels. It is sacred in the year 2505 he built up a sacred object. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the statue as a type of glass facade. Since the latter three rich fields of the talisman is a symbol of a major three-pronged test it. The fields of the rich. Behind the talisman and the title Khong Thong sat deep in the flesh.

LP Tae Khong Thong to die on December 25, 1981 with the reign of King Paramin rest King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama 9), the glory age of 90 years, the body of the container body sounds you are. The three-pronged test to allow people to worship.

LP Yaem

History of Luang Pho Yaem Tha Yut To Wat Samngam (Wat Aran Yi Ka Ram), Nakhon Pathom Province.Amulets of Thailand's leading senior. The student body is one of the LP Tae Khong Thong.
Phrakhru Pra Yut Nawakan or a Buddhist monk Luang Pho Yaem of the three measurements. River applied. Nakhon Pathom province. You have the magic formula that is known. The quintessentially famous. And various countries in South East Asia. He has been respected. Fame on the sacred shrine. Forehead like a tiger getting famous and getting Ebigi?kg tone is that Kuman Thong.

Current age 95 years old LP Yaem ?gaehl?ag it seems you are on the 77th (2012) served as abbot of the three. Nakhon Pathom province. He was born on January 5, 1915 Father's last name rather Det Mak Yam. Jesus mother, Mrs Wong.

He ordained as a novice and LP Yaem monks at the temple glistening prong on May 2, 1938 by the Library gave me my signs at the Alligator Creek. A preceptor, you study the Scripture. The theologian can not grade. In addition, the study of meditation known. School science magic Writing character Khmer traditional medicine and astrological talisman and an LP Tae Khong Thong is the transfer of knowledge to successfully complete the magic. Full stature enlightenment tradition.

In his youth, hiking, surfing, like a lot of LP Yaem TP Vivek seek to practice and share learning sciences. Teachers from various agencies, such as Luang Pho Luea Wat Sao Cha-ngok Province, etc. You can lighten the task of LP Tae, who is a teacher. With a student get in touch. I've been trusted to appoint a deputy abbot of Wat Sam. And navigating through all of the teachers in the field of community development. The various business disciplines as well as today.

LP Yaem is the famous maestro. The object of worship Kuman Thong is the most popular is the maestro of the sacrament. In practicing meditation. Behave in accordance with training teachers to teach well. Is a feature of the clergy beautiful. The monk is the one that should be regarded as sacred to Buddhism, the Thai people.

Artifacts of the most popular LP Yaem. I was referring to both domestic and abroad to supernatural miracles intensity magical is that Kuman Thong clay and metal, all that Kuman Thong LP Yaem chanted by a typical and unique of Kuman Thong temple three true form. Kuman Thong LP Tae Khong Thong and chanted by the traditional process. A supernatural miracle. Spread as far as is known in Thailand and abroad.
The student. And vendors to worship Kuman Thong of the LP Yaem to say that the same voice. Outstanding trade windfall riches.

Katha Kuman

Wat Sam Ngarm
Buddhasabucha Dhammasabucha Sanghasabucha Patipatibucha Pawantumai x3

Aukasa Aukasa I pay respect to the golden doll.
Please be in my eyes, my heart, my body.
I had made merit for many former lives.
Owing to the result of good deeds, may I be lucky.
Please bring good luck to me every day and in all directions (everywhere).
May I get as I wish.
(you say what you want)
(Pay obsesance to the golden doll three times)

Wat Sam Ngarm II
Bud-dha-ssa bu-cha
Dham-ma-ssa bu-cha
Sang-ka-ssa bu-cha
Pa-ti-pa-ti bu-cha
bha-wan-tu -me

U-ka-sa U-ka-sa
Ka-pa-jow kau -wai took-ka-ta-thong
kau -jong ma bung-gert
yoo nai jak-ku ta-warn
nai ma-no ta-warn
nai guy ta-warn
hang ka-pa-jow

Kau day-cha, ka-pa-jow dai bum-pen goo-son
ma tae a-nek-a-nan-ta-chart
Gert -dui took-ka-ta-thong
lahp-pra-kan jong -ma bung-gert gae -ka-pa-jow
tung pad tit nung nung
Jong ma took wan yah dai kard sak-ka-ra nun ler
Hai meuan onk took-ka-ta-thong nan terd

Om Put Chow Ler, See Poo Mi Leap
Ti Lek Ta Pai , Kho Chong Tok Tuan
Chai Sai Ku Man Thong , Koo Ma Lak Chooti
Koo Ma Lak Kee, Loh Hoti Sam Pak
Loh Chon Ma Pun Kert Pen Ku Man Tong
Koon Nong Lik Koo, Chak Chai Hai Pai Ha Ngern
Kor Hai Dai Ngern, Koo Chak Chai Bai Har Dai
Tong koo Chak Chai Hai Bai Ha Lap, kor Hai Dai
Koo Chak Chai Hai, Bai Ha Harp

Chit Chor Na Mo Sarp
Chit Nak Mak Nung Sark Mak Sor
Ee Koon Nun You Tai Teen koo
Om Put Chit Om Cha Nak Ark
Ark Yiak Maha Larp Maha La
Mit Maha La Mit, Altik Maha Larp
Ma Om Luai Luai

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Case Oil I Kai Kuman Thong Gold Ghost Wat Chedi Charm Luck Magic Amulet #aa2147a:

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