Episcia Noids - 2 Plants

Episcia Noids - 2 Plants

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Episcia Noids - 2 Plants:

Episcia NOID - two plants Episcia NOIDS - 2 plants Episcia NOIDS - 2 plants

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Description Episcias NOIDS - two plants

Both of these plants were grown in my screened in back porch. I only had one episcia plant for many years. I ordered 3 seller choice plants and they were not marked. I've seen these bloom but have no idea what color the blooms were. I find most episcias a little more temperamental than african violets. Both of these were easy to care for. I have propagated these from the stolons, cuttings and leaves. These are in 9 Oz solo cups.

I will pack the plants carefully but the box may be handled roughly during shipping. A broken leaf or spilled dirt is not damage. When I receive a plant with broken leaves I pot them up for more babies. Please do not leave your plant in the mailbox for any length of time. In severe weather 10 minutes can damage them. If your not going to be home you can arrange to have the post office hold the plant for pickup. Should a plant be severely damaged please send me a picture within 48 hours of receiving it. I will refund your money or send you another plant if agreed upon.

Shipping is 9.50 for the both plants and 1.00 per additional plant until the box is full. If you purchase more than one plant I will send you an invoice once the sales end. Most of my plant sales will end on Friday, Sat or Sun. Payment is expected within 2 days from the end of the sale or the sale will be voided. I accept PayPal only. I will ship on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday to assure your plants arrive before the weekend. I ship to lower 48 states only. If your temps are below freezing please do not offer.

. If you have any questions please email me through .

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Episcia Noids - 2 Plants:

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