Decorative Wwi Wooden Aircraft Propeller 73" Vintage Airplane Wall Decor New For Sale

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WWI Wooden Aircraft Propeller 73"

73" WWI Antiqued Wooden Aircraft Propeller

Currently out of stock, new shipment arriving 07/05/13.

This decorative antiqued WWI airplane wood propeller is brand new and the manufacturer is Authentic Models (please see below).

The Aircraft Wood Propeller is handcrafted of solid wood and metal. A wall mounting bracket is included. The propeller has a natural French finish with blood red tips and has metal clad forward edges. This WWI propeller has been distressed & antiqued, the center metal disc is finished in aged patina.

This decorative propeller is a replica of a WWI Biplane propeller. It is sure to become a decorative & conversational addition to your decor wether hanging over the mantel, leaning against the wall in a corner or hanging above your restaurants bar.

  • Size: 73.25" length x 5.9" width x 3.5" deep
  • Material: Solid pine wood & metal
  • Manufacturer: Authentic Models
  • Includes: Wall mounting bracket (please see below)
  • Handcrafted individually, colors may vary
  • Free shipping within the continental 48 U.S. States

Aircraft propellers convert rotary motion from piston engines or turboprops to provide propulsive force. They may be fixed or variable pitch. Early aircraft propellers were carved by hand from solid or laminated wood with later propellers being constructed from metal. The most modern propeller designs use high-technology composite materials.

The twisted airfoil (aerofoil) shape of modern aircraft propellers was pioneered by the Wright brothers. They found that a propeller is essentially the same as a wing and so were able to use data collated from their earlier wind tunnel experiments on wings. They also found that the relative angle of attack from the forward movement of the aircraft was different for all points along the length of the blade, thus it was necessary to introduce a twist along its length. Their original propeller blades are only about 5% less efficient than the modern equivalent, some 100 years later. The article "Propeller (aircraft)" is part of the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Models Inc was created more than 40 years ago in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Authentic Model's expertise and interests go back many centuries. AM's collection of nautical ship models, furniture, artifacts and accessories is inspired by the age of exploration, maritime history, cartography and more…Learn more about Authentic Models Inc

More Decorative WWI Aircraft Wooden Propellers by Authentic Models Are Available.

WWI Aircraft Wood Propeller Instructions

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Decorative Wwi Wooden Aircraft Propeller 73

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Decorative Wwi Wooden Aircraft Propeller 73" Vintage Airplane Wall Decor New:

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