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Diy Danish Modern Chair & Furniture Webbing Repair Kit For Sale

Diy Danish Modern Chair & Furniture Webbing Repair Kit

DIY Danish Furniture Webbing Repair Kit Wow! These fine danish frames could really use some help! * I've noticed a few other seller'sare usingmy pictures, from my camera, taken in my upholstery workroom (which was my garage), without my permission!! Ican humbley say, I was the first oneon selling thisrepair "kit"a number of years ago now,created first for my daughterat universityto repair a found frame by herself. I would hesitate to order fromanyone with the sameimages in this listing,if I were you. If they are an upholstery shop worth their salt, they'll take their own images and use them and not steal from others, even ifthose images are not copyrighted. My pictures came from actual customer's orders for repairs, and I took the trouble to photo them so that others could learn! There now, on with the pertinent information!* Reupholstery supplies are not always easy to find in your area, and fabulous Danish furniture is out there waiting to be repaired and enjoyed. Rattan and other open frames also use this type of webbing for seating. Elasbelt's tough stretch webbing and accompaning v-clips quickly and easily reweb your beloved modern-midcentury seating, while providing an optimal resistance level for the foundation of your seat. Made of the highest quality, Elasbelt is certified for strength and aging ~ and I have found that it retains its elasticity after more years of use than the blonde rubberized linen type of webbing. 2" wide, it replaces old dried up, stretched and broken Pirelli webbing, which many of you see the remains of, on your furniture.
All frames are a little bit different, but if you have 6 or less strips at 22" or less, this will fix you up in no time. You get 3 3/4 yds of uncut webbing, 12 clips and an instruction sheet. I recommend working with the webbing from a whole length, instead of precut measured lengths, so that you can get a more customized fit yourself (exception is "fagas" clips, see special note below). Simply flatten with pliers/vise or hammer one end down as flat as need-be to go into frame's back webbing slot. Stretch to the front of frame, mark your cut, make the cut, apply v-clips to this front end and stretch into place. Whool-la! Takes about a 1/2 hour or less. Some styles utilize this webbing by attaching to frame with staples or tacks. The 60's rattan sectional below needs rewebbing, and the clips are utilized only in the front of frame. The back is wrapped under and secured with staples. If such are your needs, simply email me the details for a customized order! Notice how the cushions are depressed in the center? Not only has the foam lost it's resiliency, but the original linen/rubber Pirelli webbing strips have lost their stretch as well! So there's no firmness left to the seat. How great will this midcentury sectional be when it's all fixed up?! It's easy and look how beautiful it turns out!


Paypal only please. Supplies sent in padded envelope within 24 hours of payment confirmation. All sales final. Remember - should you need multiple lengths of this "kit" to do a sofa frame or more than one chair, simply email me the details thru and I'll customize a billing for you thru paypal, reflecting your custom length and number of clips. Likewise, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the method of repair, or your frame in general. Fablucat is happy to help and is a member of 's Danish Modern Neighborhood - stop on by!


USPSFirst Classshipping in padded mailer, at a 2 to 5 day delivery. Cost of shipping is included in the Buy-It-Now price, for convenience.

International Buyers

Additional insured shipping rate (sent USPS Air Priority) of $8.00 USD added to your Buy It Now price of $49.95. Multiple kits or bulk orders will be more with the added weight.

Special Note On Original Fagas Webbing

Furniture frames that originally used a special clip to grip in the angled grooves, called Fagas strips (see below), are often difficult to substitute with the type of v-clip and elastic webbing offered in this kit. It can work, but the variable is in the degree of flatness you can get the new v-clip, as the original Fagas clip is of a very thin gauge. Again, you are welcome to email with questions and I'll advise as best I can.

Diy Danish Modern Chair & Furniture Webbing Repair Kit

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Diy Danish Modern Chair & Furniture Webbing Repair Kit:

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