Converted Into A Hydrogen Hybrid Hho Dry Cell Kit Generator Mpg Efie Save Fuel

Converted Into A Hydrogen Hybrid Hho Dry Cell Kit Generator Mpg Efie Save Fuel

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Converted Into A Hydrogen Hybrid Hho Dry Cell Kit Generator Mpg Efie Save Fuel:

Untitled Document Don't Just Buy ~ HHO Products ~ Join Our Club! Fuel Economy Testimony Rebate Form Vehicle Information Year_____Make__________Model___________ MPG Before Install City_____Hwy_____ MPG After Install City______Hwy_____ What adjustments did you make to the vehicle if any to achieve your results? $25 ~ Testimony Rebate ~ $25 Send us a nice video of your HydroClubUSA HHO dry cell kit installation and you will receive a $25 cash rebate. This is just another way we strive to help you succeed and give you the opportunity to get a little of your investment back immediately. Why wait, purchase your electrolysis system now. We work with each customer ensuring they get better fuel economy. Installing Our Hydrogen Generator On Your Vehicle Will
  • Improve Your Fuel Economy
  • Increases Engine Power and Performance
  • Reduce Engine Operating Temperature
  • Burn Fuel Efficiently Eliminating Blow By
  • Lengthen Your Engines Life Expectancy
  • Increase Time Between Oil Changes
  • Qualify you for an IRS Tax Benefit
You Will Get An Increase In MPG ~ Results Guaranteed ~ Or Your Money Back! There is a lot of people just selling HHO dry cell products out of their garage. Be sure you are connecting with a good, well established company who will work with you one on one to ensure you get results. We have been selling HHO dry cell kits for over four years and we do not do this part time out of our garage. We own our warehouse and have a full time staff of employees. We move hundreds of HHO cells each month and have established distributors here in America as well as abroad. We have our HHO dry cell in over 70 countries and have extensive plans in place for growth. We have accomplished this by putting our customers first. We offer you e-mail, phone and texting support. Generally you can contact us 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you do not get a hold of us leave a message. WE WILL CALL YOU BACK! We work with all of our customers to ensure they each get good results. If you work with us and we are unable to get you results we will issue your money back! How can you lose? We stand behind each one of our products and guarantee results. Our heart today remains the same as it was in the beginning. We started this business to help people. Allow us the opportunity to help you This video is designed to show you the power of HHO and its potential as a fuel. The gas consumed is only on start up and acceleration. When cruising this truck only uses HHO. Ride with us as we show you our fuel economy test done with and without the Hydrogen Generator. We do all MPG test with the utmost accuracy. We use the same gas pump, the same fuel, an identical route, and we always top off our fuel so you can see the fuel. This ensures we are getting as close to identical readings as possible of our fuel used. This trip is done as an optimum conditions test at 55 MPH with no stops. Our daily driving HHO enhanced city and hwy MPG readings are posted below. Hydroxygen is the fuel of the future. We Have The Best Tech Support In The HHO Industry!

We promise to work with you to get increased fuel economy Free Lifetime Membership With The Purchase of An HHO Cell Or Kit It's very easy to become a lifetime member of our club, just make a purchase of a cell or a kit, it's that easy. You will also receive access to our members area which includes our gas vehicle installation manual, our diesel installation manual, and our vehicle database. This list all the vehicles we have put our electrolyzer on, their pre and post fuel economy, along with how we converted them to supplement with HHO. Do not just purchase products and test HHO on your own. Join our club and have a dedicated staff behind you with years of troubleshooting experience at your finger tips. Let Us Help You Convert Your Car Into A Brown's Gas Hybrid Today * *WHAT YOU GET WITH THIS sale* * WHAT YOU GET WITH THIS sale Our New Book "Converted" Converted Includes HHO Process Explanation Step By Step HHO Kit Installation Testing Methods/Procedures Tips To Increase Fuel Economy FAQ/Troubleshooting

Only $10.95 Free Shipping!!

We Take The Time To Educate You Our new book "Converted" has all the information you need for HHO education and installations. We have compiled all our knowledge and experience into one easy to understand book. Converted explains in detail the electrolytic cell and how this can be used for vehicle applications. It takes you through the installation of our HHO dry cell kits step by step with diagrams and pictures. If you are interested in oxyhydrogen and its uses "Converted" is your must have handbook. Hydrogen generators are the answer to increasing fuel economy and obtaining more miles per gallon. This technology is also known as brown's gas, hydroxygen, electrolysis, HHO, hydrogen generators, and electrolyzer. INCLUDED FREE WITH EACH KIT!

If you are not sure HHO is for you, not ready to buy the whole kit, or would just like more information, then Converted is what you need. After reading the hho conversion book, if you decide to go ahead and purchase the HHO dry cell kit for your vehicle we will take the price of the book off your kit and send you another copy of Converted with your kit for Free. How Can You Lose?

We Have The Best Tech Support In The HHO Industry! Now we have HHO TEXT SUPPORT. You can get your questions answered immediately from HHO Joe. We realize sometimes you need the convenience of getting a hold of us right away. This is especially helpful if you have a question about hydrogen generators after business hours. Also our phones are open to help you with any question you may have. If you do not get us right away leave a message and WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU. We are excited to talk to you about HHO and the hydrogen on demand industry. IF WE ARE UNABLE TO GET YOU MPG RESULTS WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY! Southern Hospitality ~ Trust Worthy ~ Dependable ~ Here For You We Provide You Top Quality Products CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR STORE

Here at HydroClubUSA we strive to grow this new hydrogen on demand industry in the right direction. We want to see each and every member be successful in converting their car into a HHO hybrid. This is the whole reason we formed the club. When you purchase one HHO dry cell or one hydrogen generator kit you become a lifetime member of with no fees ever.

HHO Dry Cell Kit Results Vehicle BeforeAfter03 DodgeRamV8 3/4 ton pickup12 MPG18 MPG03 Dodge Ram Diesel 5.9 L Turbo18 MPG35 MPG93 Honda Civic24 MPG42 MPG98 Toyota Avalon 3 liter V625 MPG36 MPG97 Lexus 300 22MPG38 MPG03 Nissan Frontier HHO inserted into intake22 MPG 28 MPG

09 Hyundai Genesis 1,000 miles of testing

22/City 33/Hwy

35/City 52/Hwy2000 Saturn Ion26 MPG51 MPG VW Jetta TDI 1.9 Lmid 40's low 70's02 Chrysler Town and Country19-21 MPG28.5 MPG96 Volkswagon Passat GLS

18/City 26/Hwy

26/City 37/Hwy

00 Volkswagon Jetta

14/City 18/Hwy

19/City 23/Hwy

02 Pontiac Montana 3.9L

22.8 MPG 34 MPG2003 Chrysler Town & Country Van 3.8L 25 MPG 32 MPG01 Subaru Forester27-28 MPG35.6 MPG

These are just a few of the reports from our members. We have kits for almost every vehicle on the market. We will be glad to show you the exact kit you will need for your vehicle just click here to send us a message and let us know your vehicle information. Year - Make - Model - Engine Size - Gas/Diesel - Turbo Equipped

1992 Southwind RV Install This 1986 GMC V8 truck originally got 10 City and 12 Hwy Now It Gets 18 City And 26 Hwy Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority...Try Us Out...Give Us A Call

I have one of your units on my 84 honda accord......26 years still runs like a fine oiled machine.......I use 94 octane fuel with my hho gas unit... always have.....costs a few cents more, but the mileage is worth it...before installing your unit I was getting about 22mpg in town and 32 highway
now i get 68 mpg on highway 36 in town driving....
I am going to get another for my lawn tractor...........
You guys are special .....Roy Philips

I installed the 2008 galant kit, went from 24 mpg to 35 mpg. very satisfied...Bill Taylor

Good Quality Control Is Priceless Each Cell Is Tested @ 60 PSI For Leaks The HydroClubUSA Family We are a hard working family dedicated to our customers and the advancement of this new HHO industry. I hope you see our hard work in the quality of our HHO products and the detail in our ads. We started this business when gas prices hit $4.00 a gallon with the desire to help your average person save money on fuel by providing top notch HHO dry cell products. When gas got this high I found myself paying over $60 to fill up my small gas tank. Just a few months earlier it had cost me $25 to fill up. We had to become proactive. God has blessed our business. I encourage you to become proactive as well and help us advance this new hydrogen on demand industry by giving us your vehicle testimony. I just wanted to take the time to let you all know a little bit about our family and why we do what we do.We are here to help you any way we can. Don't Be Held Hostage Again By High Gas Prices Click Here To Sign Up For Our Newsletter Extra Extra Read All About Becoming A Distributor! We can help you even if you have no experience. We have a simple to use copy and past marketing system. If you can copy from one document to another and are willing to invest some time, you can be successful. Click Here For More Information Free Shipping We ship USPS Priority Mail/First Class. We ship within 24 hrs of payment received. You will receive your package 2-3 days (Priority) from ship date. 99.6% Positive response Click Here And Check Some Out Small Enough To Fit In The Palm Of Your Hand! 4 Inches x 4 Inches x 2 Inches Don't Waste Your Money On Large Cells That Will Not Fit Your Car How Does The HydroCell Perform? At 30 Amps The HydroCell Produces 2.25 LPM At 18 Amps The HydroCell Produces 1 Liter in 43 Seconds Dual HHO Dry Cell Production At A Cool 15 Amps Per Cell They Produce a Whopping 4.5 LPM Constant And Will Pulse Over 5 LPM Free Lifetime Membership With The Purchase of An HHO Cell Or Kit

Disclaimer: Producing hydrogen gas can be dangerous and seller excepts no responsibility for what or how you use this device. Use of this product is classed as experimental.

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Converted Into A Hydrogen Hybrid Hho Dry Cell Kit Generator Mpg Efie Save Fuel:

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