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Clamshell Mutoscope Stand / Slot Machine Stand / Vintage Coin-op Machine Stand For Sale

Clamshell Mutoscope Stand / Slot Machine Stand / Vintage Coin-op Machine Stand

Description :

This is an sale for the primered stand only !

The Clamshell Mutoscope machine, the BigTin and Small Tin Mutoscope machines, and other items shown,


OK, we just wanted to clear that up, first thing. This is a sale, with a LOW starting offer.We're starting the price that is below what these repo wire mutoscope stands go for, or the common "box cabinet" stands we see for sale.

Me and my 35 year old son needed a stand for my cast iron International Clamshell Mutosope, and not seeing any for sale, we decided to build one ourselves out of solid wood, since we are long time owners of a professional cabinet manufacturing business, here in Texas. This IS NOT a home built, garage, do-it-yourself project, using sub-standard tools, but a well thought out quality piece of furniture, built by skilled American craftsmen with good ol' American quality built, heavy duty industrial woodworking machinery.

Since we went to all the time and effort in making one stand, we decided to make this second one as well, as you can build two or more about as easy as you can build one. We also took the extra time, and made templates, patterns and jigs for it. So if we get a decent price for this stand, we MAY make another one to sell. BUT, if we don't get a decent price, we sure won't be making another one to sell. So this may be the only one we sell. (and please don't ask how much a "decent price" is. I don't know right now, It changes from day to day, depending on how many knuckleheads I dealt with that day)

Now, If you are dead set on having an "original" cast iron stand, good luck. But even if you are, you could buy this one in the mean time, and when you do find your cast iron one (which won't even look as good) you can use this stand for another coin-op machine, or whatever. Heck, maybe you have a wife that thinks you should put HER on a pedestal, so there you go.

As the photos show, this stand would work great with other machines and special display objects. A slot machine would look right at home on it, as well as an old phonograph. It could also be used as a pedestal to display special items, such as vintage toys, statues, urns, vases, the list is endless.

About us, we're a 4-generation cabinet shop, dating back to 1950 in the same location, building custom quality cabinetry for high-end homes only. We honestly can make way more money in our business building top grade kitchen cabinets, than building these stands. This was totally a "labor of love", but we can fall out of love real fast. We'll try to leave our web address in one of the photos, as I don't think likes for you to post these, and you can check us out.

About the stand, it's made out of solid wood, (rope mouldings, brackets, etc. of hard White Maple, a little Beech lumber, and the sides of Northern White Pine lumber) not plywood or particle board (except there is a thin piece of 1/4 inch plywood on the very top, that positions the actual machine in place) We took care in not over nailing anything, (holes have been filled), used lots of glue and clamps, making sure everything is plumb, straight, level and strong. Everything was fitted tight, and any minute holes or spaces were filled and sanded. We then applied a good coat of lacquer over everything. Let that dry over night, block sanded that down again. Applied quality DuPont automotive epoxy fill primer over that. Let that dry over night, and block sanded that down again. We then applied another coat of Ace Hardware Bull's Eye primer over that, and that is what you see. It should be ready to paint as is. And don't worry about it not being strong, it would probably hold an elephant, if you can balance it just right.

We believe this stand is far superior to the original stands in looks, as the surface of the cast iron ones are very rough, wavy and irregular, with plenty of gaps. This stand is the same size as the original stands, appx. 18" X 18" X 34 inches, BUT IT IS NOT AN EXACT DUPLICATE. We had to make certain artistic and aesthetic changes in the design to make it affordable. Like, please don't tell us we didn't put the little lion figure in the middle of the filigree panel, or we put rosettes in the corner brackets, where the original didn't have them. We already know. To make a wood stand that is totally EXACT in every detail to the cast iron ones, would be so expensive, as to be out of reach for almost anyone. We tried to make this affordable, and still look and be great too. Another thing, anytime you have two of anything, one will always appear or look better than the other one, no matter how minor. In this case, we looked real close, and we're selling the best one, and keeping the other one, that's just the way we do things.

We want you to be very pleased with this stand.In the pictures provided, and there are several, (you will need to scroll up and down in the picture section), you can see how we painted the one we kept. It came out great, and increased the value of the over all machine will take a lot of care in double boxing this stand, and ship it to you anywhere in the lower 48 states for 60. dollars. It will be more to Alaska and Hawaii. And a LOT more for anywhere else. If you are not in the lower 48 states, DON'T offer until we find out the shipping costs, and what is involved.

The box will be approximately 36" tall, by approximately 20" by 20" wide. It will weigh about 40 pounds with the box. You could probably even research the cost yourself, we are in Vidor, Texas, zip code 77662. If you want to pick this stand up yourself and save the shipping costs, no problem, and we can store it as long as you need, as long as it's paid for.

PLEASE don't be another knucklehead,... ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE offerDING, and DON'T offer IF YOU AREN'T SERIOUS ABOUT BUYING IT !! , i'm way over the knucklehead quota for this month And look at all the pictures closely ! Again, this is NOT an exact copy, just very close. Your cast iron International Mutoscope Machine should set and interlock down on this stand perfectly, as ours did. But since these are cast iron machines, made in different years in the 1800's, you may have to trim a little of the wood on the top to fit right, we just don't know. It should be very easy to do though, if that were the unlikely case. Ours set so well, we didn't even bolt it down, but we are providing two 1/4 inch thick drawbolts to fasten your machine down with. When you use these, you will need to bore two 5/16 inch holes through the wood top, or we can do it for you. We didn't bore the two holes yet, in case someone were to use the stand for another purpose. The stand/pedestal also includes the new lock and two keys, for the removable front panel..

Note :Times are hard for everyone, so we're also open to possible trades.. We're interested in VINTAGE....coin-op related, circus, carnival, bicycle, signs, guns, early documents, especially Texas / Louisiana, also anything that's unusual. Items need not be working, we can fix and restore about anything. (maybe even trade on modern guns. Might as well get rid of them before the g-men come calling on you.)And no problem stopping the sale for the right trade, never hurts to ask. (all questions will be kept private and confidential)

The Deal :Payment must be received within 5 business days of sale close.

The winning buyer must respond within 48 hours of purchase.

Unpaid sale wins will be forfeited after five (5) business days and a Non-Payer report will be filed with to recover the closing fees of the sale. Remember, has a low tolerance for this.

Tags : Multi-use pedestal stand can be usedas aClamshell Mutoscope Stand, Big Tin Mutoscope, Small Tin Mutoscope, and other peepshow or vintage coin-operated machines, slot machine stand, Edison / Victrola phonograph stand, Shipman Peep Show stand, Advance Vistascope machine stand, antique shocking maching stand, trade stimulator stand, penny arcade machine stand, girlie show machine stand, peanut machine stand, vintage gum machine stand, antique toy display stand, statue display stand, strength tester stand, antique clock stand, Victorian lamp stand, antique urn or vase stand, taxidermy stand, etc.

Clamshell Mutoscope Stand / Slot Machine Stand / Vintage Coin-op Machine Stand

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Clamshell Mutoscope Stand / Slot Machine Stand / Vintage Coin-op Machine Stand:

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