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Caroline, a Little Darling Sculpt Number One painted by Geri Uribe. She comes wearing the outfit shown in the pictures, white camiknickers and a Steiff teddy. Her doll box is in excellent shape, however the original shippers I have left have tape, postage or writing on them and show general wear and tear. No problems with her THAT I CAN SEE. She is a very sweet Caroline.

This is how this doll looked in the light available when I photographed her. She will look different in different lighting. I haven't examined the doll in great detail to search for imperfections. She appears untouched, but I may have missed something. My camera picks up most tiny flaws including (unfortunately) hair, fibers and dust. Please study the photos closely and offer accordingly. Happy to answer any questions if I can. PayPal only. Sold as is. No returns. If there is a problem or concern, please contact me before leaving response. Thank you!!!

Dianna Effner 13

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Dianna Effner 13" Little Darling:

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