619 Books On Dvd, The Ultimate Cookbook Library, Recipes Cook Bake Food Desserts

619 Books On Dvd, The Ultimate Cookbook Library, Recipes Cook Bake Food Desserts

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619 Books On Dvd, The Ultimate Cookbook Library, Recipes Cook Bake Food Desserts:

The Ultimate

Cookbook Library

619 Vintage Books on 2 DVD’s

Make no mistake. This is the most complete collection of Cookbooks on DVD found anywhere on the Planet at the lowest possible cost.

*Item is scanned images of every page of the books, in Adobe Acrobat Reader in .PDF format. It’s like having the actual book in front of you. Works with any computer, and is easy to use, read, resize and print from.

Most of the books on the DVD are SEARCHABLE*


$1000 Worth of Useful Information and Valuable Recipes (1857)

175 Choice Recipes Mainly Furnished by Members of the Chicago Women’s Club (1887)

250 Meatless Recipes & Menus: To Meet the Requirements of People Under the Varying Conditions of Age, Climate, and Work (1910)

365 Orange Recipes: An Orange Recipe for Everyday in the Year (1909)

A Book of Dorcas Dishes: Family Recipes (1911)

A Book with Practical Recipes for the Housewife (1900)

A Book of Recipes for the Cooking School (1921)

A Book of Tried Recipes (1890)

A Calendar of Dinners with 615 Recipes (1922)

A Choice Collection of Test Receipts w/ a Chapter on Preparation of Food for the Sick (1897)

A Collection of Tested Recipes Home Delight (1890)

A Cook Book for Nurses (1911)

A Course of Lectures on the Principles of Domestic Economy and Cookery (1887)

A Dozen Dainty Recipes for Preparing War Department Canned Meats (1920)

A Friend in the Kitchen or What to Cook and How to Cook it (1908)

A Laboratory Manual of Foods and Cookery (1916)

A New Book of Cookery (1921)

A New System of Domestic Cookery (1807)

A Poetical Cook-Book (1864)

A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband (1917)

A Treatise on Flour, Yeast, Fermentation and Baking, Together w/ Recipes for Bread and Cakes (1914)

Atlanta Woman’s Club Cook Book (1921)

“Auntie Babette’s” Home Confectionery (1893)

“Aunt Babette’s” Cook Book (1893)

Aunt Caroline’s Dixieland Recipes (1922)

Ayuda Cook Book (1920)

Benson Woman’s Club Cook Book: Containing Over 400 of Our Own and Our Friends Choice Recipes (1915)

Best Recipes for Baking (1907)

Better Meals for Less Money (1917)

Book of Caloric Fireless Cook Stove Recipes (1908)

Book of Recipes (1921)

Boston Receipts: 200 Common-Sense Receipts (1876)

Boston School Kitchen Textbook (1914)

Braxton’s Practical Cook Book (1886)

Bread and Cake Baking (1877)

Bread and Pastry Recipes of the World Famous U.S., Canada, Europe The Bread and and Pastry Book (1913)

Bread Making and Bread Baking (1915)

Breakfast, Dinner and Supper: How to Cook and How to Serve Them (1897)

Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea (1875)

Burlington Ladies Cook Book (1901)

Cake, Candy and Culinary Crinkles (1912)

California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook (1914)

California Recipe Book (1872)

Caloric Book of Recipes: A Compilation of More than 300 Superior Recipes (1914)

Camp Cookery (1910)

Candlelight Tea; a Book of Recipes (1910)

Cant Fair Cook Book (1915)

Caroline King’s Cook Book (19180

Cassell’s Dictionary of Cookery (1892)

Catering for Special Occasion w/ Menus & Recipes (1911)

Catering for Two: Comfort and Economy for Small Households (1898)

Catherine Owen’s New Cook Book (1885)

Centennial Cookery Book (1887)

Central Congregational Church Cook Book (1913)

Chafing Dish Possibilities (1898)

Chi Omega Cook Book (1900)

Childs’ Book of Recipes for Managers (1910)

Childs: Recipes for Cooking and Preparing (1913)

Chinese Cookery in Home Kitchen (1911)

Choice Cookery (1889)

Choice Recipes (1900)

Chop-Sticks (1884)

Christianity in the Kitchen a Physiological Cook Book (1853)

Christopher House Guild Cook Book (1912)

Clayton’s Quaker Cook-Book (1883)

Clever Cooking (1896)

Cloud City Cook-Book (1889)

Club House Cook Book (1916)

Club Woman’s Cookbook (1913)

Colorado Cookbook (1883)

Columbia Cook Book (1902)

Common Sense in the Household (1872)

Conservation Recipes (1918)

Consolidated Library of Modern Cooking and Household Recipes (1904)

Cook and Housekeepers Complete and Universal Dictionary (1822)

Cookbook (1920)

Cook Book 365 (1915)

Cook Book: Containing Recipes for a # of Excellent Dishes Which Can be Made Best W/ this Food Chopper (1900)

Cook Book of the Alberta B. George Missionary Society (1920)

Cook Book of the Sierra Madre Womans Club (1909)

Cookbook (1915)

Cookery for Invalids Persons of Delicate Digestion, and for Children (1876)

Cookery for Little Girls (1910)

Cookery Recipes (1902)

Cookery Reformed or the Lady’s Assistant (1755)

Cooking Course (1912)

Cooking for Profit (1893)

Cooking for Profit: Catering and Food Service Management (1922)

Cooking for Two (1909)

Cooking Hints and Helps to Reduce the Cost of Living (1913)

Cooking in Old Creole Days (1903)

Cooking School Recipes (1890)

Cornerstone Club Cook Book (1913)

Corona Club Cook Book (1910)

Crumbs From Everybodys Table: A Cook Book (1902)

Culinary Echoes From Dixie (1914)

Culture and Cooking or, Art in the Kitchen (1881)

Cupids Book of Good Counsel (1918)

Dainties (1894)

Dainty Desserts (1922)

Daniel Webster Cook Book (1907)

Date Cook Book (1919)

Dedham Receipts (1871)

Dehydrating Foods Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Meats (1920)

Delicious Dishes (1915)

Delicious Recipes (1920)

Directions for Cookery Being a System of the Art in its Various Branches (1837)

Dishes & Beverages of the Old South (1913)

Dixie Cookery (1867)

Domestic Cook Book (1888)

Domestic Cookery, Useful Receipts, and Hints to Young Housekeepers (1859)

Dr. Chase’s Combination Receipt Book (1915)

Dr. Chase’s Recipes (1874)

Dr. Prices Delicious Desserts (1904)

Eating for Strength (1888)

Echos of Southern Kitchens (1916)

Economical Cookery (1918)

Economical Cooking (1912)

Economical Diet and Cookery in Time of Emergency (1917)

Economy Cook Book (1918)

Euerka Cook Book (1907)

European and American Cuisine (1903)

Everyday Meals: Being Economic and Wholesome Recipes for Breakfast, Luncheon, and Supper (1877)

Every Woman’s Cook Book (1911)

Everyday Cook Book (1891)

Everything for the Table (1880)

Everywoman’s Cook Book (1922)

Excelsior Cook Book: and Housekeeper’s Aid (1870)

Famous Old Receipts (1908)

Farm and Home Cook Book and Housekeeper’s Assistant (1907)

Farm House to House: A Book of Odd Recipes From Many Homes (1916)

Favorite Dishes (1893)

Favorite Recipes (1903)

Favorites Recipes (1923)

Fifty Valuable and Delicious Recipes Made With Corn Meal for 50 Cents (1917)

Fireless Cooker Recipes (1909)

Fish, Flesh, and Fowl a Cook Book (1898)

Flower City Cook Book (1891)

Food and Cookery for the Sick and Convalescent (1912)

Food and Feeding (1879)

Food and Freedom (1918)

Food Efficiency of the Best Food for the Least Money (1920)

Foods of the Foreign-Born (1922)

For Danish Appetites Cook Book (1900)

For Luncheon and Supper Guests (1922)

French Cookery for American Homes (1901)

Gems for the kitchen (1886)

General Mess Manual and Cookbook (1904)

Gillett’s Magic Cook Book (1892)

Gold Medal Four Cook Book (1910)

Good Cooking (1898)

Good Food: How to Prepare It (1920)

Good Housekeeper’s Cook Book (1914)

Good Housekeeping Family Cook Book (1906)

Good Housekeeping’s Book of Menu’s, Recipes, and Household Discoveries (1922)

Good Luck Cook Book (1912)

Good Recipes (1906)

Good things to Eat (1913)

Good-Living: A Practical Cookery-Book for Town and Country (1890)

Golden Rule Bazaar Encyclopedia of Cookery (1892)

Grand Rapids Receipt Book (1873)

Gulf City Cook Book (1878)

Hamilton Cook Book (1914)

Hand-Book for the Kitchen and Housekeeper’s Guide (1879)

Hand-Book of Household Science (1902)

Handbook of Practical Cookery (1886)

Handbook of Recipes (1918)

Hanover Cook Book (1922)

Harrison’s Flavoring Extracts (1870)

Hartford Election Cake and Other Receipts (1889)

Hawaiian Cook Book (1920)

Heart of the Wheat a Book of Recipes (1910)

High Living Recipes from Southern Climes (1907)

Hints from Southern Epicures (1892)

Hobart Boulevard Cook Book (1915)

Home Baking (1912)

Home Bureau and Community Cook Book (1921)

Home Candy Making (1911)

Home Cookery (1881)

Home Dissertations (1891)

Home Economic Club of the Four Counties Group Cook Book (1900)

Home Helps (1910)

Hood’s Cook Book (1884)

Hood’s Cook Book # 2 (1888)

Hood’s Practical Cooks Book (1897)

Hoover’s Book of Recipes (1888)

Hospitality: Recipes and Entertainment for All Occasions (1922)

Hot Weather Dishes (1888)

Housekeeper’s Companion (1889)

Housekeeping in the Blue Grass: A New and Practical Cook Book (1881)

Housewives Favorite Recipes: For Cold Dishes, Dainties Chilled Drinks Etc. (1916)

How to Cook Fish: Recipes (1886)

How to Cook Fish (1908)

How to Cook in Casserole Dishes (1912)

How to Cook Shell-Fish (1907)

How to Cook Well (1886)

How to Cook, Carve and Eat (1870)

How to Cook Veggies (1909)

How to Use Olive Butter a Collection of Valuable Cooking Recipes (1883)

How We Cook in L.A. (1894)

Ice Cream: Practical Recipes for Making Ice Cream (1886)

Ice Creams, Water Ices Frozen Puddings (1913)

In the Kitchen (1875)

Indianapolis Cook Book (1883)

Individual Recipes in Use at Drexel Institute (1907)

Italian Cooking (1900)

Jane Hamilton’s Recipes (1909)

Jennie June’s American Cookery Book (1878)

Joe Tilden’s Recipes for Epicures (1907)

Journal Cook (1889)

Just for Two: a Collection of Recipes Designed for Two Persons (1903)

Kentucky Cook Book: Easy and Simple for Any Cook (1912)

Klever Kinks in Kookery (1916)

King’s Daughter Cook Book 680 Recipes (1916)

King’s Highway Cook Book (1894)

La Cuisine Creole: A Collection of Culinary Recipes (1885)

Ladies’ Aid Cook Book (1909)

Lady’s New Receipt-Book (1850)

Larkin Housewives Cook Book (1915)

Left Overs (1898)

Left-Overs Made Palatable (1902)

Lessons in the Proper Feeding of the Family (1909)

Liberty Recipes (1918)

Light Entertaining: A Book of Dainty Recipes for Special Occasions (1910)

Like Mother Use to Make (1912)

Lizzie’s Cook Book (1891)

Loaves and Fishes (1900)

Los Angeles Cookery (1881)

Louis Every Womans Cook Book (1910)

Low Cost Cooking (1915)

Low Cost Recipes (1914)

Lowney’s Cook Book (1921)

Luncheon (1888)

Luncheons a Cooks Picture Book (1902)

Majestic Range Catalogue Cook Book (1893)

Manual of Wheatless Recipes (1918)

Margery Daw in the Kitchen, and What She Learned There (1883)

Marion Harland’s Cook Book (1900)

Marion Harlands’ Complete Cook Book (1903)

Mary Jane’s Cook Book (1916)

May Irwin’s Home Cooking (1904)

Mazdaznan Home Cook Book (1901)

Meals for the Million: The People’s Cook-Book (1879)

Meat Substitutes (1907)

Meats Poultry and Game, How to Buy, Cook and Carve With a Potpourri of Recipes (1919)

Merrell-Soule Products in the Bakery (1919)

Midnight Feasts: Two Hundred & Two Salads and Chafing-Dish Recipes (1914)

Miss Beecher’s Domestic Receipt Book (1846)

Miss Beecher’s Housekeeper: Containing 500 Recipes (1873)

Miss Leslie’s Complete Cookery: Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches (1851)

Miss Leslie’s Lady’s New Receipt-Book (1850)

Miss Parloa’s Kitchen Companion (1887)

Modern Cookery; In All its Branches (1860)

Modern Cooking (1920)

The Modern Housewife or Menagere (1850)

Modern Meatless Cook Book (1910)

Modern Practical Cake Baking (1915)

Mohawk Valley Cook Book (1889)

Monarch Cook Book (1906)

More Receipts (1852)

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Recipes (1887)

Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management (1907)

Mrs. Allen’s Cook Book (1917)

Mrs. Beeton’s Household Management (1907)

Mrs. Charles H. Gibson’s Maryland and Virginia Cook Book (1894)

Mrs. Clarke’s Cookery Book (1883)

Mrs. DeGraf’s Cook Book (1922)

Mrs. Dwelle’s Cook Book (1911)

Mrs. Elliott’s Housewife Containing Practical Receipts in Cookery (1870)

Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million (1857)

Mrs. Hills New CookBook (1870)

Mrs. Lincoln’s Boston Cook Book (1902)

Mrs. M. T. Wellborn’s Recipes for Preserving Fruits (1874)

Mrs. Norton’s Cook Book (1917)

Mrs. Owen’s Illinois Cook Book (1871)

Mrs. Putnam’s Receipt Book (1849)

Mrs. Rorer’s New Cook Book (1902)

Mrs. Rorer’s My Best 250 Recipes (1907)

Mrs. Scott’s North American Seasonal Cook Book (1921)

Mrs. Seely’s Cook Book (1902)

Mrs. Snow’s Practical Cook Book (1903)

Mrs. Welchs CookBook (1884)

Mrs. Wilson’s New Cook Book (1920)

My Favorite Receipt (1909)

My Mother’s Cook Book (1880)

Myrtle Reed Cook Book (1916)

Never Fail Cook Book (1914)

New Receipts for Cooking (1854)

Ninety-Nine Salads and How to Make Them, with Rules for Dressing and Sauce (1897)

Nyal Cook Book (1916)

Oak Lawn Grange Cook Book Recipes (1914)

Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines (1922)

On Uncle Sam’s Water Wagon: 500 Delicious Drinks which can be made at Home (1919)

125 Recipes Bread, Cakes, & Pies (1915)

101 Practical Non-Flesh Recipes (1917)

One Thousand and One Useful Recipes and Valuable Hints about Cooking and Housekeeping (1890)

One Thousand and One Useful Recipes and Valuable Hints about Cooking and Housekeeping (1890)

One Thousand Favorite Recipes (1908)

Our New Cook Book and Household Receipts (1883)

Our Sisters’ Recipes (1909)

Our Society Cook Book (1888)

Our Viands (1893)

Pan-Pacific Cook Book (1915)

Paper Bag Cookery (1911)

Paper Bag Cookery: Complete Directions and Recipes (1912)

Perfection in Baking (1899)

Physical Culture Cook Book (1901)

Pop Corn Recipes (1916)

Practical Cook Book (1908)

Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving (1887)

Practical Gastronomy and Culinary Dictionary (1895)

Practical Housekeeping: A Careful Compilation of Tried and Approved Recipes (1887)

Practical Italian Recipes for American Kitchens (1917)

Practical Recipes (1909)

Presbyterian Cook-Book (1900)

Queen Esther Cook Book (1911)

Recipes of the Woman’s Club of San Mateo (1909)

Recipes and Menus for Fifty (1913)

Recipes for Sea Food: How to Prepare and Serve Fish, Oyster, Clams, Scallops, Lobsters, Crabs, and Shrimp (1913)

Recipes from the Old Country and the New (1910)

Recipes Used in the Cooking School (1906)

Recipes Grandview Congregational Church (1916)

Recipes; Dainties, Salads, and Clever Hints (1919)

Reliable Cook Book (1913)

Riverside Recipe Book (1890)

Salads; Their Uses as Food & Medicine, w/ 50 Useful Salad Recipes (1909)

San Anselmo Cook-Book (1908)

San Rafael Cook Book (1906)

Sandwiches (1912)

School and Home Cooking (1920)

Science of Health German Cook Book (1912)

Scientific Cooking with Scientific Methods (1911)

Selection and Preparation of Food, Laboratory Manual (1915)

Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats (1830)

Shark as Food: With Thirty Recipes (1918)

Six Little Cooks or Aunt Jane’s Cooking Class (1910)

Six Texas Food Products: Recipes and Food Values (1918)

Skates and Rays: Interesting Fishes of Great Food Value, With 29 Recipes for Cooking Them (1918)

Snowdrift Secrets: A Book of Recipes (1913)

Southern Recipes (1900)

Southern Recipes Tested By Myself (1913)

Souvenir Cook book (1892)

Soyer’s Standard Cookery: A Complete Guide to the Art of Cooking Dainty, Varied, and Economical Dishes for the Household (1912)

Specialties of Steeples By the Sea (1900)

Standard Paper-Bag Cookery (1912)

Studies of American Fungi Mushrooms: Recipes for Cooking Mushrooms (1901)

Sunshine Cook Book (1910)

Superior Cook Book (1905)

Tested Recipe Cook Book (1895)

The 3-6-5 Cook Book (1899)

The All-American Cook Book (1922)

The Alumnae Cookbook (1891)

The American Frugal Housewife (1838)

The American Home Cook Book (1913)

The American Home Cook Book (1864)

The American Housewife Cook Book (1878)

The American Pastry Cook (1894)

The Anglo-Chinese Cook Book (1916)

The Appetizer: A Thoroughly Reliable Cook Book (1893)

The Appledore Cook Book: Containing Practical Receipts (1880)

The Arizona Cook Book (1911)

The Art of Cookery, Made Easy and Refined (1808)

The Baby’s Food Recipes for the Preparation of Food for Infants and Children (1917)

The Baptist Cook Book (1907)

The Battle Creek Cook Book (1922)

The Bethany Union Cook Book (1912)

The Blue and Gold Cook Book (1912)

The Blue Grass Cook Book (1911)

The Blue Hen’s Chickens’ Cook Book (1921)

The Blue Ribbon Cook Book (1904)

The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1917)

The Bride’s Cook Book (1915)

The Brockton Hospital Cook Book (1910)

The Buckeye Cook Book (1887)

The Business of Being a Housewife (1921)

The California Practical Cook Book (1882)

The Calumet Cook Book (1916)

The Capital Cook Book (1895)

The Capitol Cook Book (1896)

The Captain’s Lady Cookbook (1900)

The Centennial Cook Book and General Guide (1876)

The Century Cook Book (1895)

The Chinese Cook Book (1917)

The Christ Hospital Cook Book (1914)

The Church Cook Book (1908)

The Comet 1910 Receipts (1910)

The Common Sense Cook Book (1894)

The Compendium of Cookery and Reliable Recipes (1890)

The Complete Bread, Cake and Cracker Baker (1881)

The Complete Confectioner (1864)

The Cook and the Cupboard (1896)

The Cook Book of Let-Overs (1911)

The Cook Book (1896)

The Cook County Cook Book (1912)

The Cooking Manual of Practical Directions for Economical Every-Day Cookery (1877)

The Cook’s Economical Book (1918)

The Cooks Guide (1907)

The Cook’s Oracle (1830)

The Cook’s Own Book (1832)

The Corn Cook Book (1907)

The Cottage Kitchen (1883)

The Court of Honor Cook Book (1915)

The Culinary Handbook (1904)

The Delmonico Cook Book (1890)

The Delta’s Best Cook Book (1900)

The Dinner Year-Book (1878)

The Dixie Cook-Book (1883)

The Domestic Adviser (1880)

The Dominion Home Cook-Book (1868)

The Duplex Cook Book (1910)

The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking (1893)

The East Milwaukee Cook-Book (1917)

The Eastern Shoe Cook Book (1919)

The Eastman Way (1912)

The Economical Cook Book (1890)

The Economy Cook Book (1910)

The Eliot Cook Book (1880)

The Enterprising Housekeeper, Suggestions for Breakfast, Luncheon and Supper (1898)

The Eta Cook Book (1914)

The Everyday Cook and Recipe Book (1900)

The Every-Day Cook-Book and Encyclopedia of Practical Recipes (1889)

The Exchange Cook Book (1892)

The Faulkner Cook Book (1914)

The Federation Cook Book (1910)

The Fireless Cook Book (1909)

The Flower City Cook Book (1911)

The Fredonia Cook Book (1899)

The French Cook (1822)

The Friday Club Menus; a Cape Cod Cook Book (1912)

The Gate City Cook Book (1915)

The Genesee Valley Cookbook (1905)

The Golden Age Cook Book (1898)

The Golden Mean in Cookery (1884)

The Golden Cook Book (1918)

The Golden Rule Cook Book (1912)

The Good Cheer Cook-Book (1889)

The Graded Cook Book (1888)

The Handy Cook Book (1917)

The Handy Cook Book (1900)

The Hartley House Cook Book (1901)

The Hatfield Cook Book (1899)

The Helping Hand Cook Book (1912)

The Home Adviser (1911)

The Home Cook Book (1881)

The Home Cook Book (1905)

The Home Guide a Book by 500 Ladies (1877)

The Home Messenger Books of Tested Receipts (1878)

The Home Science Cook Book (1902)

The Homemade Cook Book (1885)

The Hostess of To-Day (1899)

The Hotel Book of Soups and Entrees (1883)

The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book (1919)

The Housekeeper and Gardner (1858)

The Housekeeper Cook Book (1894)

The Housekeeper’s Book (1837)

The Housekeeper’s Friend (1879)

The Hygia Cook Book, Cooking for Health (1905)

The Hygeian Home Cook Book (1874)

The Hygienic Cook-Book (1881)

The Ideal Cook Book (1889)

The Ideal Cook Book (1902)

The Ideal Cookery Book (1889)

The Illinois Cook Book (1881)

The Imperial and Royal Cook (1809)

The Institute Cook Book (1913)

The International Cook Book (1906)

The Italian Cook Book (1919)

The Iyanough Cook Book (1899)

The J.C. Forkner Fig-Gardens; How to Serve Figs in the Home (1919)

The Jewett Chafing Dish w/ a Collectiong of Recipes for Chafing-Dish Cookery (1896)

The Junior Cook Book (1920)

The Just-Wed Cook Book (1917)

The Kenton Cook Book (1888)

The Khaki Kook Book (1917)

The Kitchen (1885)

The Kitchen Companion (1869)

The Kitchen Guide (1913)

The Ladies’ Cook Book (1891)

The Ladies’ Assistant (1786)

The Ladies’ New Book of Cookery (1852)

The Lakeside Cook Book (1878)

The Lawrenceburg Baptist Cook Book (1913)

The Little Confectioner, Containing Recipes (1876)

The London At of Cookery (1811)

The Magnolia Cook Book (1910)

The Mansfield Cook Book (1890)

The Master Book of Soups, Featuring 1,001 Titles and Recipes (1900)

The Mendelssohn Club Cook Book (1909)

The Metropolitan Cook Book (1918)

The Mississippi Cook Book (1922)

The Missouri Cook Book (1887)

The Model Cook Book (1884)

The Model Housekeeper (1911)

The Modern Baker: A Compilation of Valuable Receipts Arranged in Convenient Form for Every Day Use (1903)

The Modern Club Cook of Recipes (1921)

The Modern Cook (1859)

The Modern Cook Book and Household Recipes (1912)

The Morristown Cook Book (1900)

The Myrtle Reed Cook Book (1916)

The National Cook Book (1856)

The National Cook Book (1896)

The Negley Cook Book (1898)

The New American Cook Book (1897)

The New and the Old Cookery (1891)

The New Annie Dennis Cook Book (1921)

The New Bedford Practical Receipt Book (1859)

The New Dixie Cook-Book (1889)

The New England Cook Book; The Latest and the Best (1905)

The New England Cook Book (1912)

The New Home Cook Book (1922)

The New Household Discoveries (1917)

The New Hydropathic Cook-Book (1857)

The New Orleans Federation of Clubs Cook Book (1917)

The New Practical Housekeeping (1890)

The New York Cake Book Fifty Recipes by a Famous New York Chef (1904)

The New World’s Fair Cook Book and Housekeepers’ Companion (1891)

The North End Club Cook Book (1905)

The Old and New Cook Book (1904)

The Appledore Cook Book (1881)

The Orange Judd Cook Book (1914)

The Original Book, The Way to a Man’s Heart Choice Recipes (1916)

The Original Buckeye Cook Book (1905)

The Other Way Respectfully Dedicated to all Good Housewives (1899)

The Otterbein Cook Book (1916)

The Paper Bag Cook Book (1911)

The Pattern Cook Book (1890)

The Peerless Cook Book (1901)

The Peerless Pastry Book: Containing Recipes for Baking and Pastry Work (1910)

The Peoria Women’s Cook Book (1915)

The Pentucket Housewife (1882)

The P.E.O. Cook Book (1922)

The Peoples Cook Book (1882)

The Peoples Home Library (1920)

The Pet Cook Book (1878)

The Philadelphia New Century Club Book of Recipes (1915)

The Pilgrim Cook Book (1921)

The Plain Sailing Cook Book (1922)

The Practical Cook Book (1910)

The Practical CookBook (1917)

The Practical Home Cook-Book (1892)

The Presbyterian Cook Book (1902)

The Presidential Cook Book (1906)

The Press Prize Recipes, for Meats, Vegetables, Bread and Pastry (1889)

The Priscilla Cook Book (1913)

The Professed Cook (1776)

The Progressive Cook Book (1893)

The Pure Food Cook Book (1914)

The Queen Cook Book (1893)

The Raisin Center Cook Book (1903)

The Record War-Time Cook Book (1918)

The Reliable Cook Book (1892)

The Rocky Mountain Cook Book: For High Altitude Cooking (1918)

The Royal Cook Book (1892)

The Rural Cook Book (1907)

The Service Club Cook Book (1904)

The Something Different Dish (1915)

The Southern Gardner and Receipt-Book (1859)

The Stag Cook Book (1922)

The Standard Domestic Science Cook Book (1908)

The Star Crystal Cook Book (1890)

The Story of Crisco (1921)

The Thorough Good Cook: A Series of Chats on the Culinary Art and 900 Recipes (1896)

The Thursday Afternoon Cooking Club’s Cook Book (1922)

The Twentieth Century Cook Book (1914)

The U.S.C Cook Book (1895)

The Universal Common Sense Cookery Book (1892)

The Universal Cook Book (1891)

The Universal Cook Book a Collection of Tried and Tested Home Receipts (1909)

The Universal Cook-Book (1894)

The Unrivalled Cook-Book and Housekeeper’s Guide (1886)

The Useful Cook Book (1908)

The Virginia Housewife or Methodical Cook (1836)

The Way to a Man’s Heart, a Cook Book (1897)

The Way We Did at Cooking School (1896)

The Web-Foot Cook Book (1885)

The Wellesley Cook Book (1890)

The West Bend Cook Book (1915)

The Westford Cook Book (1909)

The Wheel Cook Book (1913)

The White House Cook Book (1912)

The White Ribbon Cook Book (1894)

The Whys of Cooking (1919)

The Wingold Cook Book (1916)

The Young Cook’s Guide. A Tect-book on Cookery (1893)

The Young Wife’s Cook Book (1870)

The Youngstown Cook Book (1905)

The Y.W.C.A. Cook Book (1908)

Things Mother Used to Make (1914)

Three Meals a Day (1887)

Tit-Bits; or, How to Prepare a Nice Dish at a Moderate Expense (1864)

Tried and True: 500 Recipes w/ Practical Culinary Suggestions (1909)

Tried and True Recipes: The Home Cook Book of Chicago (1874)

Twentieth Century Club War Time Cook Book (1918)

Twentieth Century Home Cook Book (1905)

Twenty-Five Cent Dinners for Families of Six (1879)

Two Hundred and Seventy-Five War-Time Recipes (1918)

Two Hundred Recipes for Making Desserts Including French Pastries (1912)

U.S. Navy Cook-Book (1920)

Us Two Cook Book: A Collection of Practical Recipes Adapted for Two Persons (1909)

Utilization of Food Recipes (1917)

Vegetarian Cook Book (1910)

Wehman’s 10 Cent Cook Book (1898)

Westminster Cook Book (1876)

Westminster Church Cook Book (1916)

What and How a Practical Cook Book for Every Day Living (1920)

What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking (1881)

What to Cook and How to Cook It (1899)

What to Drink: The Blue Book of Beverages: Recipes & Directions for Making & Serving Non-Alcoholic Drinks for All Occasions (1920)

What to Get for Breakfast (1882)

What to Serve at Parties (1922)

Wheatless and Meatless Days (1918)

When Mother Lets Us Cook (1908)

Wholesome Cooking Without Waste (1916)

Widdifield’s New Cook Book (1856)

Win the War Cook Book (1918)

With a Saucepan over the Sea (1902)

Woman’s Favorite Cook Book (1902)

Woman’s Wisdom a Collection of Choice Recipes (1890)

World’s Fair Menu and Recipe Book (1915)


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